Topic: Understanding more about ‘time’.

Understanding More About ‘Time’

Spirit: My name is Yan.

I am a roving teacher. On earth I was a Tibetan Monk, away up in the hills and I usually communicate with my own people. Ooh, it is just so different. I have perceived from a distance, but not close up before.

Now I would like you to try and conceive better, about time.

Time you have condensed, but that is not good. You are trying to limit your thinking.

We know, and we think you know, that you have lived a long time, but whether you have returned many times to earth… that is your decision.

We have our ideas, the same as you have, but your life we think, began almost at the time that earth became fit for life. Many people put time to this – impossible! But guessing, just guessing, four, five million years… you could have been alive then! I’m not joking, you could have, and you may have been, because the journey is slow.

Each bit of learning must be polished, perfected and then move on, advance it.

Think yourselves. If you lived say two hundred years ago (what you call years), four lifetimes, five, six perhaps, you lived then, think of what your world was. Think; think of what you, mankind have learnt, what you have learnt, because we think you can learn much if you wish, if you put the learning, the dedication into it.

You can know what it’s like to have, when man first populated what you call England. It is in books, you can learn a lot; also you can learn about each hundred years thereafter. It is all available. You have the ability to read it. You say, “I don’t remember, I don’t remember, ever”, but my friends you are wrong, for you do remember, so your reading is not wasted, and the more you polish the diamond that is you, the sooner you will advance.

But don’t hurry, don’t hurry, it’s not worth it, because you leave out little bits and when you leave out little bits, if they are important you have to go back and pick them up again, because every little facet of learning should be polished, so that you know it, and know it well. It is good. It is good if you choose one aspect of life.

Many of us monks, we put our time into various things. It does not mean to say that the man who is writing a record, is any better than the man who is cooking the food, or the man who sweeps the floors, as long as it is done to perfection.

Remembering too, and this is important… it is something that you probably neglect… to thank the Great Spirits for each day, and for each bit of learning you get. They too have trod the path and they appreciate being appreciated, it is only natural, and we should give thanks for what we receive. Sometimes we receive what we don’t want, but when we look back on it, we think, “Oh I did learn something from that”.

It is all rather wonderful, and there is so much time. You do not need to rush from day to day. In your world, it’s a funny place, you seem to rush all the time but whatever your commitments, take time to think of the Great Spirit, the beauty of your world and other worlds that are around you.

Look out, look beyond your small selves, because even though you are big and important to yourself, in the whole aspect of being, each and every one of us is so very small, so very small, but each and every one of us can have great love in our hearts, which we can give out to the world if not directly, then by ‘thought’, because that is another thing that is important to you.

Think pure thoughts! Think of love. We have enemies, we all do. As you know Tibet had its enemies, but we must send love and compassion, because if they are the aggressors, they are the ones that are wrong. We should all live in harmony.

I have been told that I talk too much, so perhaps I have given you enough to think of and I will not continue, but my friends, think of all the ‘time’ as you know it that has been, and also what is to come. It’s all there. Extend, I won’t say your brain because it is not that, it is your spirit.

Sometimes, hold out your hands as though you are grasping the world, or offering yourself to the world. Sometimes you will get a feeling of great tranquillity, as the spirits, the loving spirits smile upon you. I hope I have given you something to think of.

As I said I am a travelling teacher. I may not be this way again, but it has been a joy to me, to perhaps spread a little of the love that I feel, to you people in your country, which is so flat as I remember the world.

God bless you, and may the spirits always shine upon you and help you on your path.


This was Yan.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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