Topic: Our spirit friends’ activities over the Xmas holiday period.

Our Spirit Friends’ Activities During Christmas / New Year Holiday

Spirit (Ling): Now as you may have guessed, we will make this our last meeting for this year and we will meet again at the end of January.

You probably consider it as a long time but we are also considering ourselves, for you may not realise it but we have in my ‘sphere’ for want of a better word, circles such as yourselves, and we have been set by our more advanced companions certain things to do in a year.

This between ourselves we will go over and consider and carry what you may call perhaps a ‘précis’ of the year’s doings to our more advanced area where we will be advised as to whether they consider we were satisfactory in what we did, and also what we can do to improve, and our program for the following year.

This takes what you would call ‘time’, but then if we have earned it we have the honour of moving amongst some of the greater souls, some of the very advanced teachers, people whom you have possibly heard of, and not all of them go under the name of ‘Saints’… because, well, sometimes a saint is made by man.

But there are some very fine people here, rich and poor and of all nationalities, who have advanced far beyond us, and who are kind enough to advise us and teach us… because be assured we have plenty to learn, and just to be in the presence of these people, can be very uplifting. You yourselves may have had the experience of being with someone who just makes you feel good; you’re happy and relaxed in the aura of their being. Or perhaps you have read their words, and they mean something.

Well this is what we will do too, and again it takes what you call time, but we also have our time of relaxation, of discussion, of criticising what we are shown, what we are taught; because remember friends, you have freedom of choice and so have we. That is what is so wonderful – that every human soul has freedom of choice.

And so I have told you a little of what we will be doing.

Now over the past year we have tried to improve your knowledge, to give you the opportunity to learn and have sometimes suggested ways of doing it. Now we don’t look over your shoulder all the time so we are not always aware of how much effort you do put into it, and we are well aware that people can be led to knowledge and to books, but it doesn’t mean to say that they take advantage of it.

If you have the time, we would suggest that you re-read the copies of our talks, that you still have. When you get the opportunity, read one or two pages… in other words, one little talk.

Think on it. Criticise it. That is necessary. You are individuals, you are entitled to and we don’t mind. Your criticism may be valid, and it may open up a new path, not only for you but also for us, because if it is something very obvious, and if we haven’t picked it up ourselves, you may remember and next year bring it up for some discussion.

Every good way that we can use to gain knowledge is acceptable to us and we hope to you, because that is what it is all about… “Advancement”… “Improving ourselves”, not selfishly, not standing on other people, but just in our own thinking, personally, as individuals, and when you have something that you feel is worth passing on, discuss it with those whom you feel may accept it.

As we have said before, do not force your knowledge on people, they have a right to turn it down and sometimes perhaps it can upset you, or upset them, and a friendship may be lost. Personal contact with people is important.

Before we go for this year, is there anything at this time that you would care to discuss or ask… we may be able to help?

Sitters No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well may God’s blessings rest upon you until we meet again.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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