Topic: Helping a person to pass over.

Helping a Person to Pass Over

Spirit (Cloud:) Good evening.

We wish to speak to you tonight about death, its proximity, and your attitudes to it.

Now, I wonder if you have at all thought about your attitude to this.

Most human beings immediately start thinking of self, how they are going to miss the person, who will be at the ceremony of disposal, and unfortunately in some cases, where is the property going?

But in reality what one should be thinking, is of the proximity of the spirit (of the one who has passed) to each and every one of the people who are associated with them, because particularly in the case of unexpected death, the spirit is seeking for assurance. So the attitude of those near and dear on earth, should be not “What does this mean to me” but “What can I do for that spirit?”

Many pass with no trauma, they are relaxed and prepared to accept whatever may come, but most have a feeling of unsettlement, uncertainty. They cannot be sure because they are so aware at that time, of earth, and this is mainly caused by the thoughts that people are sending.

It may be very hard for you, for anyone, but if it is someone particularly close, try to forget self, and to think of them; not the fact that you will miss them, because that thought would be upsetting for the soul that has moved on.

Because those left are unhappy, the moved on soul ties to comfort, and unless you have a certain type of mediumistic ability you cannot receive that comfort, and that upsets them – so we would ask you yourselves, when it happens to you, and when you are trying to comfort others that are left, turn mind from ‘self’, to the spirit that has gone.

Send them happy memories, memories of the joyful times that you may have spent together, wish them well, in your mind talk to them… “I will miss you, but you are following another path and one day I too will follow that path and we will meet again”. Be positive in your thoughts. In this way you are helping them, because from your own experience you know that some people are held back for one reason or another. Many times it is because of a job not finished, the attitude of those left, ‘Who will do this now, who can take over?’… These thoughts travel to the spirit. It is upsetting. They cannot finish that job; their physical body has collapsed, it cannot be brought back to physical life, but the spirit is still there and would strive to do its job.

A help would be, if people could turn round and think, “They did a good job, but we must take over now and carry on – that is what they would want us to do”. It is the attitude of those who are left behind, which helps those who have passed on. It is natural to grieve but in a way it is selfish. It is shock for a day or two, that’s understandable. The human body reacts, but don’t let it become a dominant thing in the life of yourselves or anyone you associate with, at a similar time. Move on; they are moving on.

I hope we have made this clear, the attitude that it is advisable… we cannot say, “Do it!” but we ask you to think on it. It would bring greater happiness and peace to the spirit that has passed, and to yourselves.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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