Topic: Development of the human soul after death.

Development of The Human Soul After Death

Spirit: Good evening. This is Cloud.

Tonight we wish to explain in a simplified form, development of the human soul after death.

This naturally varies considerably. As you no doubt understand, there are some people who would be extremely unhappy here, because of the lives they have led. But for the people that you would mainly associate with, they would find themselves initially in a place very similar to earth.

They would not be motivated by physical desires but would still have physical abilities, such as being able to move from place to place with considerable ease. This becomes eventually, so highly developed that one is not conscious of movement, one is just there.

Now as you go through life wherever, on whatever level, you are moving with what could be called a family. There may be hundreds possibly thousands of people in this family, where you and they are bouncing off each other. You are learning from each and every one – whether it is good or bad is your decision.

In your physical life, no doubt you come across people whom you immediately like, are happy with… no problems. There is a very big chance that these people you have already met, and when I say that I do not mean on earth. It is the same as when you come across somebody whom you are repulsed by. There has been some reason for this. Once you die you become aware of these reasons.

And your evolvement consists not in climbing up, but by spreading out. We could liken it to a Catherine wheel, if you know what that is. It is a Chinese form of delight, a firework I think you call them (Yes), where there is a centre pivot, which is you, and all those sparks that are going out are also you, hitting or colliding, accepting or rejecting, as you go on.

For a while you may choose a particular subject. You are motivated to move in one direction. Once that becomes apparent to your thinking, you will be helped and guided on that line. When eventually you have absorbed as much as you want to, you move on – another spark goes out in another direction.

Now, the easiest way for us to explain the development to people on earth is to think of yourselves in a bottle of aerated water. Those bubbles… they climb up, always up, until eventually when the top is taken off, they shoot through into the air, they are absorbed and become one with your world. In the spirit world it is always the same, you go on and on until you become one with God, of which you are part.

Now this is condensing it very much, but it is something we feel you may understand, that you have got something to do for hundreds, thousands of years, depending on how much effort you put in to it. Also how much you accept from others who are putting into it, how much you are willing to give, how much you are willing to absorb. This is ongoing, and it is up to you the speed of your development, it is giving, giving, giving… but it is also accepting, learning, developing, and the more you do that the more you can give… on and on.

To teach is one of our most absorbing things that we can do; we feel that we are returning what people have given to us. The same as do those who take on aspects of healing, it is giving, again, and that is what life, God, is all about.

Now is there anything that you would like to query that we can answer, perhaps in a simplified form? (Pause)

Sitter(J): As we learn Cloud and get all this information, I sincerely hope that I can retain it for that’s my problem down here.

Spirit: You will. It is… well in simplified form, there are libraries that you can go to and with your development you know where to go; the same as a university student knows to go to a certain shelf in a library. You as spirit, know where to direct your soul to get the knowledge that you wish to obtain. You haven’t got it with you continually because you would be overwhelmed, but you have the knowledge to know how to ‘open the book’.

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Sitter(K ): You spoke of being drawn to some people, or repulsed by some people… are you speaking possibly about some form of reincarnation?

Spirit: Not necessarily so. There are people who do return to earth. This we are aware of; it is usually on a voluntary basis.

But you have come from somewhere… you are not suddenly Ken. You have developed, and in that developing, in death if you like to call it that (living in another vibration), you have come across various souls that you have either liked or disliked, and if it happens that at your time on earth some of them are here too, that would account for either your delight or perhaps your aversion to someone.

Sitter: Does that presuppose that in the spirit world, that one also has likes and dislikes of other people around them?

Spirit: We are all different, we are all facets of God, and likes and dislikes are not necessarily hates. You may be interested in one particular time of music, but a man you have come across is interested in nothing else but engineering planes, developing them in his mind and passing it on if he possibly can, to earth.  It leaves you, as you would say, cold. You can’t understand each other; it is not a path you are following together. Further on, at another time for want of a better word, you may be good friends because you are developing on the same line.

Sitter: Thank you Cloud. Understood.

Spirit: I’m pleased about that! (Laughter)

Spirit: Well if you are satisfied with what knowledge we have been able to pass on to you, think of it as just something that is ongoing, and it is up to you as individuals to make the most of it.

Also at no stage will you part from those you really love, other than the physical parting which you understand and call death, but when you are here, if there is true friendship and love between two souls, they will surely travel a similar path and will meet again. They may drift, but they will come back, there is always that bond of affection. It is the same as you have no doubt heard, with animals, that bond is there. You are with that love as long as it is needed on either side.

Do you understand this?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Sitter: Most reassuring and thank you for your very helpful and interesting talk.

Spirit: Thank you, and may you all be one with the Great Spirit.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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