Topic: Find essences of ‘The Seven Principles’.

Find Essences of ‘The Seven Principles’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now I don’t know whether you remember… (Ken would have heard and you people may have read) the very first word I ever said to you people? Silence?

Sitter: Yes I’m trying to think of that word… was it ‘Essence’?

Spirit: Exactly, and that word is very important.

You have all been struggling with the ‘Seven Principles’. You find that people have altered them, but basically they stay the same.

You have put your ideas down on paper. You have studied them, you have thought on them; but what we would like you to do is to just take the essence of each one. Take it into yourself… For example, ‘The Brotherhood of man’.

You say that all right you would accept every race, creed, colour, whatever. Noble thoughts, but there are going to be some of those people you don’t like. You can’t immediately change yourself into someone who loves everyone.

So look at it this way… you have perhaps brothers and sisters, and if not, you know families of brothers and sisters… do they love each other all the time? No. They accept them for what they are, they criticise them, they help them, they protect them, they growl at them, they shout at them… they are brothers and sisters, they are united, and that is what the brotherhood of man should be!

You may not like that big black man next door, but he is your brother so you accept him with all his faults. You can turn your back on him, like you would your own brother, but you wouldn’t harm him; and it is that understanding of what brotherhood is, that is the essence of that statement, ‘The brotherhood of man’. It is the essence of your thinking.

You are not going to become a perfect person, who loves everyone. It wouldn’t be natural, it wouldn’t be evolvement, but we ask that you take the essence and accept them as you would a family member.

Now for obvious reasons I am not going to keep you long tonight, and thank you very much for coming, but what I would ask, is that if you can accept the essence as I have described it, or we have described it, ‘The brotherhood of man’, can you in your minds take the essence of each one of the ‘Principles’ so that if anyone asks you, you can give them the essence without a lot of other words.

For example, with ‘The brotherhood of man’ you can, say, liken it to a family like I have. You do not have to go into great details.

Can you accept what I am trying to say?

Sitters: Yes Ling thank you.

Spirit: God bless you and we’ll get there yet.(Laughter)


Sitters: Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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