Topic: Healing.


Spirit: Good evening.

It has been suggested that I talk a little tonight to you people, about healing.

As you realise yourselves you have a group of people around you, none of whom are particularly healers, except our dear friend Jean who comes under the category of comforter. If anyone needs true nursing care and love, it is Jean that will give it. So if you are wishing that type of care to go to someone… ask, Jean will always do her best.

But apart from that, for the problem of the person or persons, or animal, you are seeking help for, it becomes specialised.

You have a pet. It would require a vet. As in your world, so in ours, there are particular people for a particular job, you have someone with a liver complaint, or eyes, or ears, or whatever… getting help for them is mental.

Now as you know, in contacting spirit there has to be compatibility, healers… (now these are the people who are in spirit), are very busy but are continually on the lookout for circles, for groups, even for individuals who are asking for help which they may be able to give. But, because they are wanted so often, you as the people on earth have the job to raise your vibrations as high as you possibly can, so that your light may shine out and be recognised, and for this you may say, “How do I do it?”

It is done by in your hearts, being at peace, at the time when you are asking for help, making sure that any problems that you personally have, have been put to one side. Apart from that you must have the utmost sincerity in your asking. For anything to come as rote, automatic, “It’s time I did some healing”… you may be fortunate, but so often because it has become automatic, the vibration does not rise and so the prayer, the asking, may go unanswered.

We are not saying that this is inevitable… I assure you it is not. But if you truly wish to develop as healers, (or I should say as communicating with healers, because you understand it is not yourself in any way that is doing the healing, it is from Spirit), you certainly are spirit and it is your effort in raising your vibrations that helps guide the spirit in our world, to link and hopefully to heal, the one in need in your world.

[Note: Other spirit teachers speak of that as 'From spirit, through spirit, to spirit’.]

You may put your hand on someone and they feel better for it. It is your sincerity and your love of that person, or your sympathy, your understanding, your compassion, that is helping; but it is the intervention on the part of the healers on our side, that will help with the cure or the upliftment; because it so often happens that once you have taken your hand away, once you have left the room, there is a let down, as it is just your physical warmth and compassion, that has helped them.

But if you had lifted your level even higher, if you had been able to contact spirit, a spirit healer could then do more and remain and comfort. It is very much up to you as individuals to lift yourselves to a higher plane. It is mental. It is thought, and it is very important!

You,as individuals have probably had the wonderful experience of knowing that through your intervention, someone has been helped in some way. But the more you can raise these vibrations at the time of requesting healing, the more people you will be able to help, and as you know it does not have to be physical contact. It is sincerity of thought, your complete eradication of self, and concentration on the person and the spirit that you are trying to contact.

On our side there are always people trying to help. Sometimes it may take longer than others because as you know the world is badly in need of help – some places more than others. If we ourselves cannot personally help, we can quite often inspire a human being to give the help that is needed. It is not necessary for them to think of spirit or to be inclined that way at all, but they may get the thought or the inspiration, or the help from us, that brings about the improvement in the condition of the person that they are working on. This applies to doctors, nurses, and helpers of all kinds.

And this applies also to the animals, whether they are wild, whether they are domesticated, or whether they are pets… they can all be helped. There are many people in the spirit world that have the same love of animals that many people on earth have and are only too willing to try to help, some unfortunate particular animal, or even species.

I hope we have been able to encourage you to not be automatic in your healing. We are not saying that you are, but to become dedicated and one with spirit at the time you are trying, because someone on this side once they see your sincerity, will make greater efforts themselves to help you to help us, to help others.

Is there anything that you would like to ask that might help you?

Sitter: I was just wondering about how this works… because if I ask for healing for somebody, hopefully a spirit healer on your side will be able to do something to help that somebody… but if I was in a group and asking for help for somebody, how does it work… is it because additional people are here to provide more energy to light the light for you to see us as it were, or are there extra healers located near each of the people here, so that there are more folk to call on, to help?

Spirit: It works both ways. Each person has a group around them. There is almost always sure to be a healer within that group, so naturally there is the possibility of more help, also the combination of the dedication gives a greater luminosity, which is what attracts the healers.

I hope that is what you wanted to know. I will say goodnight now and I myself am a healer.

Goodnight and blessings.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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