Topic: A horse story from June.

A Horse Story from June

Spirit: Good evening, this is June.

Well I’ve just been sent along, (‘cause I wanted to come mind you), to tell you a story. It’s just light hearted tonight in a way, although I hope you’ll learn something from it.

This one starts on earth when I was… oh I don’t know much about my age but I’d have been little, perhaps two or three, I could walk, and in those days you had heaps of clothes on. It was… I suppose it wasn’t a fashion but your mother seemed to think that if you were little you were always cold, so you had heaps on and just as well as you will see.

Now I think I mentioned once before about stables, and horses. Well there was a horse there called Ted, and even my old Dad and other fellows around, all said that he was a whopper. He had lovely frilly legs, big feet; I could only see up to about his knees (if a horse has knees), but we were friends.

If I could find a bit of fruit I’d take it and he would bend down and take it out of my hand, but one day I turned my back on him and you know what he did? He bent down and he picked me up by my clothes, by my middle and I am hanging there, arms and legs dangling, and he gently shook me too and fro, like on a swing. Well I thought it was fun. No one was around so we got away with it, and then he put me down, awful gentle like.

Well that became a game. Whenever I got the opportunity, I’d go along with my bit of carrot or perhaps a cabbage stalk or apple if we were lucky; I’d give it to him, turn my back and he would gently grab hold of my clothes and pull me up, and swing me.

Now how is that for a story of a horse? He was lovely. His nose was so soft and he had a lot of whiskers, sort of, round his nose, he was a very hairy horse.

One day my mum saw what was happening. Well the neighbours all knew shortly afterwards ‘cause her shrieks went everywhere (Mirth), and there was a great to do until me old Dad came along and said, “That there ‘orse wouldn’t ‘urt nobody, let alone our little girl, so wot yer fussing about woman”? So after a while everyone calmed down and that became a playing time for us. When the horse wasn’t working I’d go and see him.

But I grew up, and I guess he went the way of all good horses, ‘cause after a while that stable was empty. Now, you might have thought he’d have come to meet me when I died ‘cause pets do and he knew he was a sort of pet, but no. There were lots of other people there that I knew, and no ‘orse. So after some time and I’ve got no idea how long that was, ‘cause as you know there is no time, no realisation of such either over here, I began to think of him.

Now horses are tel-a-pathic (I think that’s right, I asked someone the word and that’s what I got)…

Sitter: I think it’s telepathic.

Spirit: Tele

Sitter: Pathic.

Spirit: Pathic. Well did you know that about ‘orses, at any rate?

Sitter: No I didn’t but I’m not surprised.

Spirit: Well when they like someone and you like them, you can talk to each other without opening your mouth, sort of, like I would know when he wanted me to turn round. He would know when I was coming ‘cause he was always looking over the doorway in the way that I came from.  He knew.

So over here, I thought, “I wonder where the old ‘orse is”, and I saw him! I saw him in my mind and he saw me, so I’m going to go and see him!

Now according to times you’ve told me, many years have gone past although it only seems like yesterday to me; but that good old feller is there waiting. Now this is quite a job because the animals are in another ‘vibration’ I think is correct, in another ‘dimension’, so it takes… I’m going to use the word ‘time’, to contact them.

We talk a lot to you about jobs we do here, that we are always busy and doing something. Well this is correct, but, you have been told and it is something that we too must practise, is to stop and look around you, and relax and think on ‘life’.

So my next time when I can, I’m going to do that, and I’m going to go and see me ‘orse. I’ll concentrate hard on thinking of him, and I’ll get there because you can do this you understand. It is easier on the level that you yourself are living,(‘cause we do live, understand that!), than it is to transfer from one level or vibration to another.

So what will happen, I’ve been told, (‘cause I’ve been asking about this), is that I’ll think of that dear old horse, he will receive my message, and we will move to each other. I don’t think he could lift me up and swing me round now but he can mentally.

We can do what we used to if we want to, but it will be a wonderful meeting for us. It’ll be a ‘reunion’; I think might be the right word.  It will make us both feel happy within our hearts, because we loved each other.

Sitter: Would you know him June, because he’ll be looking young now, won’t he?

Spirit: Oh I’d know him and not only that… you think of someone you love, someone whom you’ve thought a lot of, perhaps a pet you’ve had… there’s something about them, it’s their… oh I don’t know what word you would use… their particular thing that is them… person, person…

Sitter: Personality?

Spirit: I think that might be the right word.

Sitter: Or maybe a horse like a human being, that for recognition can make himself look the age he wants to look.

Spirit: He won’t have to change as much as I will.(Laughter)

No, I’d know him. For one thing, he had a stamp on his neck that someone had burnt in to him, poor old fellow. I don’t know whether that would still be there mind you, but he did have one white ear and one golden ear, which is a bit unusual in a horse.

Sitter: Oh, would he be what is called a Clydesdale horse?

Spirit: If that means a whopping big horse with big feet…

Sitter: Yes they have.

Spirit: Dad put me on him once and my legs stuck out sideways, like kid’s plaits do.

I loved that horse, often think of him, and now I’m going to make a point of going to see him. He’s happy, I know that, and he wouldn’t be happy with me, because we lead different lives. He is with his own kind and I’m with mine. But the love we had for each other, ‘cause it is love… love of a person for an animal, and different from the love of a person for another person, or a horse for another horse, but it’s still love.

Now it has been a bit of a muddle, this story…

Sitter: I think it’s a lovely story and the more so, because we know it’s true.

Spirit: Well I thought it might explain a little bit too, of what it’s like over here, that the animals we love, we can still contact. If they’re domestic ones in your home, more often than not they’ll come and greet you, but it’s only fair… they go and join their own kind, and once you’ve made the effort you can go and visit each other.

I’ve been a bit slow in making the effort, but I had to learn about it, and now I know I’m going to see the old horse.

Well that’s all from me tonight. I hope it will have helped you a little bit in understanding more of what it’s like over here. Life just goes on, the world just goes on, everything is wonderful, and there’s a lot of learning to do.

Sitter: Thank you June. It was a very interesting story, and we’ll be very interested to know just how you get on. Will you please tell us later?

Spirit: I’ll try, and that’s all for tonight from all of us. So goodnight and God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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