Topic: Develop your spirit now!

Develop Your Spirit Now!

Spirit: Good evening.

I wish to speak of the spirit, the soul, or whatever name you wish to give the essence… which is you.

Now death, the parting from the physical body, may appear to take a long time when the body is ill, but the moment, the second of death, is very brief. One moment you are alive, the next you are what is so-called ‘dead’. At that stage you have no more contact or ability over the physical.

So unless you have developed the spirit you are bereft! Death, if you wish to call it that, comes very quick. I’m not saying this is going to happen, but you could be dead in the next minute or two, so what do you take with you? What are you, now? If you were to die now, would you be proud of yourself? Would you feel that you had been an achiever?

Now I know in the modern way of speaking that would mean, that you own… is it a Ferrari or some similar name like that, (a vehicle that goes very fast), a big house, servants - or have you earned the smile of other people, etc?
You know yourselves, you know yourself, so at the end of each day think on that. Don’t become depressed, for death is an opening to a new, wonderful world… if you have earnt it. When I say wonderful… imagine the times in your life when the ecstasy of music, or a view, or a book or whatever has really delighted you, can be multiplied many times until you feel you are reaching… again I think the expression is, ‘cloud nine.’

But, this is where the teaching of your friend whom you call Ling, comes in. Even in death, or life after death, there must be balance and discipline, because if you allow yourselves to go into your cloud nine and forget everything else, your friends, your guardians, those who are helping you on your path will bring you down with a thud. So much so, that perhaps for a considerable length of your earth time, you will sleep, because you have lost control, and where you learn your balance and your discipline is in this life you have now. Certainly it extends into your afterlife, but the basis of it is now, and that is why, when you are meeting young people, try and point this out to them too… ‘Balance’ and ‘Discipline’, and of course (I’m getting a nudge here), ‘Compassion’ is also needed.

And that also applies in death, because you are being selfish if you claim cloud nine is yours, and forget that there are others struggling up the path, up the ladder, who could do with help from you. Life goes on just the same. The same disciplines are needed. You don’t suddenly arrive in a glorious place and stay there forever – you earn it in all its facets, because that is something that you must learn to appreciate too.  Cloud nine in music is not cloud nine in dancing, or any other joyous thing that you may wish to participate in… the painting of pictures, the glories of your surroundings, and the discipline is, “I will have so much, but I will help others to achieve this too”.

So start now in the life that you lead. Judge yourself, because that’s what you’ll be doing when, eventually, you pass over. We all at some stage in our lives on earth have done things that we are not proud of, but if you can accept them for what they are, and are truly repentant, then you have progressed and that time is forgotten. You have developed further.

So your criticism of yourself is important. Never mind the criticism of others for that is unimportant to you. Each of you are individuals, each of you are climbing a path… many hand in hand with someone you care for, but you are still individuals. Have compassion for each other, have discipline for yourself, and balance in your joys.

This is repetitive for you no doubt, but what I hope you will realise, is that if you go overboard there is a stop, perhaps for a considerable length of time, until once more you have achieved a balance, and you can walk on.
It is very much the same as can happen on earth, when people through overworking on perhaps one particular facet, have what you call a nervous breakdown and then there is a stop, until once more they can move on. Finally may I say that there is nothing to worry about. Keep these things in mind and it is all joy, and love, for everyone.

Be assured, this is the truth!

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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