Topic: Patience. (Information for sitters.)


(Information for sitters.)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

I think a word that may be useful would be ‘patience’.

For a number of years, a number of us have been passing on knowledge, which has taken us a number of years to acquire; we spent some time considering the words that were necessary to convey our message to you. We then had to find someone who was willing to pass on this message. As you can imagine that did take quite a lot of patience, time and a considerable amount of thought, to consolidate our thoughts.

Now we are rather amused to hear you people (after our friend spoke to you last week), trying to achieve this in one week. May I liken you getting these questions and answers clear in your minds, to climbing a mountain.

Initially you are striding out, you are going to do it but the grass is somewhat slippery, it slows you down. You get a bit further and the pebbles roll from under your feet. You go a bit further and there are rocks. You come to a crevice in which there is a scramble, worse still it develops into what you people call a chimney – a very difficult ascent to make. But by thinking it out carefully, where you are putting your hands and your fingers and your back, you eventually reach the top, and there you have a sense of achievement.

So in trying to put into words what you have learnt, if you do it properly there’ll be many times that you slip back. You will realise that what you have said to someone, didn’t reach him or her. They too are individuals and are thinking people. So you must have clearly in your minds what you believe, how you are going to present it, and not only that, you must have alternatives. There will be trap questions on which you flounder.

If no other way, go back on our teachings. Get our words put into your words, because if you try to quote, memory quite often will trip you. It must be clearly what you think, and what you believe to be true. Depending on the person, you can add “What you believe at this time”, because you can explain that knowledge is on-going, and the more you and they develop, the wider becomes your thinking, so you may take into your thought new things, which prove to be better than your previous thinking, but initially you must have that basis… like if you were climbing a mountain, you wouldn’t do it in sandals, you would have good basic boots, and you wouldn’t rely completely on your boots, you would have ropes and other gear.

So when you are passing on your knowledge you too must have ropes, have alternatives, work out answers for children, perhaps for bigots. Give yourselves situations.

Naturally you have freedom of choice, but we would suggest that perhaps on a monthly basis you spend an hour, or perhaps two if you have the time, together…(I was going to say “Nothing to do with the circle”), but at a separate time for which you try out your questions and answers on each other, because four minds are possibly better than one, but you as an individual must do your preparation first.

The more you read (not necessarily of our teachings) but what has come through great minds that have lived on earth, great philosophers, over hundreds of years, many mediums who bring great knowledge – add their knowledge to yours. Pick out the best pieces, the same as you would pick out the best pair of boots to fit you on your climb. Be prepared. You have some wonderful knowledge, make use of it; divide it perhaps into what you know of earthly living, and what you know of spirit and spiritual living. You have had various aspects of this given to you. Seek further, consolidate it, and pass it on.

That is all I will say for tonight, but remember you are not by yourselves. Ask and if we can we will give it to you.
May God help you with your task.

Good night.

This was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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