Topic: Jamie O’Hara - Here and Hereafter.

Jamie O’Hara - Here and Hereafter

Spirit: Jamie O’Hara I be.

Sitters: Good evening Jamie.

Spirit: She (the Medium) said I could come if I only told the truth! Did you ever know an Irishman that did anything but? (Mirth).

Well you know that the Scots are pretty straight laced, and my mother was a Scot.

Well I’ve a story to tell and it involves my parents.

I don’t know when I was born. Well I know I never had a birth certificate or any records kept, so it was a good long time ago. My mother was Presbyterian and my father was Catholic. You can guess the results. I grew up nothing. You may wonder why, because they were both staunch to their churches, but oh I could not bide it. I watched and I listened. They cared for each other, I’m not saying they didn’t, but there was many a big battle over the churches and me.

If we went to Scotland, which we sometimes did, years in between visits, the sour faced men from the Kirk there tried to drag me in, saying that I would go to Hell if I didn’t attend the Kirk. I’d get back to Ireland, and the Fathers come knocking at the door, and they cannot force me to go because my mother didn’t promise I’d be brought up a Catholic, but they tried, and they promised me the same thing, although they did say that if I came to their church and confessed my sins, they could make it a tidy path for me.

But I reached maturity, and I still hadn’t found my place in the world. My mother, God bless her, she was what you might call ‘fey’. She could see things. So could I, but what I saw, my good mother couldn’t. She saw people that had passed on, that had died. Me, I saw the wee folk, and I’m not pulling your leg I saw the wee folk. They were funny wee souls, and I told my mother all about them. She believed me. You’d find them in all sorts of strange places, sometimes just sitting on the back step watching, other times up a tree, all over the place. I even saw one little one helping himself to the cat’s milk, and you don’t have to believe that, but the lady said I could come if I told the truth, and I am telling you the truth!

I didn’t marry. I didn’t want to bring sorrow on to a woman, like I’d seen happen in Ireland because they had too many children, and the Fathers were forever chasing them along to have more, and to bring their children to the church; and there were only Catholic girls in Ireland.

But I was content, I had my family, and then one day I died… something to do with a big horse. I don’t know whether he stood on me, or kicked me, or whether I fell off him, I don’t remember that. It was an accident, it wasn’t the horse’s fault, and I didn’t even know I was dead, ‘cause I could see everything that was going on. But that’s what it’s like when you have no particular ideas in mind, as to what it’s going to be. I’d thought a bit. I couldn’t swallow a lot of what they were telling me, but I know that there was something.

So for a while I wandered around seeing a bit of the countryside, and I met a lot of others doing that, a lot. Most of them weren’t very happy, but it didn’t worry me, ‘cause I thought, “There’s something, somewhere I’ve got to go”.

One day I met a friend, a very fine man… he was a Scot so he told me, and he took me to another place. Now when I got to this other place, I couldn’t get back to the first place so I stayed in the other place, and that was grand! Everything was great, and I met many people, some I’d known but everyone was friendly, and most seemed content just to be, in this lovely place. You could wander round and look at the flowers, you could go fishing, you could do all sorts of enjoyable things… but somehow I thought there should be more, so I asked my Scottish friend about this and he said, “Aye, there’s more… if you want to work for it”.

“What sort of work have I got to do?” I wasn’t too keen on building roads like I used to do; I mean smashing up rocks is no fun!

He said that no I wouldn’t have to do that, but I’d have to use my brains. He didn’t call it brains; he said something about spirit or soul. I started to back away… that reminded me of the church! But he then explained it a bit more, a bit better. He explained that that’s what, I really was - spirit. So I thought, well who was I to question such a nice fellow.

He said that I had to discipline my thinking. So I thought about this, and after a while he said, “Your thinking mustn’t be one sided, it has got to be even like, otherwise you are not balanced”.
Well fair enough, I could accept that, and he suggested psychic talking to people, mind to mind, you don’t have to open your mouth! It’s rather wonderful in this place.

Now some of them I didn’t like, and I got pulled over the coals by my Scottish friend. He said, “You may not understand the man, but you should have kind thoughts of him. It is all part of disciplining yourself – so you can go further.

Now in this place, which is great, it really is, you can stay I don’t know for how long, forever I guess, but I didn’t want to, I felt there was more. So I tried hard to do these things that he said. I mixed with people and I tried to help them.

Now helping them is not lending them your arm to lean on, or putting your arms around their shoulders, it is listening to them and perhaps trying to guide them, because some of them had come with ‘fixed ideas’, (that’s the way the Scottish man put it), and they had to straighten those ideas out, before they could move on. So for what seemed like a long time I worked this way, and then one day he said he had another friend who had come to meet me.

Now this friend to me was very special. I could see him, but he was different. It was the way he dressed. I was told that he had been a Chinaman. Now I’d vaguely heard of these people, I’d never seen one, but I found we could talk together and we were compatible, we blended, and he and my Scottish friend and I all blended, and we sat and talked, not all the time but it was like learning.

I’d never been to a proper school, but it was like being at a school, and I learned about life and the path that I had followed since I had died. I was given the understanding that there are various steps to be taken, and this man was going to help me, along with my Scottish friend. And everyone has got to learn this, that there are steps to take, that you begin with number one. When you die you are right close to people on earth, you are near where you died… and you can wander around for a long, long time, until in your own thinking you want to move on, and you make the effort with the help of someone who comes to help you.

Now this happens on and on, but it is all in our thinking, our determination to get somewhere. That is why we have to have rules. Now I have only advanced a short way but I have got away from the… I don’t know quite how to put it, but 'the pull of earth’ may be a simple form that I understand and perhaps you would too, and for me to be here tonight I have had a lot of tuition, a lot of pushing, and I made it!

But I am going back and I am going on, so when you or any of your friends or relatives are coming here, try if you can to tell them the path they must take, or else they will waste a lot of what you call time in just wandering and doing nothing.

I don’t know that I could answer any questions, but if there is something that I can perhaps help you with, I would like to.

The name is Jamie.

Sitter(K): Jamie I wonder now if you could tell me about the little people you saw on earth. What is their purpose?

Spirit: You know I’m not sure, because they don’t communicate with us, but they seem to love… I’m trying to get the right word, trees, vegetation, flowers. They are like the guardians perhaps. I’m not really sure, but they are harmless and they are so caring and I loved them.

Sitter: Do they walk or do they have wings?

Spirit: No, I didn’t see any wings, but they seemed to float like dust.

Sitter: Thank you, that’s interesting.

Spirit: I used to put out my hand and hope one would sit there, but they never did. And they had funny little faces, yes funny little faces, and there didn’t seem to be boys and girls. They just were. I don’t understand, but it’s something more that I’ve got to learn one day – someone will tell me, if I ask often enough.

Sorry I couldn’t tell you more.

Sitter: That’s all right; it’s been very interesting, and thank you.

Spirit:Thank you, and thanks to my helpers.

May the Spirit World bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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