Topic: A third follow up to ‘Look for positive things’.

A Third Follow Up to ‘Look for Positive Things’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tell us from the experience you have now had of being observant, question mark… what if anything have you observed this week?  Each one of you, briefly.

Sitter (J): It’s ladies first again is it? (Mirth).

Well I’ve been surprised this week at the help extended to me. I make up a chutney, and any person I have asked for advice or anything … they bring pamphlets and they do just so much to help. It is just quite incredible, and I’m very grateful.

Spirit: Thank you.

Sitter (H): I saw something today where we talk about the beauty of the world and sometimes there is beauty in the rough side of it. It was just that there was a storm building up as there has been lately. The rain was coming across the sea from Auckland, the trees were bending, and I was nice and safe and warm, and inside. It was rather magnificent to watch in this way, even though it has done a tremendous amount of harm in places. It was spectacular!

Spirit: Thank you.

Sitter (K): And I looked at a tomato, a lovely, fresh, very attractive tomato. I know that inside there are seeds, and I thought about other things that have seeds, and I wondered why God made tomatoes red and peas and beans green, and other things other colours, in their seed coverings. He must have some purpose for doing this. But after thinking more I imagined that maybe the purpose is, that it attracts different types of animals to come and eat, so that nature can get those seeds spread further afield and without the squabbling amongst the animal world that would happen, if all of them ate tomatoes, or all of them ate beans, or whatever.

I thought there seems such a wonderful design behind all this, the way it is shared out and spread and maybe I’m wrong, but it gave me much food for thought.

Spirit: Thank you, and that is all we ask, and it was very logical thinking and observations on the part of you all. Now, go a step further and think how mankind can disrupt all this and put things out of balance. Nature can do it too, as you have been aware, with the storm that you spoke of. But there are things to look at in creation that are not necessarily big. For example, the beautiful colours and the workmanship when you disturb the soil, and perhaps a centipede or a millipede… the engineering that has gone into that insect, it’s incredible – and the colour!

In your everyday life, the small things you do… perhaps out for a walk, you see a clump of tiny flowers. When we ask you to look for things, it could perhaps make you think more of God, if you go for the tiny, infinitesimal things, that man has on the whole not disturbed.

We are all of us spiritual people and have the tendency to look big. We admire the big things man has done, the great statues, the big buildings, the mighty dams, the highways, and in our thinking we think, “How wonderful”. But many of these things, if not all, can be destroyed by nature. Yet out of the debris that is left behind from the earthquake, the flood or whatever the cause of the destruction may have been, will be the infinitesimal life, of little insects, of little flowers.

It is a thought perhaps, that when spirit first began to think of creation, mind began to think of things, they started small… so perhaps that is the way for us as spirits who are learning, to start too with the small, and build up until we come to human beings, to ourselves.

You may have found in your own lives, that you are determined that something is going to be perfect, something that you are creating.  You are going to do the most wonderful picture, rug, piece of furniture, piece of music, writing… whatever your creation is, it would not be very sensible to start off with a symphony, with a huge carpet, or with a dining suite for a hundred people. How foolish. Your senses tell you to start small and build up.

So in building up your appreciation of God, your observations of God’s creations, we would suggest that you make a habit initially, of looking at the small. We feel that the perception that is engendered in us from doing this is an easier path towards God, than to looking at a mighty mountain. We ourselves are a very small part of the whole creation, so we feel it is advisable for you to start small and build up, over days, months possibly years, until you can take into your being the ‘whole’… the whole of nature, the flora, the fauna, the animals and the human beings.

An example, a little more advanced perhaps in thinking… we speak of ‘The Brotherhood of Man’. In a hundred years we have come quite a long way, but not completely can we accept this, so perhaps a way to start would be to appreciate one small sector of the world. You may possibly choose an African nation, or a European nation, perhaps even a very small one, even a small group of people, and learn to appreciate the differences between them and you.

So from small beginnings such as the little insect, we come right up through all life to mankind, and through your appreciation and love of mankind, to God – of which we are all part – a great and wonderful part, a vibration of life that permeates through everything… we are all part of it!

So start with the small things and build up gradually. Put the foundation.

I hope that this will help you, and is there is anything that you care to ask?

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well please my friends don’t let happen as in one of your expressions, don’t ‘let it go in one ear and out the other’. Try and live it, in everything you do try and live it.

Sitter: Ling just a thought, but while on earth we have so many small things here, do you have many small things over there…(Spirit: Of course.) starting with say amoeba and working up?

Spirit I see what you mean.

We in spirit are mainly thought and thought can be from the amoeba to the elephant. Or should I say ‘mankind’ for I’m speaking of bulk there, aren’t I? (Mirth)

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Keep thinking, keep looking, and enjoy your life – everlasting!

God bless you; goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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