Topic: Presenting the ‘Seven Principles’

Presenting the ‘Seven Principles’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now to get back to the ‘Seven Principles’, and I know you are feeling very apprehensive in case I ask you to recite them off… (Mirth), but as it was said earlier, you do not have to be word perfect; but you have to be aware of the meaning of each of the Principles – because if you quote them ‘as is’, you will probably find that a lot of people will question your statements, and it is in your words that you appreciate, that you believe in, that you interpret. You may not necessarily say, “The Universal Brotherhood of Man”. You may put it differently but that is the meaning behind your statement.

Now when you write your words down and perhaps take them to heart, feel free to quote, because there are many philosophers, poets, wise men… their quotations have been written down for years. Perhaps go to your library. Read a book of quotations and you may find something very valuable and it is not cheating. You are putting down on paper the words of someone whom you feel is wiser than you, but in repeating them say, “I believe… (etc), and I read that, it was, Longfellow, (we will say), because he was a very wise man”, and I’m sure he could be quoted many times.

And it is also, how you say it. If you say it half heartedly, disinterestedly, it doesn’t mean as much as if you say it very genuinely.

For example: The speech that many of you probably don’t know by heart, but you know of, was Churchill’s wonderful speech given during the last war. Indirectly, and perhaps in many ways directly, it helped win the war. But it wasn’t only what he said, because if that had been said in a flat disinterested voice, it would not have carried the meaning as it was broadcast. There are arguments as to whose voice it was. That doesn’t matter. It was the voice and how it was said that meant so much.

So you yourselves, think before you answer, give yourself time by saying to the person, “You have given me something to think of there, will you give me just a minute?” and that will give you time to get your ideas, which you may be a little slow at bringing to the fore at times, it happens with the years unfortunately when you live on earth (Mirth), and then say them with conviction, because it may not be the opinion of possibly myself, or one of you may differ, but it is your opinion. It is what you believe. Say to your listener that it is what you believe, and they can question it.

They may ask, “What is your religion?” You can say, “Well I really follow the thinking of the Spiritualists”, but when you think of Spiritualism, is it a religion? It is a belief. It is the way you conduct yourselves, and that is what you are trying to get over to people; apart from the fact that you are trying to give them a feeling of security, a feeling that it’s all worth while, and it’s an adventure. It’s something that is going on. It’s not just this world. It’s going on and on. If they believe life is like a wheel, going on, and coming back and forwards many times, well that is their belief and you can discuss aspects of it with them. You never know, they may convince you. But it is something as you know, that we do not feel happens to everyone all the time, yet it is interesting to feel that perhaps, you could come back some day.

I presume (now these are just my thoughts)… I think along these lines, and in myself I feel that I have been on earth many times, but it certainly hasn’t been for a long long time. I’ve been too busy over here. So I feel that perhaps we return at times, when we feel that we can either help people,(which of course is so very important… helping each other), or perhaps advance ourselves, so that when we return we can do our job better.

All these things may crop up in your talking to people, but also think of it this way… even if you don’t speak to anybody there is knowledge that you have, that you have developed, that when you are with us you may pass on to someone who has never ever dreamt it could happen, who wonders who they are, and you can go up to this person and say “Friend I think I can help you”. So someday, somewhere, it will all come in useful, so don’t look on it as, “Oh I’m wasting my time, no one will listen”.

Well on that note, unless you have any questions that you wish to ask I think we will leave you for tonight.

Was there anything that you wished to ask?

Sitter (K): Ling, there is just a little bit of a doubt in my mind. We want to convince people that we know something, yet if we say, “It is my belief or my thinking”, then there is an element of doubt there, and for some people that might mean – we don’t know. Perhaps there is food for more thought in that one.

Spirit: You are right; but it is up to you, in the way you love, the way you are, that they will think, “That person’s got something, perhaps it’s worth my thinking a bit along those lines”.

Sitter (J): Yes and after we have spoken to someone, if we can leave them perhaps feeling a little bit uplifted, with a little bit of love, or just something that they can take with them, to make them feel a bit better.

Spirit: The mere fact that you have spent time answering their questions, or listening to what they have to say… because that is something too you must do, you must listen to them, because in listening to them, that may help you, give the right answer. But as you say, a little bit of love too goes with them, because you have shown interest.

God bless you my little friends.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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