Topic: Our good thoughts for people do have an effect!

Good Thoughts Do Have An Effect!

Spirit: It’s Little Pompom back.

I am a bit like a butterfly for I go here there and everywhere and I see all sorts of things and all sorts of people, so seeing you are by yourself just the two of you I thought I’d come and cheer you up.

But, speaking seriously, you know, every bit of love we give throughout the world, you just think it, and it works. You probably don’t realise it, because you are stuck in your earth body so you don’t realise shall we say, one hundredth of what goes on – but your every thought counts! So the more positive and the more loving you are, the better.

Now I’ll give you an earthly example, a smile. Now lots of things are written about smiles, how they lighten your heart and make people feel good, but if you really think about it, it’s true!

If you see a sour person, an unhappy person, and you give them a smile, you maybe only get a grunt back, or a glare even, but really it has touched a little vibration of theirs you know… it has, and it’s given a teeny weenie bit of light that just might help.

It is the same with loving thoughts. You may think of someone, even an enemy to your country, for example someone who has done something awful like blowing people up; but if you can think of them with a thought like, “I wonder why they did it, they must be unhappy people to want to do a thing like that”. They haven’t realised how wonderful the world is, and what there is in it for them, and by the world I mean other worlds too; and your kindly thought just might give them that little bit of light… something that helps them.

So try in your everyday life, even if you are not contacting people. Maybe you don’t see anyone other than your friend, your wife, your partner (they have partners nowadays don’t they - I found that out) and if that’s the only person you see you can still send love everywhere. Even to the little animals, and you know it could be fun to try it with a plant. I used to think that that was just not true you know, I didn’t believe it.

There’s a group of people in a city which I think is called Amsterdam, and these people took hold of the idea of loving plants, and so they have a little circle and they have their plants and you know, I’ve popped along there quite a few times, (I haven’t let on, they don’t know I’m there), but I’ve watched and you know, it works! Love works on plants! Theirs of course is what you might call ‘concentrated’; people by themselves would take longer.

There’s a little old lady I sometimes go and see. She feels I’m around, she can’t see me but she feels it, I think you call it sensing, and she’s got one or two plants that were sick. She’s one of these poor souls who haven’t got much money and someone suggested that she gets herself a couple of plants out of the, (oh when they are throwing them out in the shops they have a special bin I think), well she got a couple of those plants you know, and she did wonders. She didn’t realise, (I don’t think, at any rate), that it was her spiritual self that was helping those plants.

We can all do it. We’ve got to realise this, that each and every one of us is pretty powerful. We can influence! Maybe only a little bit, but united we are very strong, very powerful, that’s why it is said that ‘good overcomes evil’ and I believe that, I really do because I’ve seen it happen. It takes time because people have got to all agree and human beings… aren’t we awful really when you think of it, we’re always fighting and contradicting and wanting things our own way, but eventually people get around to start working together, and then things really happen.

I seem to be wandering on a little bit, but I’m on what you call my hobbyhorse but I think you probably understand what I’m getting at, even if I am a bit muddled.

Do you understand?

Sitter: I’m not sure that I do, Little Pompom, because, is it our spirit that is giving improvement to plants and to people, or is it you folk working through our spirit?

Spirit: Well when it’s thought you are part of it. O.k. you’re sending say love to a violet, and one of us is near and we think, “Oh isn’t that nice, that person really loves that violet sending those lovely thoughts”, and so they add to it, but that doesn’t always happen.  There’s not always someone there to booster it along. There is when there are a lot of you together for you give off more light, more vibrations I suppose, and we become more aware of it.

But think of it this way, when you go up to someone who is sick, bereaved, down in the dumps, and you put your hand on them and say, “I’m sorry about your trouble, can I help?” Or perhaps you’ll say “I’m sorry you are going through this bad time”, and give them a smile, and they feel better, just a little bit, but you did it, you did it, not any spirit, because… oh when I say “Not any spirit”, that’s not true because after all what are you?

Sitter: Yes, it’s going from our spirit to their spirit.

Spirit: Yes. You’re helping! Sometimes it’s a lot more because we are able to join you – when you ask us to. If we can, we add our love to yours, but remember it’s your thoughts, it’s your love, it’s your little actions that really count. It’s the smiles, it’s the being pleasant, it’s the being happy, it makes the world like a lovely big bubble, or butterfly. You know how they are so happy fluttering round on a sunny day… well life should be like that, and it isn’t for everyone, but each one of us can help a little bit to lighten someone else’s life.

That’s why I like this job I’ve got. I hop around all over the place and where someone needs a little bit of a boost, I like to pop in and chatter away. Not always as serious as I’m chattering to you, sometimes it’s just a lot of hot air, but it’s cheerful hot air, like a fire you know, cheerful.

Spirit: Now is there anything still you don’t understand, that I might be able to explain?

Sitter: No I think you’ve explained it very well. I suppose in a way it’s a question of our intent, of what we are trying to do, and if we are trying to do the right things and you are around, you help.

Spirit: That’s right that’s good; oh I’ll copy that! I’ll say ‘intent’ sometimes to people. That’s a good one.

Sitter: Oh thanks.

Spirit: Well I guess I’d better go because really I have chatted away quite a bit, but I’ve enjoyed it you know, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Sitter: And I’ve enjoyed it too and thank you very much for coming.

Spirit: And you know, I’ve forgiven you for mistaking me for a boy.

Sitter: (Laughter) Oh now that’s quite a long time ago, you’ve got a good memory.

Spirit: Well that’s something you can look forward to. You can recall pretty well once you are over here.

Sitter: I’m glad to hear that!

Spirit: (Laughter) It’s like having a big library, and you can sort of go in and look it up. It’s there for us all.

Well I’d better go so ‘bye and God bless you.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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