Topic: About 'Giving'
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.522a. Held 15th April 2003.

About 'Giving'

Spirit (Cloud): Good evening.

In giving, it is the reverse in spirit to what happens on earth. You in your physical bodies, your physical world… in giving you lose the article, but think, you have spiritually gained. Anything that we give from spirit is a gain, so in the spirit world we never lose in giving. But on earth you can – but spiritually, never.

Now there is a proviso here. If you have much money, much property and you give some, and it does not detract in any way from your life, are you doing it with love? Think twice, it might be ‘insurance’. Most people have fear in their hearts of the hereafter.

You people we hope and believe are overcoming that fear, so why do you give? You probably question yourself, when you give, or do something for someone else, but friends if it is spontaneous, with no aforethought as to “What do I get out of this?” then it is blessed. If you put effort put into it, it puts you out, perhaps physically, perhaps in time, but you are willing to do it, possibly for love of the person, possibly because you are trying to live the path of spirit. If you are trying to live the path of spirit with a whole heart, and not with any motive for what you may get out of it, you are doing what is right.

Don’t be afraid to do things for people… but don’t be afraid to accept from them in return, because in their willingness to give you something, whether it is time or a physical gift, or just to listen to you, you in return, indirectly are giving something to them. They are spiritually gaining, and in themselves feel happier for what they are able to do for you. To turn down without thought, someone’s kindly offer can be very hurtful. You yourselves are not the only people that like doing things for others. It is a matter (to quote a well known person) of ‘balance’.

In case you haven’t realised, this was Cloud.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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