Topic:(1) A suggested meditation. (2) Suggested meetings.

A Suggested Meditation, etc

Note: This will be the last circle meeting for a while as one sitter has a broken ankle, a second is expecting hospital treatment for a heart problem and the third has to stay in town to receive cancer radiation treatment.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: To begin with… we are making only a suggestion, but it will possibly be of help to you, if you try it.

We understand that over the next few weeks each one of you, in your own way is under stress.

Meditation can help you friends. Now we wouldn’t expect, and you wouldn’t want to spend hours, (truth to tell that’s a fruitless exercise), but a help would be if you could make a point each day, regularly, to spend approximately ten minutes, preferably at a given time a time of your choosing when you know that you’ll not be interrupted and a time that is always free for you.

The sort of meditation we suggest is not airy-fairy, but trying to escape out of your bodies, which possibly aren’t that comfortable at any rate, for ten minutes; for example, you could take one of the ‘Principles’ and think on it.
We would not suggest ‘Personal Responsibility’ in so much as that can develop into negative thought. It shouldn’t, but it can. Think positively on whatever you decide on. If the “Principles’ don’t appeal, by all means think on something else but don’t make it vague. Make it something that would interest you.

It possibly is something you would like to do in the future. Work it out in your mind, in detail, for just ten minutes, with your body as relaxed as you can possibly make it. What you are doing, is escaping for a short period to the best of your ability, from your physical body. You are uplifting yourself away from it, and doing something you want to do. It may be that you are working out some music, possibly you would like to try and put some words together into a little story or a poem, or you may try and see if you can remember a poem from your childhood… anything that takes you away from your present situation.

But do this my friends if you possibly can. Don’t force it on yourselves, but we feel that it might help, because it may take you a while but after a time you may find that you can sit and immediately relax into a situation which your mind, your soul, has conjured up. You are forgetting the physical, and that can be a great help, no matter what is wrong, whether it is your job, your body, the situation, whatever.

So we would suggest that for no more than approximately ten minutes, and it doesn’t have to be ten minutes on the dot just not lengthy, for the simple reason that you would not keep it up, but it is a good idea worth trying and we would suggest that you do.

In the meantime we realise that you are struggling with your ideas on the ‘Principles’, keep it up and perhaps, shall we say, in approximately two months we might be interested in having a discussion on it… on your ideas, and ours, but we won’t force you.

Sitter: Ling for the meditation, should it be something different every day?

Spirit: No, if you are happy with one particular journey, or thought, stick to it. If it works for you, and you don’t want to change, don’t. The whole aim is to make yourself, for a short period, relax. You may even choose to think of someone you care for. Picture them, what they are doing, past or present? It is up to you.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Now we also realise that your circle could possibly be disrupted. We realise that owing to circumstances you may not always be able to meet on a Tuesday for some weeks, but we emphasise the fact that we would very much like you, if you possibly can, to meet somewhere (the four of you), at least once a week.

We don’t necessarily mean as a circle like this evening, but as a group of friends with the same interests. If it is only for an hour, you may like to discuss a little (once you have got some of your ‘Principles’ worked out), about your ideas, or anything else pertaining to your interest in ‘Life’. But apart from a short period that we hope you find relaxing, by all means chatter away on any subject; positive that is.

Now at these meetings we cannot guarantee that we will be there, but someone will always try, wherever you are, to be there too. We will not speak through the medium, but we hope you will have the satisfaction perhaps, and comfort of knowing, you have other friends that are with you.

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Spirit: Now as this is probably the last circle for a short time I don’t think that at this stage we can set the date, but in October we will meet again, definitely… why after all you’re all fighting fit aren’t you? (Laughter)

Sitter: Well, more or less. (Laughter)

Spirit: Keep it up my friends. Keep your spirits high… because that’s what you are… ‘Spirit’. Remember that! And may the blessings of God, be with you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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