Topic: Do You Really Need Lots of Worldly Goods?

Do You Really Need Lots of Worldly Goods?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We feel that this might be an appropriate time to talk on the subject of 'Do you really need it?'

Now if you have studied humanity at all, think and remember some of the great people who have lived on earth, the humanitarians, the people who are remembered for the good they have done. Here, we are not speaking of those who have accumulated great wealth or have won great battles, but those who are remembered with love, perhaps awe, but always with pleasure… simple people usually, and when I say that I am not meaning mentally, but people who didn’t feel it was necessary to acquire a lot of worldly goods.

One of the first to be written about is a man whom I have often mentioned. He is held in high esteem, and that was Socrates, a simple man who gave of his knowledge. He did not acquire possessions, and if you think of many of the great teachers, they were the same. You may say that the Buddha was a prince. He had much money, great wealth, but he put it all behind him, because these people, and many like them in all walks of life, have realised that the more you have in the way of possessions, the more of a burden they can become – the upkeep, the maintenance… many things pertaining to acquiring things.

But humanity, and particularly in the last two hundred perhaps three hundred years, have all begun to think, that to acquire worldly goods is to acquire esteem… people will look up to you. But there have been many cases where the man who has the big house, who employs many, who has great carriages or cars, who can go to great balls, hunt the poor animals… all the things pertaining to wealth, is not remembered as much as perhaps the nurse who goes around all the villages, perhaps a person who has not got much – but has great love of humanity.

When you think of the world today, people want to acquire more, always for self, acquire more. There are those who are still giving but we don’t hear of them very often. Those are the ones that we should look to.

When man acquires too much, he loses, (you will smile), ‘balance’… the gold, the land, the houses, the car, if it is a country it may be oil, munitions – all become gods.

So when you have time to think, my friends… we are not asking you to throw away your treasures, but we would like you to assimilate the thought of 'How much do you really need?' Just think, if all the wealth of the world were spread evenly, how much would each man, woman, and child need? If you take time and think about it, it would not be very much.

I will not go into details, but think yourselves, how little it is that we need to have happiness, comfort, enough food… because my friends, when you come to die all that you have acquired has no meaning, it has gone.

It is harder for you to let go, for many it is very difficult, so when you die, presuming you are an average good person, you will have what you want, what you have earned, but the more you develop the spirit, the essence, the more you are able to let go, until your spirit owns nothing, wants nothing… that is it, wants nothing. All the glory that is what we call God, is there, you have earnt it, it is there, and at the same time you have acquired love, and when we say love we do not mean love as it is portrayed in the Western world today, it is just a love of everything, everybody, every living thing, the one-ness of God.

So how much do we really require to give us happiness? Admittedly, because you are physical, you need some things in your earthly life, but do not acquire things for the sake of possessions, only for perhaps the joy they may give you, or give others, and be willing to let them go.

A little exercise in thought would be, if you were unfortunate enough to be in a war, and you lost everything other than your family. As long as you had enough to keep you warm and feed you, you would have the blessings of God, because basically, those things and stimulation for the mind, is what is needed by humanity.

Be balanced in your acquiring of physical things, because eventually, when you are one with God, one could almost put it that you own everything – but it is not yours. That seems a contradiction but if you think it through you may realise that that is the essence.

Please think on it, don’t dismiss it. Bring it to mind occasionally. Don’t make a burden. Every bit of knowledge and step along the path should be with joy!

God bless you.

This was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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