Topic: A little about the time factor.

A Little About the 'Time' Factor

Spirit: Good evening.

Tonight we wish to speak a little on the time factor, which is something that we feel, no doubt you are a bit bewildered by the fact that we say, “There is no time here”.

Now you will need to use your imagination. You are young, full of life; everything is going well for you and perhaps through no fault of your own, a car accident and you are dead. You can see the vehicle, although you may not be altogether aware that the body that is in it is yours, and your initial reaction is frustration and anger.

Now 'mind' controls. The ‘spirit’ is everything; call it ‘mind’, ‘thought’, ‘spirit’, whatever. So this vibrant person continues on his journey. His picturing the fact carries it on; and this satisfaction that he is getting, by doing what he wants to do, may carry him on for a considerable length of time… weeks, months, more, because it is almost a dream state, and you know yourself that in a dream, time has no meaning.

That’s what it is like for this person, until the stage may come when “What am I doing?” “I’m not getting anywhere!” So in his mind he starts doing something else – but it is all still pertaining to life on earth. He may go to the football field, he may go swimming. He can participate in earth activities until one day which in your time could be several years, he, to put it in physical terms, would give a sigh and say, “I’m sick of this, what else is there?” – and there is the opportunity, for one of the many spirit helpers to step in – and so he starts on his path.

Now we’ll say that someone who has a little knowledge dies in the natural manner, in other words they are prepared for it. It may perhaps only be days but they know they are going to die, probably through illness, and they slip over into our world.

Their first reaction, to suddenly find that they are comfortable in what they think is their physical body, is that they are dreaming; but they are also aware of the physical world, and as they had been prepared to die they are aware that people are upset, and so they accept the fact that they have died. If they truly believe that there is afterlife, at that stage many people start to move on. Others may hang around their families or may be pulled back by their families, with unnecessary grief.

When we say that these people move on, they move on to what they have earnt, usually it is to a reasonably comfortable life. If they have been kind, not harmed anyone, they’ll be in a place in which they are quite happy, and many people will stay there for a long time, again perhaps a couple of hundred years even, before dissatisfaction sets in.

But others, right from the start might start questioning, “Well, I appear to be in a world, but it’s a bit dull … I mean it’s sunny and the flowers are pretty and I can do what I like, but I’d like to develop a bit more. I’d like to do something”, and that is the opportunity for someone to step in and say, “Well there are opportunities here, what would you be interested in?”

Now we will take one of the arts, we will say music, and so this person has the opportunity to learn or play music, to the standard again of what they have earnt. They have stepped one step up, but it doesn’t mean to say that they are immediately going to go right to the very top in their particular field. They must learn the discipline that is involved, because over here no matter where you are, discipline is a necessity. Think how wild the spirit world could go with the freedom it’s got, if there wasn’t discipline, so that is why it is emphasised by many that there must be discipline in your life.

This person may take fifty years to achieve what they want, then there is the opportunity… do they stay on that level and develop other interests up to that level, because at this stage they are given the opportunity, if it is music to develop a little bit more, and if they do this they will go on and on. Some of these people have returned to earth to put in to…to earth hearing and disciplines, what they have learnt. They may not be any good at any other subject; it is just this one that they are wanting to share, with other people on earth.

It may not be an art that they have chosen, it may be architecture, and this is where a discipline comes in very much, because though in the spirit world by thought alone man can build wonderful buildings, the discipline is being able to put that into use, or into a scheme that can be used on earth.

They may not necessarily return themselves, but remember it’s mind to mind. They may be able to influence someone, give someone the knowledge that they have learnt and developed. But again the person who is receiving this knowledge must also be disciplined, that they can follow it. Nothing anywhere, whether it is on earth, in life or in spirit, comes without balanced thinking and discipline. So for a soul to reach for want of a better word, saint or God –like status, can take hundreds of years.

We realise that memory is something that worries people on earth, but we will take the two examples that have just been mentioned, the musician has gone so far and has decided that he will try a different art, architecture. The music is put to one side but the knowledge is never lost. They know where to go to take up those reins again and continue on. Nothing you learn is ever lost. You may not be able to say within a minute of each other how to build a great temple, and how to play a wonderful symphony, but once you have finished the temple you have the knowledge to go on to the symphony, you know what to do.

All this is taking time. To cover the whole field is thousands of years, and with some of the people you have had visiting you, who have died suddenly and speak perhaps of hundreds of years that they have been lost – to them it is probably only a matter of minutes, because they have continued in their minds, in their thinking, in their thoughts, quite content with no physical time, and no physical body to indicate the passing of time. It just goes. It is something that is not even thought of.

The only time that time becomes a factor with us, is when we have contact with earth and that is only if we have an appointment, and then it becomes a discipline. We can follow our friends and from them we take time.

I hope we have managed to make this a little clearer for you. If there is any part that is not sufficiently clear that possibly we can help with, please ask.

Sitter (H): Cloud when people pass over, you mentioned that discipline is required; do you have people who are not disciplined when they have passed over and then cause problems, or do you automatically become disciplined when you pass over?

Spirit: You are as you were on earth. If you were a disciplined character on earth, you are immediately a disciplined character in spirit, but if you were hot headed, undisciplined, then that’s what you are when you pass over until you learn better, and that’s where the drifting, being undisciplined, may hold you back for years because you haven’t got it within yourself to say, “Enough, it’s time I moved on!”

Sitter (K): Was it a slip of the tongue when you said that when you leave here you can find yourself in a lovely place where the sun is shining etc. because I understood that you don’t have a sun over there.

Spirit: Quite true, but when you first pass over, your mind is a physical world, so if you are warm you take it for granted that there is sun, because we are comfortable. The light is like a bright sun.

Really it was a slip of the tongue. I should not have explained it that way.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well, my friends, one discipline for you on earth is the clock. It is the twenty-four hours of your days. When you are in spirit, with the knowledge you’ve got, time does not exist, so that if you choose a subject to learn you can take as long as you want, at the stage you are at. You can develop as far as you have earnt. Later, with added knowledge, you can go still further.

Sitter (K): Cloud, in order to make rapid advancement there, is it preferable to study any particular line of thought… would one advance more quickly by studying say philosophy, rather than music?

Spirit: Study humanity. By all means study your music, or your architecture, or your gardening, but do not make it a selfish study, share it… love humanity.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: I would add… it is not necessary that you choose teaching, but it is service in any form that is important, possibly healing, and it doesn’t mean from spirit to earth. There are spirits here that need healing – they need help too.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well, we will leave it there for tonight.

Good night.

Sitters: Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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