Topic: Look Ahead to Better Times.

Look Ahead to Better Times

Note: During the welcome at circle beginning, a sitter commented that unfortunately there would have to be a postponement of our circles, as it had just been learnt that owing to hospital treatment needed, a sitter and the medium would be away for a few weeks.

Sitter: Good evening friends, come closer for I hear you are nearly through.

First Spirit (June): Oh, I’m here, but I can’t think how to start.(Laughter).

You see there’s been a bit of what you people call ‘buck passing’ here, ‘cause we plan one thing and sometimes, just like it is with you on earth, things go wrong or something changes.

Sitter (K): I’m sorry but I think the change is our fault here.

Spirit: Oh no, we should have done a… do you call it a ‘recky’, recky, oh it’s something like that that means you know what’s going on? (Mirth)

I’m taking other peoples ideas here and I mightn’t get it out right. It really was Cloud who was going to talk see, and they thought that if I took over, (I thought that nice gentle Ling would be the best), it might make it light hearted, sort of. So what it amounts to, is OK, we all have ups and downs, all humanity, anyone that’s on earth has got their ups and downs. As you get on in years, (oh I remember), you sure get some aches. Have you ever had aching hands where with your fingers you can hardly touch anything? That’s what mine used to be like.

But apart from that we do have other ups and downs. It mightn’t be us, it might be our family or our friends, and it makes you think negatively, we look down at our feet. Now that’s not the right way folks… you don’t look down at your feet. You lift your head up! It’s no good saying ‘Oh everything will be fine, Spirit will look after me”, which a lot of people are inclined to do, that is to rely on us, but we can’t do a thing to help you unless you help yourselves by lifting your head up, even if it is only one minute at a time depending what the problem is. You may say when you go to the dentist, (and you’ve never had a tooth pulled without anaesthetic either I bet).

Sitters: No.

Spirit: Well I have! So when things like that happen, you look for say a quarter of an hour ahead to when it’ll all be over, and you cringe and think, “It will, it will, it’ll be all over soon”…  Ooh, I can feel it now!

But that’s how you’ve got to treat problems no matter what, ‘cause they can’t last forever. They can’t last forever and you know why, but you don’t think about it. You people are what you call ‘Spiritualists’; you believe in life after death, you know that the physical body is going to be laid to one side… but your physical body is a wonderful thing, make use of it. Make use of your eyes and your nose and your taste and the movement you’ve got, make the most of it, but think, “When it’s worn out, what have you got”? Some people would say, “Oh a box, six foot under”… but you know better – that your spirit lives on!

For over here you’ve still got your mind or your spirit, (and you don’t have to sit with heavy wings on your shoulders either), you can enjoy yourself. (Mirth) And the more you make use of what you’ve got now, both for the betterment of yourself and for mankind in general, (that means your friends and your relatives and all the animals)… the more you do now the better it is going to be for you, later on.

So remember when things go wrong, when you’ve got aches and pains, when your families worry you, when perhaps you run out of money, and all the dreadful things that can happen to people, to people whom you know and also to people that you’re interested in… (because being spiritual people you’re probably interested in people all over the world that you hear about), don’t let it get you down because think, over here you can dance, and you can sing, because you have earned it.

Think when you’re depressed, “Is this doing me any good?” Think when you are in pain, “It’s going to be over in ten minutes, half an hour, a day, a month, whatever it is… because it will be over… and if the worst on earth should happen, think of the freedom, as you walk along the new path.

You may be a bit reluctant, and then it’s like the curtain on a stage perhaps, the curtain pulls to one side and there you see the most beautiful land and a group of people. If you’ve had friends that group will be there. They may not stay there indefinitely because we’re all busy, but it will be joyful for you for one reason… you’ve no longer got a physical body!

So at this period in your life don’t be depressed, look forward as I was saying, one minute, two minutes, an hour, or a week ahead, but look too at what is ultimately ahead of you. Why, think… you’ll see me! (Laughter). Well I hope so at any rate.

It’d be fun wouldn’t it, because I don’t see you properly – do you realise that?

Sitter: No.

Spirit: You know how you have trouble seeing me or knowing me even, well so do I. I have been trained because I wanted to be, to talk through mediums, certain mediums, and it’s hard work. Once I get started I’m all right, but I enjoy this work… and you possibly will have the same sort, because you know a bit about it. You’ll probably be nosey too when you get over here and think, “Well, how do they do that?” because that’s how I started. I was just plain nosey and that is good. That is why Ling keeps saying to you, “Extend your minds, extend your minds”. When you’re depressed, extend your mind into the next minute, hour or day, and remember what the ultimate is… one day. Because on earth, as I understand it, there is never perfection, but that is what you’re aiming for, and one day it’ll be there! So don’t look at your feet, lift your head, and look ahead!

Well I think Alan might like to say a few words and I’d better go, so be joyful, be joyful!


Second spirit (Alan): Good evening, this is Alan.

Well once more we come across the difficulties of owning a body. (Laughter)

Sitter: Too true.

Spirit: But never mind, we understand, and over the next few weeks, there may be time, (we’re not sure), when you will be able to sit, and we will always be here, we will know. Don’t worry for the times you miss, but we would ask you particularly that one day during each week, one half hour in that week when each one of you perhaps individually is feeling relaxed, think of us, think of spirit and that will keep the circle that we all belong to, together. Think of each of us and each of you human beings in the circle, so that there is always a flow of thought. Do you understand what I am meaning?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Spirit: It has been for some considerable time an unbroken unit, and it is ‘thought’ that will keep us together, like it did the last time when we had a long break and it will do so again, but I hope that this time it will be shorter. And may the Great Spirit bless you all over the coming weeks. We hope your paths will be smooth and at times enjoyable.

Goodnight, this was Alan.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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