Topic: Find time to think, on ‘The disciplines of Spirit’

Find Time to Think, on ‘The Disciplines of Spirit’

Spirit: Good evening this is Alan.

I will talk to you very briefly tonight.

I would just like to emphasize in your lives, ‘Discipline’… particularly in your spiritual advancement.

It would possibly be to your advantage to put aside as little as two, or three minutes a day at a particular time, to stop whatever you are doing, and for as long as you are able, to think on the disciplines of Spirit.
Many churches, Christian or otherwise, particularly in their big homes of religion, their big mosques, monasteries, houses, have particular times when the discipline is, that you must be there. Human beings as they are made, and particularly in the environment of your world today, are too prone to say, “I forgot”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “It doesn’t matter, God knows I’m here”; numerous excuses putting the responsibility on to other people’s shoulders, but it is a discipline that you should take on yourselves.

If you think of the countries that have been most successful throughout the centuries, they have been disciplined. Those that are unruly do not advance, either physically or mentally, as those that are disciplined, but I must add to this, that there must be ‘Balance’.

Sitter: Is there any particular discipline of spirit that you’d like us to contemplate on?

Spirit: At this stage no, just question “Why”? Yes I would say, “Just question why?”

Why are you here? Why does this happen to some persons and not to others? And how the seasons, the stars… in other words, relax from your everyday living, and in a disciplined manner, extend your minds.
But not just sometimes. The mere fact that you stop at say six-thirty in the morning, mid-day, whenever it suits you… on a regular basis you stop and think, that is a discipline in itself.

I’m sorry that this has had to be so brief and hesitant but many things are against us, including your electrical atmosphere at the moment.

The blessings of God be on you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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