Topic: Using the ‘Seven Principles’

Using the ‘Seven Principles’

[Note: All four circle members are having medical problems which may cause circle disruption for some weeks, and tonight there are only two of us present.]

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we just wish to confirm what has already been said and perhaps give you some encouragement.

We realise that over the next few weeks, your circle will be under stress because of your physical disabilities. Now we are not prophesising, but we feel that this may be the opportunity for each one of you, to make use of your teaching – and it is to that end that tonight we will speak.

We are not saying that you will be speaking on platforms, that you will receive great ovations, in fact you may not get acknowledgement at all, but for each one of you, it is by your very attitude to your own physical disability and to life itself, that people possibly may notice, and you will be able to take the opportunity to pass on some of your knowledge.

Because you will be moving amongst other people, some of whom will be as yourselves under stress, either physically or possibly - I think the word you use, is as ‘caregivers’ - you may be sitting with other people discussing their attitudes to their mishap, what it involves for them and so on, and this possibly could evolve into a very negative attitude all round.

But it is the opportunity for each one of you to try and keep a positive attitude in yourselves, and to pass this on to others… and that is why we have been emphasising that you learn the ‘Seven Principles’ – that they are there at your fingertips.

When you are possibly repeating them to others it does not matter if they are not word perfect, because we hope that within the next week or two you will have small sentences that you have put to each one of these Principles, that people may accept far better than your rote repetition. You have time.  Don’t make it a burden, but once you have one idea, one Principle off, and you know that you will not forget it, then start thinking of some words that you may put to that Principle.

It may be only a fleeting opportunity you have. The people themselves may ask you, may bring up the subject as to your attitude or you may have to do it yourselves, and it would be quite wrong to start by saying, “I’m a Spiritualist, I believe this…”  You are not a Spiritualist to them; you are human being leading life as they are.

You have certain principles that you abide by. Without being dogmatic, but in the general trend of the conversation, you may be able to bring one of your principles to the fore in your own words.  Think carefully on this because many of them are difficult to get across to people. They mainly would accept ‘The brotherhood of man’, perhaps even ‘The fatherhood of God’; but ‘Continuing life after bodily death, or ‘Being completely responsible for yourself’, may be very difficult unless you put it into your words… simple everyday living thoughts. You may find something in books that appeals to you. Adjust it if necessary to your Principle. But we would particularly ask that you don’t force this in any way. It must come up naturally, and it doesn’t matter who the person is, or colour, or what their position in life is, it doesn’t matter.

We feel, again this is not prophesising, that there may be a certain amount of disruption to the circle. We would ask that you do not in any way jeopardise yourselves physically for the circle. We understand perfectly that for all of you there are times that the physical body just doesn’t want to do what you’d like it to, but keep your mind thinking clearly, thinking of life, life eternal – and we’ll be back as soon as you two are ready to sit.

Now all of this is not shall we say definite. It is just a theory. We are looking ahead, so that you yourselves, each one of you, will feel relaxed and able to cope with any situation.

Is there anything you would care to ask?

Sitter: No thank you.

Spirit: May God bless you and help you in your problems. We will also try and help you in passing on your knowledge – but the work must basically come from you.

Blessings my friend.

Good night.

Reading the line: 'We will also try and help you in passing on your knowledge' you wonder how it is that somebody (me) on the other side of the world (U.K.) from Ken (N.Z.) is creating web pages from his carefully transcribed scripts. I tell people that Spirit is about 'Now', 'This Moment'; to be prepared for anything and do not be surprised at what may happen. It is not about something that occured a long time ago (history), it is about: 'Life', 'Living Now', 'Working for Spirit' and 'Doing your Best' as things come along. As you read these lines you may be surrounded by your 'Spirit Helpers', your 'Loved Ones'; also those who are wanting to learn what you are reading because it is through YOU that they are progressing along their individual pathways that lead them on to be with those who have gone before into higher states and conditions. It is NOT all for nothing! J.H.H.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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