Topic: Gems of knowledge.

Gems of Knowledge

Spirit: Good evening. It is Cloud speaking.

We would wish tonight to give you a small aim.

Most people, we like to think, would like to achieve a perfection in their lives. Whether it is with a musical instrument, a garden, the job they do, no matter what it is, it is good to aim at perfection… which undoubtedly most of you realise is almost impossible to achieve. We all seem to make little errors along the way, but we have tried!

But with mature years, it is not the perfection in the physical that we should attempt, but in the words we utter and particularly, when speaking of your thoughts on life, on the Great Spirit, and on all natural things.

In my race, our wise men communed with the spirit and they honed their words into brilliant stars, some of which got written into books and passed on for generations.  Naturally we do not expect everyone to be able to do this, but you, over some period of time have been given, good, simple, basic knowledge. Try and put small parts of this, (because no doubt you would not be able to use it all), into gems of knowledge, into perfection in those sentences that you may pass them on, not in a teaching situation, but possibly in general conversation. If there is a person’s spirit there listening to you, who has reached a time when they too are seeking – that gem of knowledge will be accepted.

Think on your own lives friends, you had probably taken no notice of spirit, of the whys and wherefores of living, until at some period a gem was dropped in your lap. How, or by whom, you alone know. It may be that you were enlightened by something in music, by a few words someone has said, or by a book you have read but somewhere along your life’s path, some little bit of knowledge started you on the path you are on now, and at your time of life, you are in the position to do the same for someone else.

It is no good deciding, “I will teach someone what I know”, because most people don’t want to know – not until the time is right for them. But it may be, that you utter a few well-chosen words at a suitable time, they may not be accepted but they may be remembered. If they are these little gems, these stars of which I speak and we all know about, that spirit will eventually accept it.

No credit will be given to you, not by them, but if you in your heart know that what you have said is correct, true as far as you know, and truly good, you are also helping yourself because all good knowledge, no matter how small is like the pebble that we have spoken of before, that drops into a lake, widening the circle from where it fell.

Amongst the people who thought so much of the Great Spirit, people whom I knew one time when I was on earth, we didn’t go to the young to learn, or to the warriors, but we used to go to the old people and listen to them, hoping that with their knowledge of a lifetime, knowledge of communion with spirit, that they could give us a star to guide our path… and as you are no doubt aware, my people were often one with God. We accepted that we were part of the Mighty Spirit, and it brought happiness, sometimes to the very young, because some people accept these things very young, but more often in our mature years, and it was from the older people that we usually received this wonderful knowledge.

You people now have mature years, and you have the ability. Think on what we have said tonight, and find for yourself a grouping of beautiful words that may help lighten the path, of someone else – just an everyday happening, not a preaching.

Is there anything you would care to ask that we might be able to help you with?

Sitter: You have given us a lot to think on, but not yet to ask thank you.

Spirit: Well please do that… think on it! Because it is very easy to find a few moments in a day and to think, “How can I group some words that will bring light and happiness into someone’s life”, because once the acceptance is there of ‘Life everlasting’ and ‘Personal responsibility’, most likely from your own experience you will realise that it can lighten the heart, although of course with it comes many questions, but that is good.

May God, the Great Spirit, help you along the path of life, and help you, to help others.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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