Topic: How would you explain the fourth Principle?

How Would You Explain the Fourth Principle?

Spirit (Ling): It is Ling.

If any of you have come to any conclusion over the fourth Principle, can you give it to us briefly?

Sitter (K): Well Ling if I was asked to explain the fourth Principle, I think I’d begin by saying to the person, something like, “Have you ever thought it likely, (like some people believe), that there is a life after death, that we don’t die, that there is another world?”

If they said, “Yes”, well we would be away with a great discussion, but if they said “No” it would more difficult.  So I think I would then say, “Well I didn’t either until about ten years ago, when something happened that really changed my thinking.  That was when my wife became a medium, and you know that once a week for the last ten years or so, almost every week, I talk to these people and they talk to us – it happens week after week talking with these people who are in the next world, and are the so-called dead.”

Spirit: Keep it short please.

Sitter: I’d then say, “Well I won’t take it any further, but there is so much more that could be said, and if you or your friends are interested I would be very happy to tell you more any time you wish.” Thank you.

Sitter (H): I’m not sure whether I’m approaching it from a slightly different view – ‘what does it mean to me’?  It means much the same thing. It means much what it says, that we do not die, our soul lives on. I have come to this conclusion and I believe it for the same reason as Ken, because for the last three or four years I have had the opportunity to attend these circle meetings and listen to, and also speak to, members of the spirit world like yourself, and this to me is evidence that we do in fact move on.

Sitter (J): Ling as far as I’m concerned, it brings joy into my life, it takes away my fear of death, I know we live on, my friends live on, my family, everybody.  We can meet up again as we progress, and to me it’s a very joyful and fearless thing.

Spirit: Thank you.

Now I hope we can get through what we want said, but really it is a catch question because there is no one answer.  You are dealing with people presumably of various thought, beliefs, prejudices, so we feel that it would pay you to have just a few brief ideas that you put forth for the particular person you are dealing with.

You have each said what it means to you, but they aren’t interested in that.  They are wanting, possibly, for you to convince them, so immediately if they asked you to explain what it means, you have to judge the person as best you can, as to what your approach would be.
It may pay you… something like this. (This is for the person who possibly has no belief, the very down to earth, practical person who says, “Prove it to me”)  “Well sir”, you may say, “You have a perfect car, perfect in every way, but it can’t go anywhere, until a human being sits in it to drive it. You may have a perfect human being, but unless that human being has that animation which is ‘life’, it cannot make the car go, it cannot make itself go, and don’t tell me it is the brain that does this, because the brain too, has to be made to go”.

You may get the answer back, “I’d put a computer into it” to which a reply might be.  “A good answer, but who manufactures the computer?”  “Think on this… What animates man?” and leave it with them to think about. Make a date for a further conversation, possibly, “How about we leave it half an hour for you to think on that, and in the meantime we’ll talk on something else”.

Another person might like to believe that there is something, but they have no reason to do so. Now something that has happened to a lot of people, many times, is thought transference… two people thinking of the same thing, or of being aware that someone is looking at you, and you turn around and across the room, there is someone looking.  Ask, “How do you think that communication is made?” What is it that is going between two physical bodies when there is no physical connection?”  “Think on that my friend”.  And by judging the character of the person, you put the suggestion to them.  Or you may wish if it someone who is willing to read, to recommend odd books.

If you think back yourself Ken, it was not your wife’s mediumship; it was a book you’d read.

Sitter: Yes it was too.

Spirit: Many times you had the opportunity to accept that there was life after death but you rejected it.  You wanted proof. And that will come to a person, and there are many such, who in their spiritual development have possibly not reached the time when they would understand.  All you can do is make suggestions.  Never mind what applies to you.  Humans, being selfish are not interested; it is what will prove it to them!

They may be of a mind that will accept that there are radio waves, and that there are frequencies that man doesn’t understand.  Maybe that will give them something to think on, or give them something else to think on, or go back in history and have at your fingertips the names of perhaps three or four well-known people, who they can authenticate for themselves, and read what they said.

There is no one answer for any person.  You must have at your fingertips a number of answers for various types of people.  Even a child may ask, or state that they have seen Grandma. Acknowledge the fact. Treat it as something that is perfectly natural.  Don’t harp on it.  Perhaps after a week, ask, “Have you seen Grandma again?”  “Yes she talks to me”.  “That’s nice, tell her I love her too”, and leave it at that.  With most children they outgrow it, but they will remember, perhaps when they are adults, that an adult had accepted it, and it may make them think.

We could go on and on indefinitely, and it is a big task for people such as yourselves, to judge the person who comes before you and asks the question.  They may be merely asking it from politeness, or with the thought of tripping you up, so be very careful… there is no one answer… and having got you thinking on it over these weeks, you have probably come to that conclusion yourselves.

Is there anything you would care to question on this at the moment?

Sitter (J): Ling what should one say, when for instance, a relation of ours heard that my husband and I were Spiritualists and raised his hands in total horror and shock. It was rather hard then to think of anything to say.

Spirit: I think in that case of course, you must judge what had been said prior to that, but just say that we are all travelling the one path towards God and we accept this way.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (K): Ling not a question but a comment.  Because some people may want to know from a personal point of view, following on what I said earlier I would normally say that that is what convinced me, but maybe one or two of these other ideas could convince you, and then tell them about visiting a circle, visiting a medium, visiting a Spiritualist church, so that they can have personal experience of some sort, similar to the sort of things that we have.  Is that an idea?

Spirit: That is an idea, but initially don’t overwhelm people.  It must be gradual.  The soul must be ready to accept.  If you give them a little knowledge, all right.  Tell them of one experience of yours, and leave it at that, by saying,  “If there is ever anything else you would care to hear about, I’d willingly tell you.  Now shall we go and see the garden?” In other words don’t burden them with it, unless there is an obvious wanting to know more, and then you could suggest books, or as you mentioned, if you know of a good circle, or church… or you could perhaps even outline the meaning of Spiritualism, but you must judge so carefully.  People can make the mistake of being overwhelming with their own enthusiasm, and it can make people perhaps back off, and it may stop them from any more questioning.  Do you understand what I mean?

Sitter (K): Largely, but I think that by quoting a little more of our experience it may make them think, “Oh he seems to know what he is talking about.  I’d like to know more”, or am I wrong?

Spirit: For some people it would be all right, but not for everyone.  They could immediately say, “Right, well I’ll come along to your circle”, and then you have to reject them. Judge by the person.  It is a very difficult one to answer!

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well my friends, we would like to stay longer but we will leave it for this week, and know this… that you have gold to hand to people, but it must be given as dust, not as coins.  A little and often rather than a lot, which can make some people think that you are fanatical.  You might be in your belief, but it is not for them at this stage of their development.

God bless you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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