Topic: From War Some Good Could Come

From War Some Good Could Come

(Advice given to the circle prior to the war between USA and Iraq).

Spirit:(Cloud):Good evening.

What we have today you may find difficult to comprehend, particularly when we are speaking now of world affairs.

Good can come out of wars. It is a time of learning. When a man becomes a dictator he has much to learn, but for the moment we will pass that by.

As for other leaders, I am not in a position to look into their hearts, but they are sincere in what they believe and the situation should have been looked into some time ago - but now the time has come, and many lessons will be learned and this applies in general,

The people who will lose their sons and daughters will learn from this. It’s hard, but in time of war, of great stress, famine and great illnesses, people open their hearts to God, to the universal love. They may use a number of names, but we will say ‘God’. And in doing this they open the path for spirit.

In your readings you have no doubt acquired the knowledge that many so called miracles happened in your first world war, the same in the second, and though they are not heard of so much, even in the smaller wars… this reuniting with spirit. It is almost as though the flower is closed and with the explosion that war causes, it opens, and the light from within that flower goes out upon the world. It’s a fanciful description, but spirit is more able to contact physically, during times of great emotion.

You people will have the opportunity possibly, to bring more teaching to others, but let me give you a very simple warning… it is better to give a little, than a lot. It is better to let the pupil seek, than for you to overwhelm him or her, with knowledge that has taken you many years to acquire. So do not expect the pupil to acquire it in one day.

We feel that much will happen over the coming period. We are not in the position to know how long this will last, but we feel it is an opportunity for us. There will be many people coming over; we will have much work to do. But there will be many who need comforting, and there is work there also for us. It doesn’t matter… the race, the religion.

Every man and woman is looking for God in their own way. They may not realise it, but in a time of extreme stress, most people call on God, and perhaps in some subtle way we will be able to reach them. So in your own way, we ask for your help… your thoughts to travel out on the world, to the places of stress, the people who are under stress. Your thoughts and prayers, may help us find the path to these people.

You and everyone like you, no matter where you live in the world, want peace. Unfortunately materialism will still be there, because there will be many people who make a lot of money, material things, they are opportunists and unfortunately I don’t think we will be able to touch them, but we might – along with the help that you may be able to give. Don’t take it on as a burden, do it with joy in your hearts and if possible daily, if only for a minute.  Send out thoughts to all those millions of people, that are not in the fortunate position of living where you do and having the knowledge that you have.

It is a sombre thought we have had tonight, but look beyond that… it could be joyous; it could be a breakthrough… not for everyone, that’s wishful thinking, but for many.

We will do our best, and we ask you to help us.

Bless you and goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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