Topic: June’s horse story continued.

June’s Horse Story - Continued

Spirit (June): Good evening.

Well, I’ve got quite a tale to tell. It’s really educational.

I guess you know now about my horse, or at least it wasn’t my horse, but I look on him like that you see.

Well I thought of him on and off over a period of time and thought, “Why didn’t he come and see me?” “Why wasn’t he here?” And that’s about how I left it.

And then I began to think more about him. I cared for that horse. At that period of my life when he was part of it, I loved him, he was my friend. He wasn’t just a horse, he was my friend, and somehow I began to feel a bit better; and one day it was suggested by one of our teachers, that now that I realised how much I loved that horse, perhaps I might be able to meet him.

So I practised more or less what you would call ‘meditation’. I went back thinking of those days, thinking of him, and I began to realise that the horse was talking to me! It was in my head you understand, it was in my head. Just affection, sort of. It came not long after I was last talking to you people. I had a bit of space like you call ‘time off’. I had a bit.

So I was happy thinking of my horse and cor blimy! I saw him! I saw my horse! But he wasn’t the horse like I remembered him; he was like an angel horse! You know, like pictures of what we imagine dead people look like, with lights glowing all round them and all that sort of thing… well the horse was like that.
Now we don’t see that sort of thing, not unless it is someone very special, and then just a sort of a glow, with a face. Well my horse was a glow with his face, and I couldn’t understand this, but I learnt something.
In the animal world it’s the same as for what are called human beings, there are good and bad. It’s on-going. A horse could have been a mighty bad horse and end up like my one, who is like a king amongst horses. He explained that this didn’t happen overnight sort of, but it was on-going, the same as for us; and that’s why we should treat all animals with respect in their own right because although they are not human beings, they are animals like us for we are animals, and if they are on earth living with us we should respect the fact that they are animals, a form of life. They should have their space, their time to be natural, not to be always sitting on silk cushions, little dogs with ribbons in their hair, acting unnaturally… all the things we do to animals. It’s wrong. Maybe all right for a little time, if they are happy, but it’s a job for them to be with us, so we must respect them.

It would appear that as a child I respected that dear old horse, and that’s why we were such friends. But when I died I had the wrong attitude. I expected him, to just be there – because he was a horse!

It’s not like that! Because he was a very special horse, he realised that it wouldn’t do me any good just to turn up, that I had to learn (I’m a slow learner aren’t I?). (Mirth). It took me a long time but it’s something that we must do… we must respect all life; enjoy their company.  They’re our friends but they should never be our possessions in the wrong way. They shouldn’t be made to be like humans because they are not, but they in their own way have a wonderful love to give us, and they can teach us.

I guess I was lucky to have known that wonderful animal. An opportunity was given to me to learn, because for the rest of my life I really didn’t have the companionship or the close companionship, of animals. It was my one opportunity.

So remember friends, respect the animals that come into your life, love them, don’t make slaves of them, and when you have to kill them, respect the passing of a soul… different to us, quite different, but still a soul, an animal one.

Well we communicated mentally. I was even able to put my arms around his neck and give him a bit of a hug somehow. I don’t know quite how, and I could feel that furry old face rubbing against mine. It was a wonderful experience. And then he just seemed to fade into the background again, taking that lovely glow. It was a wonderful experience!

So now, when I’m working with the little kids, I tell them stories of animals and try and get them to understand how all life is important, all life! I’m sure you understand, but I thought you might like to hear of my experience.

It was very special to me. In his own world that horse is wonderful to the other animals. I was very privileged!

Well on that note I will say goodnight.

Goodnight and God bless you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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