Topic: 'Balance’, Discipline’, & ‘Compassion’.

‘Balance’, Discipline’, & ‘Compassion’

Spirit: Good evening, this is Jean.

There has been a round table discussion as to who would come tonight, because of what you were asked last week. First we thought to discuss the subject would be June. Light-hearted, full of fun – no, not quite appropriate. Ling? Well he gave you the knowledge in the first place so we thought perhaps you might feel he was ‘pushing his barrow’ (Mirth). And of course our esteemed friend 'Cloud’, but we only ask him and he only comes, when it is something rather like this but of his own making.

Now you were asked for little gems and we are aware that you had difficulties, but my friends it is so simple. You have been given the answers. You only have to remember three words. Can one of you make a guess at those words?

Sitter: I think we all can: ‘Balance, Discipline, and Compassion’.

Spirit: Exactly!

If you have got those words ready to hand, they are there. So the situation comes up where you think, “I’d like to help this person”, or “Perhaps I can help them see another path”. If those words are in your head, one of them will almost inevitably answer the question.

It may be a stressful situation in a family and you are being told all about it, and surely one of those words would fit that situation. Perhaps they need more ‘compassion’, it may be ‘discipline’, or perhaps just a little ‘balanced’ thinking. But those three words we have noticed throughout our spirit lives, can usually solve most problems… because, even in the spirit world, because we are free spirits we do have differences of opinion and perhaps get a little animated at times, but remembering what Ling has taught us, (and his group), these can usually be overcome.

Now at the time you may want to extend, and there is nothing to stop you doing so, as long as you don’t appear to be a ‘Goody-Goody’. That is very much inclined to irritate and can possibly make someone think, “Bother him, I’m not going to take any notice” and go the other way. Don’t belabour your point, just make the simple comment, “Well a little balanced thinking would probably overcome that problem”, and it may then be opportune to change the subject.

Most thinking people, if they were really interested in their problem would look back on your conversation and think, “Mmm, Tom, Dick, or Harry mentioned that a little bit of balanced thinking would overcome the problem. They’ve probably got something there… and therefore you have put a very precious jewel into someone’s life, a means of them overcoming something that was important to them. If you have done that successfully, if anything else worries them they may come to you. You don’t know where it will end.

Think back on the many problems you have had in your life (because I would imagine that most of you have had some), where one of those words would perhaps have made the problem go away much quicker than it did if only you had disciplined your thinking, or had more compassion, for that person who really rubbed you up the wrong way, but why did they? If it was because they were a thoroughly nasty person, they needed your compassion, or perhaps they had problems that you didn’t know about and you might have been able to help, by one of those words.

The world today is governed by materialism. Most people seem to want to do things for what they can get out of it. A man may open a business (or a woman), with little aforethought for those it will affect. He may be taking bread and butter, food, a home, away from a number of people… greed! But if he had been compassionate he would have realised what he was doing, and if he was balanced in his thinking he may have worked out that he had enough to live on comfortably, he didn’t need any more, so disciplined himself so that there was no further greed.

That not only applies to many individuals, but to society in general, leaders in particular, because all they can see is what it adds to their bank account.

At your time of life you are probably not thinking that way but you no doubt meet with people, some of whom are making it big now, “Why, I’ve done this” and “I’ve done that”, and perhaps you can bring them down to earth to think a little more, by saying, “That’s wonderful, you have done well, and are you happy?”

That, for many of these people could be quite a jolt! They may realise that their homes aren’t happy; their children are neglected – not neglected with material things but the compassion, the understanding, the loving background, that a good family builds up.

It is into those sorts of lives, and into your children and your children’s children’s lives, that you may be able to drop a little gem, that will start them thinking on those three words that can mean so much to everyone in the world, because it applies to us all, and in our world too.

We hope, and I in particular hope, that I have been able to get across to you the meaning of ‘Discipline’, ‘Balance’, and ‘Compassion’.

Is there anything you would care to ask that I might be able to help you with?

Sitter (K): No thank you Jean. It’s good to have clarified about Cloud’s talk.

Spirit: Well get those words into your minds so that you don’t have to think, “Now what were those words?”… Because the minute might go past, in which they could be of use.

God bless you all in your journey.

Goodnight; this was Jean.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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