Topic: Progress of Life?.

Progress of Life?

Spirit: Humph. Well it’s me again.

Sitters (Laughter): Hello June.

Spirit: I’m number one messenger.

Now from Ling… “June you can put this teaching across. You have got more words than I have. I might make it sound like algebra” (Mirth), so, here goes…

Now Ling, as you know is a very bright person, the sort of person we all look up to, but he has been talking to someone who he says is a very bright person and all his friends look up to… and what this person said is something that Ling wants you to know, but he has asked me to try and explain it to you. (Laughter) Now it goes like this… I’m just repeating Ling’s words as best I can.

‘Life’s progress’ is a sort of heading, he says.

Now imagine you’ve got a… oh he said something about equal and lateral, it’s a triangle at any rate. Do you know the sort of one?

Sitters: Yes. An equilateral triangle.

Spirit: Right, and a wide bit is at the bottom and you’ve divided the triangle into seven equal spaces like shelves one above the other.

Now, you as mankind, you personally, are working from each corner in to the middle, and that’s your life, until you get (oh I’m finding this hard)… I think it might mean, ‘till you get the realisation, that well you mightn’t believe in God but you feel there is something. So you go up one. One level. And that may take you (I’m getting the message), “Thousands of years”, but that’s… you keep that in mind, that’s just what I’m repeating…  this is mediumship you understand.

Now we’ve got to that next level and we shoot out to the edge again, and we start all over again working back to the middle, by which time we’ll know a bit more and we go up again. Now again we shoot out to the edge, and this continues.

It is believed, (so I’m told, I’m not sure), by a number of civilisations and people who are ‘primitive’, (what does that mean, they don’t know much?) Primitive.

Sitter: Yes in a way, they live very simply.

Spirit: Right. Well they know that there are these stages, so they say.

And you continue climbing like this… but I want to know, and they can’t tell me, and Ling is not telling me, because he says that the people that are beyond him still aren’t sure… what the ultimate is?

But this now is about the climbing; it’s progress all the time. You liken yourselves to a triangle. You go out to the edge. You come back and you climb. But this takes… oh it sounds like ‘earthity’ or something?

Sitter: Eternity?

Spirit: That’s a word is it, eternity? Well it takes forever and your light, that spark which is you, becomes more and more… (Pause) I can’t get the word, but Ling says that I would understand ‘beautiful’. But in rising there is an expansion of all vision, so that with time, many, many times, you can encompass mankind with your thinking.

I’m, not getting any more and if you understand that – I don’t. (Mirth)

Sitter (H): I think so, perhaps not sure of the end but I can visualise the rest where we are on the bottom rung somewhere. We are talking about both now and the hereafter aren’t we, and the quickest way through?

Spirit: Yes. I think I got that bit, but it all takes a long time and it’s nothing to do with physical bodies.

Sitter (K): Do I understand it right that you visualise a triangle, and then imagine perhaps a number of shelves going across from one side of the triangle to the other, and you go in from the middle bottom, shoot right out to the edge and have experiences as you come back towards the middle again, where you can shoot up to the next shelf, out to the edge, and have more experiences coming back on that new level, and so on level by level?

Spirit:Well that’s what I thought was meant but… when you go from one corner to the middle, what happens on the other side?

Sitter (H): Maybe you do the same there before you go up, do you think? Or perhaps other souls are coming in from the other side?  Or maybe it doesn’t matter which?

Spirit: Perhaps… Oh, I’m getting “Good and bad”. Good and bad they are saying, and when they are balanced and the good predominates – you climb! Because we all have a side that is not so good. You know it, we know it, even if nobody else does. Oh that doesn’t bear thinking about does it? (Mirth). Still most people are good. You’ve got to look for the good in people.

Well I’m sorry; I’m not getting any more. I don’t know that I can help you more. Because I have died and have got a little knowledge I’m up on the first shelf, which I would say you people are going to land on too – we’ll shake hands eh? (Mirth)

Sitters: Good. That’ll be good. (Mirth)

Spirit: We’ll see if we can work it out, but Ling said that you are to think, because you are, (as you were told once before), and we all have the ability. Oh I think he’s exaggerating isn’t he! (Laughter)

He said that he hasn’t got far up himself, but he is going to get there, and that is the attitude that we all should have.

And he says God bless me (June), and God bless you people too, and may your paths not be too difficult.

Sitter (J): Thank you Ling.

Spirit: And I say, “God bless you too,” and I hope I haven’t given you a headache. (Mirth)

Sitters: No. Not at all. Something to talk about.

Sitter (K): June, it is said that because we think, we are; in other words we have a spark of life that allows us to live, but then how about a worm for it lives but it doesn’t think, at least I don’t think it does?

Spirit: I don’t know much about worms but it is life isn’t it? And it must know what to eat so wouldn’t that be a brain?

Sitter: I don’t know.

Spirit I don’t either but I imagine that everything that lives, even a little flower has an animation that is ‘life’.

Sitter: Now that reminds me, did you by any chance manage to find out for me, exactly what is ‘life’ - what is the animating factor?

Sitter (J): ‘Spirit’.

Spirit: Well that’s one way of putting it, ‘Spirit’ yes, but Ken wants, and I want to be able to…

Sitter (K): Tell people, what is Spirit?

Spirit: To hold it almost, to have that positive knowledge. I know what you want Ken and I’d like it too. We all would, but I guess first we have got to climb a few ladders.

Sitter (H): Yes for we don’t automatically know the answers when we pass over.

Spirit: Oh no! Don’t get that idea. (Mirth) No!

Sitter (J): June you mentioned before, about going up different levels that maybe you were coming from one corner and what about the other corner? But once we are spirits, is it not possible to come from all corners? Are we not then infinite?

Spirit: When you are travelling in life on earth, you are not capable physically in doing it, spiritually yes, but how many can? For example, yourself. Can you come from any angle of thought with ease?

Sitter (J): No that’s why I’m thinking around it from different people’s point of view, and that’s a bit different again isn’t it, it’s not what they’re…

Sitter (H): No, you tend to think the way you see things yourself, don’t you?

Spirit: And you are influenced by where you live. It’s a very complicated thing isn’t it? And since I’ve come over here I’ve only just started thinking on these things. I believed that there was something, but I never thought “Why” or “How”, and that’s what you people are doing now - thinking, ‘Why’ or ‘How’, and I’m not a suitable person to be able to tell you. Ling can guide you, but from what he says he has to go to someone else to give him guidance.

It’s a big thing friends. Think of it as a wonderful thing, a wonderful adventure that we can all have, and if we are good people we can all enjoy it!

Sitter: That’s me at the bottom of the class. (Laughter)

Sitter (J): Then that’ll make it awkward for you. (Laughter)

Sitter: June you’ve done very well.

Spirit: You are making me think and that is good. It’s what we should all do and really, how often do we really think single-mindedly, on one subject? That is partly why you have your meditations. Now I wonder if you are all honest with your meditation tonight, can any of you say that you never left that meditation… that your mind didn’t drift from it once, to think of something slightly different?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: Well it’s that development of single-mindedness on a given subject; I am told is very important. So try friends. We’re all trying, but you won’t get all knowledge as soon as you get here. You’ve got to work for it and I guess that’s right, because when you work for a thing you appreciate it, and you remember it.

Sitter: Thanks June.

Spirit: (Sigh) I found that a bit hard tonight. I like to be happy, not (sigh) a teacher. How did you do it Ken, how did you do it? (Mirth)

Sitter (K) Well perhaps I was at it a bit longer than you’ve been.

Spirit: Right, well God bless you folks, and may the world go well for you.

Sitter (H): Thank you very much indeed. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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