Topic: Have personal conclusions before passing on knowledge.

Have Personal Conclusions Before Passing on Knowledge

Spirit (Cloud): Good evening.

We would wish you to come to conclusions.

First we suggest that you look at the word in your dictionary so it is clear – ‘conclusions’.

(Ed. note: The Concise English Dictionary gives it as “A final opinion”)

Spirit: Now over the years you have all been given a considerable amount of knowledge, and I wonder if really you have come to a conclusion.

Many hundreds of years ago the man Socrates, emphasized in his own language the necessity for conclusions, before one passes on knowledge. We have only the words of Plato confirming this because Socrates himself did not write, but his forcefulness from his conclusions carried on to Plato, to Aristotle, and on to this century, so it is that sort of conclusion that we wish you to develop in yourselves.

For example: We will say that you wish to become a doctor and you read the books, but when it comes to the tests, those testing you or questioning you want the conclusions you have come to, from your reading. It is no good reciting something off like a parrot.

Another example would be… You are in one of your law courts, you know that you are right in what you are standing up for, but have you got it so conclusively in your mind that no matter what the opposition says, you have got a valid answer.

Now this applies to your teachings. Someone may ask you, “You say you are a Spiritualist, what is a Spiritualist?”  Short and precise you must have the answer!  No maybe, or if, or sometimes, or I believe… you have the answer, and to have that answer you must have come to a satisfactory conclusion for yourself, because until you have got that, you cannot pass it on in a satisfactory manner to someone who has no conclusions, but has questions.

You all have knowledge, but I wonder how many of you and it’s just not referring to you people, can put it into words that are conclusive for everyone, that when they hear them they will say, “That appears to be the answer and I will think it through for myself”. But if you cannot be forthright, and believing in yourself in what you are stating, the person or persons who are asking the question may think, “Oh another one of those”, and it means nothing.

May we suggest that you find as little as five minutes, longer if possible, each day if possible, and imagine you are a questioner and ask, “What proof have you got of what you are saying?”

Now it is no good having the proof that satisfies you. For that person, you have got to point the way out for them to find their proof in a satisfactory manner. It is no good saying, “Join a circle”. You know yourselves, a satisfactory circle is difficult to find.

Lead them along the path of thinking, of themselves questioning and seeking; but first of all have the answer as best you can in your own mind. You have thought it through, you have come to a conclusion, and you know that spirit is there – but they don’t. But they want to know and you are the means of opening the gate, as long as you yourself have thought it through.  Any deviation, any hesitancy on your part will immediately have them turning aside.  You also want answers to the bigoted, because there are many of those.

Another way is by your whole bearing, yourself, your joy, your animation, and your belief. Smile when you speak of it. Speak with confidence because you have thought it through, and this is what we are asking you to do.

Read through what you already have. Think it through to its conclusion, until it is there written in your mind to hand on instantly to anyone who may ask, so that there is no what you would call, ‘waffle’.

This we speak in all sincerity. Spend the time. Learn as you would if you were going to sit an exam. Imagine one of us coming to question you… that may shake you up a little. (Laughter).

This is a very important thought. Take it into yourselves. Make the time. Pick on the subject and take it to its conclusion, so that you can say, “I know”. In your own mind you ‘know’, and therefore you are in the position to help other people to ‘know’.

Before I leave… on this subject is there anything you would care to ask, that possibly we could help you with?

Sitters: No thank you.

Spirit: Good.

Well I think at one stage in your world there used to be the saying, “Big Brother is watching you!” (Laughter) A very friendly brother.

Good night and God bless you.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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