Topic: Personally explore the ‘Seven Principles’

Personally Explore the ‘Seven Principles’

First Spirit: This is Cloud.

As you yourselves are aware, the next few weeks, perhaps a couple of months, are going to be disruptive to this circle and it has been asked that you stay in contact, and we are wanting to give you a reason, as to why you should be in contact.

Now you are no doubt struggling to get down your interpretation of the ‘Seven Principles’, (Mirth) so that you may pass them on to others. Please get them down as you would pass them on to others, but we are going to ask you to go a step further for your own advancement. This is not at this time, to pass on to others.

You have completed your first ‘paper’ shall we say, then you start once more and this time you are, what I think in the modern wording is ‘extending your boundaries’. Do this as individuals. Think, you have your pencil in your hand, “God, hmm.  What is God?”

Now this is my imagination, my supposition of what may go through your heads and how you will go through extending, pushing the boundaries; because before I go any further, most of the things that have been worth while, that have been accomplished in the physical world, have been done by people pushing boundaries… ordinary everyday people as well as those who have become masters of their particular field. It may be a simple thing, such as joining two pieces of wood together, but the person in question has thought, “There is an easier way to do this”. So they have tried and pushed into another boundary and have achieved something different, another way of doing something. Baking a cake, cleaning the house - there are numerous ways in which the ordinary everyday person is pushing the boundaries.

But getting back to God, The Universal Fatherhood of God… “Hmm. What is God?  Oh I don’t know, could be a cabbage!”  Write it down. ‘God is a cabbage’. “Mmm, well a cabbage has got life”. Write it down, ‘cabbages have life’. “Do they feel? There has been some proof that a plant does feel”.  Write it down. “A plant gets its nutrients from the soil, from the earth. Is that God? Is the earth God? Does it give life to everything?” Write it down… and so on, and so on for say twenty minutes. Don’t spend any longer on that one, just until you have exhausted your twenty minutes, or whatever your mind is able to conjure up – and in the same way continue on through the seven.

You may come to the ‘Ministry of angels’.  “Angels, oh yes I’ve heard they have big wings. What is an angel? Are they extra good people who have died?  But they are always there, so we are told, so have they ever been on earth? Is it a state that we all eventually head to? That doesn’t seem logic, it would be boring”. Write it all down, and then when you are all together, take one by one perhaps, and as you do each one, discuss it. It might be interesting what you come up with. You are pushing boundaries. You are extending your mind. You may be surprised at just what you do come up with.

In discussing this with you, I have if anything, been a bit frivolous, but it’s a start. If you don’t get anything down on your paper, you’ll be too frightened to start. Once you start putting it down the ideas may flow. You may get help. It is surprising what is in the air… think on that. Can you tune in to it, you might get help, you never know.

But it is extending you. After all you are mainly a physical body at the moment. Your mind, your soul is what needs pushing and developing. You do good on earth, that’s fine, but extend your thinking too. Think about the stars. Think about music. Think about colour. Extend your minds, and you have some weeks in which to do it.
Amongst yourselves perhaps discuss a time limit, because unfortunately it is the habit of humans when they need to use their brains, of putting it off. (Mirth)

You in your development… perhaps we would say are just graduates, but what you have learnt, you have now to start putting into practise. One thing is passing your knowledge on; the other is extending it even further. For man to advance they must extend their ‘soul’, or whatever you like to call what lives on after death. What does live on after death?

There is another one, “What lives on after death?”

On that teasing note I will leave you.

I cannot say for sure, but it may be some weeks before you hear from me again, but I will be very interested, we all will be, in following your lines of thought.

Goodnight and God bless you.

Second Spirit: Good evening this is Alan.

An idea: – a fleck of dust. In your mind think, “Where has it come from? Where will it go?” You would find, if you truly and carefully follow that line of thought, that it could open a very wide field. It may help you in your deliberations on the ‘Seven Principles’.

Goodnight and God bless you.

These three talks are on the subject of the 'Seven Principles', which were given by Spirit many years ago through Emma Hardinge Britten. See here.
Spiritualism has no 'Book' although there are many books. Link to the 'Seven Principles'.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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