Topic: [Questions to sitters].

Questions to Sitters

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: We are smiling, because you people probably, are in for a shock.


Spirit: We are going to ask you a few questions. We would appreciate it if you keep your answers brief, because we are imagining a situation where someone is questioning you as to Spiritualism, and no one wants a long-winded reply.

If one of you answers the question, and another of you feels that they can add to it or improve on it in any way, being brief please do so, because it is possible that the second person may be more correct than the first.

We are just interested in what you have assimilated, and this will not go on for very long.

First question, and it is almost inevitable to be the one, you would be asked – “What is Spiritualism?”

Sitter (J): Spiritualism to me is a way of life.

Sitter (K): Yes a blueprint for living.

Sitter (H): I think it is an understanding that there is, and I’ii use the word ‘life’ after death. This is understood by very many other groups; but there is a life after death, that we are responsible for our own actions, and we take what we have done in this world with us when we go.

Spirit: Thank you. I think it has been a satisfactory answer on the part of you all. “What would you say are the disciplines of Spiritualism?”

Sitter (J): To be responsible people by our own actions.

Sitter (K): Keeping a balance in your life.

Sitter (J): Discipline.

Sitter (K): And compassion for others.

Sitter (J): Compassion for everybody.

Sitter (H): Compassion, that’s right.

Spirit: Thank you. “In the ‘Seven Principles’, which would you say is the most important statement?

Sitter (K): That eternal progress is open to every human soul.

Sitter (J): I have trouble remembering.

Sitter (H): That’s my trouble too, to remember all seven.

Spirit: A satisfactory answer, but one that we feel is of great importance is ‘The Brotherhood of Man’

Sitter (K): Yes, one looks as though it is rather selfish, as opposed to the other, which is not.

Spirit: Now will each one of you please briefly tell us, "What Spiritualism has meant to you?" (Briefly please.)

Sitter (J): Spiritualism for me is a whole way of life, a way of living, a way of showing compassion and understanding, and responsibility for my actions, realising that we are all brothers helping each other, and the most important thing is where it is love, and I just believe it makes everything nice.

Sitter: (K): For me it answers the question of ‘Why are we here?” along with a great hope for the future.

Sitter (H): I probably have too, in some ways, a slightly more selfish way of looking at it, as perhaps being the newest interest it’s given me not hope, but perhaps a certainty that life doesn't’t end when we die. Therefore it’s probably important that we prepare ourselves for the future.

Sitter (K): Can I take back my word hope and substitute ‘certainty’?

Spirit:Yes. Yes.

Sitter (H): That’s right.

As I say it’s slightly selfish, but that probably is if I’m honest, what it has done for me.

Spirit: “Do you think it is necessary to have a name, to go under a banner, such as spiritualism?”

Sitter (H): No I don’t think so, as long as your beliefs are right. I think that the banner, or whatever the name is, is just a generalisation although I’m quite happy to be called a Spiritualist.

Sitter (J): Yes, same with me.

Sitter (K): In a way Ling it’s a sort of a focal point to meet others with similar interest, but a necessity, no. The same way as churches are not a necessity, but they are somewhere as a mutual point of contact.

Spirit: A ‘focus’.

Sitter: Yes, that’s the word.

Spirit: Now this person has asked you, “Well what about all our sins?” “What is Sin?

Sitter (K): Conscious selfishness.

Sitter (H): You take actions that hurt other people, particularly if you do it deliberately.

Sitter (J): Conscious understanding and being aware.

Sitter (H): And even worse, not caring about it.

Spirit: Now if you had one wish, for an improvement in the organisation (we will call it) of Spiritualism, so that the public could benefit more – what would it be? {And this is not a person on earth asking this question. We are asking it.}

Sitter (K): I think general acceptance by the media, so that the word can be spread around many more people.

Sitter (H): Yes and there seems to be a sort of block. Many people who are nominal Christians, and don’t really think about religion, seem to be reluctant to allow anything else to be talked about, to any great extent.

We have somebody who is a relative of ours staying with us, who is like that. To talk about Spiritualism is practically evil to him.

Sitter (J): I would like to think that Spiritualists express love and understanding to an extent that is obvious to others, so that they can say, “Hey you are looking great”, “What is it?” So then you get a chance to speak to them about Spiritualism.

Spirit: That is something you personally can do.

Spirit: The media was mentioned… that would be a wonderful break-through. But also the media has been a barrier for Spiritualism and not in the sense you may be thinking… but since mankind has become involved in mechanics, electricity, whatever you care to call it, a barrier has been put up. People do not think as much as they used to. It is done for them, even with these new, (I’m thinking of the right word)… computers I think you call them.

On the whole once you initially learn the computer the thinking goes out of your life because you merely push a button and you get the answer, you don’t have to think for yourselves, and in this way another barrier is put up between spirit in my world (for want of a better expression), and yours. It is something that we cannot overcome, and man being the thinking person or animal that he is, will continue to manufacture and make more things, that will involve air space, waves, and so less thinking on his part.

At this stage we cannot see a way through it, but we would ask you people to do your bit.  Every person who thinks for themselves, who stops and thinks of God, thinks of Spirit, looks at nature and thinks of the world around them – all is a help.

Now I believe you have recorded what has been said, and this is one of the better things that man has manufactured (from our point of view). Play back or read what has been said tonight and criticize your answers.

I could not say… we would not say that anyone was wrong, but most could be improved on, some perhaps shortened. We have asked this before that you have ready answers, should you be asked. It is important.
We can see that you have got the answers but they need fine-tuning – I think that is a modern way of speaking.

We make mistakes ourselves, naturally, for we too are just like you – spirit – but we try and fine-tune, because we are limited in the time that we can speak with you people. So look at it from the point of view that you are like us, you have to fine-tune those answers because the spirit, the person who is asking them, probably has limited time. Their question initially would perhaps be out of politeness.

"What is a Spiritualist", etc, etc.  But if you’ve got your answer correct, and said with sincerity, you may get more time because they will become interested.

So that is all for tonight. I hope we haven’t given you too much of a shock by suddenly asking you questions? (Laughter)

But this might be an idea for us to do, periodically, and it won’t always be the same questions.

Keep your minds active, think on spirit many times a day, be observant of your fellow man and of what is around you, and at every opportunity, without being aggressive or a nuisance, either act the part of a true Spiritualist, or as well, pass on the knowledge.

Blessings on you and help you on your path. It is all a help to us – no matter how small your effort – it is all a help to us.

God bless you.

Good night

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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