Topic: Do not become too narrow; there is goodness in all religions.

All Religions Have Good In Them

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. It is pleasant to be back.

My friends and I have been discussing, shall we call it ‘World affairs’, but it is really the affairs of spirit – each and every one of us. When I say that, I don’t mean what you call Spiritualists, I mean the millions of people that live on earth.

Except for the confirmed atheist, (and I say ‘confirmed’, because it is interesting the number that lose their confidence as they get older and decide that they had better think along the lines of spirit), but apart from those people there are the seekers, there are the completely convinced… and you as a small group get frustrated, understandably so, when people don’t take an interest in your thoughts, in your work. They reject it.

But long before Christianity became in vogue for want of a better word, there were many other religions. We speak as Spiritualists of the Fatherhood of God, the ‘Universal’ Fatherhood of God, (we like that word), but there are millions throughout the world who would put up their hands in horror… “My God is the right God!” “My God is the best God, and it only through my God that you will reach…” whatever the particular religion predicts as a heaven.

Now there are many of us and it surprising the number there are, that are scattered throughout the world in various religions, who believe more or less, (there are little side issues here and there), but have come to the conclusion that there is one God, and that they must do something about their own lives… because they cannot accept the fact that there is a God who will kill them, because they think one particular way, or that there is only one man who can save them, or one church.

Now here I am going to pass on to you, something that I was told by one of my spirit friends, a man who in your world would have been held in high esteem because of the position he held, I don’t mean that he was royal or anything like that, but he was an educated man. He told me that in one of the museums (and he didn’t tell me which), that there are fifteen miles of shelving with books on spirit alone. Unfortunately at that time I was unable to question him further, but I got the impression that he meant ‘religion’.

Can you imagine one building having all those books? Man has been writing, thinking, for thousands of years, ever since he began to realise that there was death, that suddenly a body, whether it was animal (and most likely it was in primitive man’s time), that made him think about “Where has the life gone?” So we are not unique.

We should keep a balance in our thinking, we should question and search into other religions other than our own, or what we believe in, as it extends our minds. There will be many that you will reject… the gods are too cruel, they’re unjust, they are too binding, the people are enslaved by the priests. But we must not completely shut them out of our minds – we must keep open in our thinking.
In this way we add to our own beliefs, (because I think I could safely say, and others agree with me), that every single religion has some little facet that is correct.

They are not completely wrong there is just something, even amongst the most primitive of people, and one of the ‘joining’ things, the ‘uniting’ things, (it seems almost foolish to say this), but it is love.

People love their families. They want them to live on, and so out of love for their own people they bribe their gods. So basically their thinking is correct, even though also wrongly influenced through the teachings most likely of their priests, and when I speak of priests, I don’t necessarily mean them as Christians would understand them, but as people who are in a high position in any sort of religion. Because people have not had the opportunity to read those fifteen miles of books, they are not to be condemned.

What we are getting at here is don’t narrow your minds, expand them, accept your brothers and take from them the goodness that is in their religion, and if possible (and this is very difficult), hand on the truth as you know it. They believe they are handing you truth, and in many ways you know you are! But you are only human in your thinking and you can make mistakes, and a mistake is to have an enclosed mind!

By all means read, and if you manage to read all those books that are in a museum that I’ve heard of, I will come and sit by you, so you can give me information, because I certainly haven’t read them. (Mirth)

Well my friends I hope I have encouraged you, or we have encouraged you, to expand your thinking. Don’t become too narrow, question everything, and listen to everything, and read as much as you can accept. Don’t force it on yourself… be balanced! It is a discipline, and may I add… be compassionate to all men!

Well my friends, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you, and if you can absorb a little of what we say it makes us happy, and makes our work worthwhile.

Spirit: God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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