Topic: The Long and Short of It.

The Long and Short of It

Spirit (June): Hello, it’s June.

Now I’m to give you just my opinion about this question that you are finding difficult.

Number one… there is a time in the life everlasting, remember it is forever, when sooner or later the realisation comes that there is life everlasting and it is nothing to do with what many people call your spirituality – why look at me! I sort of knew way back when I was a bit of a kid; it’s a knowledge that just comes.

Now with these people that you are trying to talk to, I don’t altogether agree with my friend Joyce [our medium], when she says that she doesn’t recommend that these people go to a medium, because you know and I know that although there are such a lot of poor ones, some of them can sometimes just fluke it, and there’s just the chance that that person you are speaking to may get a little help and be given a message that means something to them. But warn them that it may take many times, many visits, and they may not get Mum or Dad, and it may take a time for it to be proved true, but it is worth a try… but only as a last resort. They must really want to find out for themselves too.

Some people are, I was going to say, what you call ‘thick’, but that’s unfair. There are many highly intelligent, hard working, good people, that just haven’t got time to think on these things, and may during their whole earthly life never realise it is true, and when they die we have a bit of a job with those ones. But not as bad as with those I think Jean calls ‘fundamentalists’… that applies to every religion, where the people don’t think for themselves… they’re dominated by their aspect of religion. The truly good people who try to help others are those like Bill, and I think you’ve all read about my friend Bill.

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: I’m not saying, and none of us would say this, that you must not listen to the teachings of the various religions, because basically many of them have real truths, but it is when mankind, people like you and I, become narrow and bigoted, possibly greedy, aspiring almost to be mini-gods ourselves, that the trouble starts.

So in your talking with people you can merely act as a guide, and you may feel that you have not succeeded. It may be years before they remember your words. It may not be until you die that they will look back and say, “That man (or that woman) used to talk and sometimes I feel there was some sense in it. Perhaps I should look further”, or they may even have to wait until they die themselves and realise that you were trying to help them.

But it is little gems, not long-winded, boring reminiscences on your part, or really on our part, because even when we leave our physical body we can still be long-winded.

I don’t know that I have the knowledge, or even the ability to help you any further… but if there are any questions that you would care to ask, please make it simple. (Mirth)

Sitter (K): June, following on last week, we were left with someone who was given half an hour to think about what is it that animates life? I can’t answer that in a short fashion; mine would have to be long-winded. Can you give me a short answer please?

Spirit: Do you want a short answer?

Sitter: Yes please:

Spirit: No! (Laughter)

It’s beyond my ability; I just know that life goes on, that’s all I can say. I’m sorry I can’t help you more.

Sitter: Thank you June.

Spirit: Keep thinking. We all have to, and God bless you and help you on your path, and help you guide others.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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