Topic: Give kind thoughts wherever you see a need.

Give Kind Thoughts

Spirit: (Chuckle) It’s me, it’s June. I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.

Sitters: Good evening June. (Mirth).

Spirit: And I think I’m going to have a laugh at all of you, but Ken in particular.

Sitter (K) (Laughter) Now what have I done to deserve this? (Mirth).

Spirit: You’ll know shortly, you will know. (Mirth).

Now last week you were all asked to be observant of people, and you’ve had a whole week to take in different people, not ones that you knew, but people you pass in the street or see in the shops etc., and I even jolted our friend Joyce a bit to remind you Ken… I think she’s mentioned it to you once or twice.

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Right, for the next little while, and while we are all quiet, I want each one of you to think on three people, complete strangers to you that you have seen this week, and send them thoughts of kindness and understanding, or whatever you think they may need, and by that I don’t mean big cars, or lots of money. As Spiritualists, spirit-thinking people, please send them your thoughts… and in a short time, it would be nice if you honestly told me, if there was anyone, you can remember.

Now we’ll be quiet… Shhhh… (This is fun, I’m enjoying this). (Pause) Now we will talk about it. One shouldn’t make a burden so that it becomes, “Oh, I must do this”. It should be a natural thing happening in your everyday life.

Now, Hilton, were you aware of anyone in your life over the last week, that this would apply to?

Sitter (H): To be quite honest I’m not sure I do. I hope, I like to think that I have got myself into the habit of smiling at people as I walk past them. On the Island here it is fairly good as most people do look at you and smile back, on the mainland it is a little different.

I have met three people today that I don’t know very well. With one of them it was probably rather bad; he was sitting beside me for ten minutes, or quarter of an hour, talking… one of those people who is very nice at heart but can’t just keep his mouth from running away with him a little bit, and I probably got annoyed with him when I shouldn’t have, because he is really basically very nice person I think. I didn’t say anything because…

Spirit: Well you thought on these people.

Sitter: Otherwise, the people that I looked at, and smiled at, or where I can remember doing it, are probably people that I know, even people that I can name and so forth, people that I see quite often. If I’m honest I’m not sure that I can really recall…

Spirit: A perfect stranger.

Sitter: Yes, any perfect stranger that I have made any impact on. No I’m not sure I did.

Spirit: Jenny?

Sitter (J): Um yes, there was a gentleman today that I was feeling rather sorry for. My husband and I were getting petrol in the car and he came in in his car, put his hands in one pocket and then in the other pocket, had a good hunt around and I think he finally came up with just one or two coins. I was sitting there thinking, “Oh my goodness”, but he managed to put a little bit of petrol in his car. I just felt rather sorry for him because obviously he was a bit down in the mouth.

Another one, he came and brought me some fish. I did not know the man. It was last Saturday… two lovely schnappers and we did a swap with some tamarind chutney. But again he was a bit hard up, and when I smiled I think it brought something into his life. I think anybody else that I mentioned I would have known before.

That’s only up to number two. Sorry about that.

Spirit: And Ken?

Sitter (K): No I can’t think of three people who required upliftment that I have seen this week. There was perhaps one lady who goes for a walk occasionally, I don’t know who she is, but she takes a dog with her, and I think she may be mentally retarded. Sometimes as I pass I think of her, and give thoughts of upliftment for her.

I can’t think of anybody else I’ve seen this week in need of upliftment; but I did notice as you have mentioned before, that if we give a smile we mostly get a smile back, like when I handed a ticket to a bus driver to get it clipped, or when handing a ticket to the person taking the tickets on the boat, giving just a cheery word, or a cheery smile, and it gets returned in almost every case – and it makes life a lot better for all of us.

Spirit: What you say is true.

I hope from this talk we have had, and your observations, that you will all now be more aware of people you see, particularly when you are in the city – because for people who you see every day, it’s easy to smile at them or remember them.

In the city you may not be able to smile at the people, but you notice them and you think, “There is someone who looks lonely”, or poor, or sick or whatever it might be, and look at them so that you remember them, and that night in your thoughts perhaps before you go to sleep, think on those people. You may be the only person, (now think on this), you may be the only person in the world that compassionately thinks of them.

It is quite a sobering thought. This gets pointed out to us quite a lot over here, that there are so many people who have no one who really cares enough, to give a little prayer for them.

Now, again eaves dropping, which I was doing (Mirth), and Ling put me up to this too, we heard someone say, “Well once you’re dead, how can you smell, or how can you see pretty things, or hear things because you haven’t got ears, and you haven’t got a nose?”

We want to put that right. As spirit, you are what you think!

When you die, initially you are very much aware of your physical body as it is at the moment, but because you’ve got no pains, no headaches, sore backs, sore big toes or any of the other things that worry you, you revert to the time when you feel at your best, no matter what that age is, possibly even a child but it’s usually adult, and then you feel good, and you start thinking and your thoughts are what you are. That is what we are trying to emphasise continually – that you are what you think!

So you may think, “Oh I can’t hear any music”, and into your mind, into your thoughts will come music that you know, or a scene, or even you may think of a beautiful flower, and you can then smell it. Now you may find this very hard to believe, but it is a fact… you are what you think! It is most important that you develop your senses to their utmost, so that you can take advantage of them, and it is most important that your thoughts are good at all times – a very hard thing to do.
It is a discipline, and you know what Ling is on that! (Mirth) Don’t make a fetish of it, because then it becomes a burden. You must be balanced.

So in tonight’s conversation we are bringing those three important words that Ling thinks so much of, ‘Discipline’, ‘Balance’, and ‘Compassion’ for everyone… the down and outers, the unhappy, the sick, it’s all part of your life, because if you have seen these people and ignored them, you are really being selfish.

That person you think, “Oh he’s just the dregs, or he’s…” whatever word you may like to use… instead you should be thinking, “That poor man needs help, I’m not in the position to give it, but I can think it. I can send thoughts of goodness, love and compassion to him”, and though you probably do not think it will do any good, I can assure you it will!

An example that you probably have experienced yourselves is in meeting people, perhaps in your place of business when you were out in the world. You have been aware of someone who for some reason doesn’t like you. You don’t know why, and it may not be you personally, but you get that feeling, and it is possible that that person is not angry with you at all, but that something has gone bad in their day… the beginning of it was unhappy, they had a fight perhaps with the person they live with, and you are the next contact, and you are picking that up.  Instead of picking up their happiness and their love of life and what is around them, you are picking up their unhappiness and their hatred perhaps.

Now you no doubt have personally experienced this, you wonder why this uncomfortable feeling comes to you, and why other times when meeting someone you feel so good, and that is their thoughts and it is those thoughts the good ones, the positive ones, that you can send to others. It is a type of… healing, (that you probably will understand a little better), healing, you are sending them healing!

Well I don’t think I can say anything more along those lines other than from my own personal experience in the world. Laughter, what you call being positive, being helpful, sharing... it all works, and believe me I really knew that, because I lived as you know, when London was being blitzed. People were so… it sounds silly, but we were happy, because everyone wanted to help everyone else. There was that positive feeling.

Well I’d better get off my soapbox (Mirth), and come back to being me! They are getting me to this a lot lately, aren’t they?

Sitter (H): Yes and you’re getting good at it.

Sitter (K): And I’d better listen more to Joyce just in case you’re behind her. (Laughter).

Spirit: I’m not always. (Laughter). Not always, she thinks a lot herself, but sometimes a little prod helps, (Mirth). And for you people, you are not perhaps aware of someone helping you, but listen to your conscience sometimes. That’s an indication that you might be getting a prod to help yourselves, ‘cause everyone’s got someone to help them. As they teach in some of your churches, ‘You are never alone’. It is very hard sometimes for people to accept it, but it’s true! There is always somebody around, even if you can’t see them.

Well now do please try and remember, what we are all trying to teach.

Goodnight and God bless you.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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