Topic: Colour is Important in our Lives

Colour is Important in our Lives

Spirit: It’s me, June.

Ling says that he won’t be here tonight but he sent you some homework! (Laughter).

Now some time ago, (I don’t know when this was), he was talking about you knowing about the ‘Seven Principles’. Now I’ll get this right… one, two, three, four, yes number four is the one… he wants you to think about it this week, so if someone says to you, “Well explain what you mean by that”… he’d like to hear your explanations. Lucky you! (Mirth).

Now me, I’m going to give you just a little talk because we are not going to stay very long tonight, for one reason Ken is all snuffley and a bit uncomfortable. So it’s just a brief talk from me, some homework from Ling, and lots of love from us all.

Sitters: Thank you.

Spirit: Now my brief talk is really following on from Soo-Li and ‘Colour’. Mine is colour, so was hers. Hers was associated with music as you know, but mine is with your everyday life. Colour is very important.

I was just thinking ‘Light’. That has a lot to do with colour too, and if you think ‘Red’ you’re inclined to feel warmer, than if you think ‘Blue’. If you think ‘Yellow’, it could make you smile, whereas ‘Grey’, well, that might depress you.  So colour is very important in our lives.
We should think of it in what we wear, for one thing, it gives an impression of what we are and it’s something for other people to look at. It’s an art form in a way, we choose what we look best in, or what we can afford to put on I suppose (Mirth), because you should have seen me at times… oh boy, I think you might have walked past me.

But just think about it. Your rooms, take a little care to put colour in your life, 'cause in putting it into your life you are putting it into other people’s too. Or it may be a simple little gift on your part. You pick a bunch of daisies and you give them to somebody… you’re putting some colour into their lives. Or you might have rather a dull outfit on because it’s dull weather, and you feel like you want to wear your grey or whatever, but add a bit of colour, because it makes you happy. Nowadays you ladies can even put colour on your mouth if you want to. My Dad wouldn’t let me; mind you there wasn’t much around in those days. The ‘ladies’, question mark, who used it, were not the sort my mother liked, but that’s another thing isn’t it?  But again it was colour. They made people happy ‘cause they were colourful. It has become a thing we have noticed, for your cities to be quite dull. Fashion! Everyone’s in grey or black, or brown, very little colour. It doesn’t make for lightness of heart.

So if no other way, in trying to get people thinking light-heartedly, you can do it by introducing colour into their lives, into your life. Think for example of the schoolroom. The children on the whole are much happier if they have pictures on the wall, colour, than if they had what we used to have – dull, drab green. You got sick of looking at that, so you let your imagination think of something else and then you got into trouble! But it’s part of life… ‘Colour’.

You were talking earlier about the sunsets. Don’t they lift your heart? You just look at it perhaps for a minute, and evenif you’re really depressed you think of the glory created by… well you perhaps start thinking, ‘How did this happen?’ but it’s the colour that draws your attention to it, because if the colour wasn’t there you probably wouldn’t even notice. Well I may not have put it too well, but colour is an important thing in your lives. With your food… o.k., you put a stew on the middle of a plate, put a dumpling in the middle, shove it in front of somebody and they play with it, understandably; but if you put some bright carrot in it, and a little bit of green on one side, or if you can get a bit of parsley and put on the dumpling, well it cheers it up and it makes it worthwhile.

I’m sure you people like colour in your lives, but see if you can add it to other people’s lives.
Now I don’t know whether I’ve muddled this up, because it was sort of handed to me rather rapidly, but if you’ve got a question I might be able to answer it and if I can’t, well I’ll pass it on to someone else and you might get the answer next week. (Mirth). Is there anyone wants to ask anything?

Sitter (K): June how important is colour in healing?

Spirit: That’s another aspect, and in a way it’s very important. If you’re giving healing to someone, you are trying to (oh what’s the word they use), ‘dissipate’ the cloud that’s around the person. People who aren’t well usually have a greyness around them, or perhaps if it’s serious in parts it could almost be black, and if you in giving your healing can think of beautiful colour, blue or green, yellows, what you think is suitable for that person, because for most people if you blend into them you can feel the colour that they are happy with. So in my opinion, and mind you this is only my opinion, I think colour is important. But don’t make a fetish of anything, just give your love when you are giving healing, and if you can, then colour can help.

Sitter (K): Thank you June.

Spirit: One thing I liked and it was pretty gaudy, was my tea cosy, you might remember I mentioned I had a tea cosy at home and I think really it would never have got into an art gallery, but I loved it. So it’s partly what makes us happy, because in us being happy we can make others happy too.

Well on that note I think I’d better go tonight.

God bless you, each one of you.

Goodnight, this was June.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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