Topic: Know the ‘Seven Principles’

Know the ‘Seven Principles’

Spirit (Cloud): Good evening.

You will probably not like this question.

Who knows the ‘Seven Principles’?

Sitter (K): Ahh…

Sitter (J) I know some but not very many.

Sitter (H) I know three or four as I was looking at them this afternoon.

Sitter (J): The Fatherhood of God. The Brotherhood of Man. The Communion of Spirit and the… the…

Spirit: It is as we expected. (Mirth). You all had tried but I wonder how hard.

Now I hope you will take this as it is meant. With sincerity we correct you.

For part of my time on earth I too was a teacher, of young people, not as you teach in your schools, but we sat together and like you people, became aware of aids to learning.

First of all, ‘Seven Principles’…seven days of the week, one for every day of the week. What is today’s?


Sitter:The Brotherhood of Man?

Spirit: Exactly. (Mirth)

Now we would suggest that during the week from Monday to Sunday… think “Monday, The Fatherhood of God.” At every opportunity, think of it, and so on through the week. This may take you a week or two, but I think that if you really want to learn it, by associating a day to one sentence, to one Principle, you may find it simpler to learn.

Right, you have learnt it, and to use one of your present day expressions, “So What!” (Mirth), because it is little good you knowing it, unless you can pass it on. But no one wants to learn the Seven Principles… or if they do, as you know, they have difficulties. So once you yourself have got them in order, you know them, then may we suggest that you make three or perhaps four, simple statements belonging to each one.
Now we are not going to make suggestions as to those, because it becomes very much an individual’s interpretation. I am not saying that we may not ask your interpretation at some stage, but if you have got clearly in your mind what are called “The Seven Principles” with a basic understanding of each one, that you yourself have thought of, then it should be ready to hand when you are asked some of these difficult questions; because for example, an aggressive person may say when you say, “The Brotherhood of Man”, “So what!” You’ve got to have the answer.

Or, you may get the sweet person, who says, “Yes”, to everything. “Oh yes”, they agree with the brotherhood of man. Try turning it over to them. “What is your understanding of it?” They may flounder, but if you have thought it through, you then help them to see it clearly; and this could apply with each Principle… because even the ‘Fatherhood of God’ would be questioned by many. Have it clear in your mind.

Going back to ‘Brotherhood’, always think of what we know is physically true, that each physical man is the same under his skin. We have the same blood types, our bones are similar, and it is only where we live, and what we eat, that makes the difference of our physical bodies.

Mentally it is what we are taught, and there may be your opportunity. It does not matter that you have not got a class of people in front of you. It does not matter that there is not a big audience. But in the casual conversation between friends, perhaps in your modes of transport, busses, trains, planes… you get into conversation with people, and so you may have the opportunity. You may then help a soul on its way, and for that reason we suggest that you use the ‘Seven Principles’ that originally came from spirit as your basis, with your interpretation.

Read other people’s ideas by all means, but initially put down two or three sentences of your own once you have memorised them, not before, because it is like having an incentive. You’d like to put down your interpretation no doubt, but until you’ve learnt them, you won’t. Become disciplined and you may find that you get great joy out of achievement, the same as when you were a child you probably remember feeling good when you’d learnt your ABC, or your times table. That applies to you Europeans, for others it may be different.

Even if you find it difficult, stick to each day. Don’t think, “Oh on Wednesday I know this one a bit better so I’ll learn it”. Stick to the order because it is in that discipline that you will be able to pick the one that you immediately want and know how to interpret, if there is someone who is questioning you.

Because even with the most cynical, the most biased, if you’ve got the right words right there at your fingertips, and they are good words, sincere, even if it’s against their will they may just remember them. Your influence may not be the day you speak to them, it may not be for ten years, it may not be until they die, but if you have said the right thing it will be there, and may help another soul. And that is what we should all be living for, to help the physical body on earth and the soul forever – eternal life!

If you have no questions, I will say good night.

God bless you.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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