Topic: About the ‘Second Principle’, ‘observation’, and the ‘power of thought’.

The ‘Second Principle’, ‘Observation’, and the ‘Power of Thought’.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we will talk on the ‘Second Principle’, ‘observation’, and the ‘power of thought’

The Second Principle you know as “The Brotherhood of Man”, and you may think, “What can I do”?

Well really if you put your mind to it, your soul, your spirit, whatever you like to call the ‘essence’ that is you, you can do a lot by observation, by observing people.

But you may say, “I don’t see many people, there are days when perhaps I only see one or two”. You will probably smile now because I will say, “But you have memory, you can remember what you have seen”.

Now as you walk through your village, you may see the very wealthy, the very poor. You may see beautiful people, and some who are ugly and distorted not necessarily through age, but by some malfunction of the body, or perhaps how that person has treated their body, by excesses.

In your small village, you would probably not see as many facets of humanity, as you would on a visit to a city, (and each and every one of us at some time has visited a city), but how much have you seen? Most people, including myself when I was in a city, would go from one shop or business, or appointment, or coffee house, or possibly place of employment, in a direct line and not see anything that wasn’t in my way. But should we do this? No, we should look at our brothers and our sisters.

Now in most cities you don’t see one race, you see many. You see not all, but you do see many facets of life, and as you watch these people, how many are smiling? Maybe none. So what have you done to make them smile? Have you smiled at them?

You may see a person as I have, lying in a gutter. We are not asking you to pick that man up, but we are asking you to remember that person. If you are sufficient of a Samaritan to help them, God bless you! But many of us are not perhaps capable of this task – but each and every one of us who is aware of spirit, should be capable of taking that brother or sister into our memories, and into our hearts, so that even months later you can ask spirit to help that soul, because if they have got as low as the gutter, they need your help!

The same as does the bully, or the man who takes money from others under false pretences. Of all the evils in the world they all need your help, but apart from the obvious there are people who could do with your smile, as you sit at the same table perhaps, or as you dodge each other crossing a road. There are many places in which by being kind and smiling, it is possible to lighten the path of a brother or sister. But apart from that, the obvious ones, the sad ones, the sick ones, by you having compassion in your heart and being able to see these people, they can be helped… remember them, and ask us to help them.

In your life as it is now, you may wonder, “How can I help my brothers or sisters”? That is one way, and you may feel that it is insignificant, but we in spirit can assure you that it is not! Every lightening with a smile or a thought, is a power that we can multiply!

You ask us for healing for people you know and for people you don’t know, but ask us for help too for those you have seen, that you can picture… don’t just ignore them, for they are your brothers and sisters.

Apply that ‘Second Principle’ my friends. It will bring happiness to you, as it does to us, in just being able to help.

Remember this my friends, and may God in spirit help you on your path.

This was Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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