Topic: Eternity has no end.

Eternity Has No End

Spirit: Good evening this is Cloud that speaks.

I come initially to contradict thoughts that have manifested amongst yourselves possibly, and with people who are so called ‘dead’; where the idea has developed that once you have reached a certain plateau, you become one with God. This I feel I must contradict… for one reason God is eternal, eternal love, and not only is God eternal but so are you. Think of your Seventh Principle. Eternity, you have never been dead; you will never die… life eternal.

If you can comprehend the knowledge you have to obtain it is eternal. How many of you understand the stars above your head, the earth beneath your feet, the oceans that surround you, the arts, the music and also, bacteria? It is a wide-open field; it is life – the same as fungus. You may read somewhere that fungus is closer to human beings than it is to plants. What does this mean? What knowledge could you obtain perhaps in following that field? Knowledge, love, is eternal. You cannot die! You have so much to learn.

There are people that look up to me, they feel that I have arrived, but the more I learn the more I realise that I must travel a long, long field, as there is no death, but there is no tiredness either. Some of you may think “Oh, eternal life, Heaven forbid!”

But friends, it is not like that, you have no pain and the effort that you put into your learning is a joy, because as you develop you want to learn, and you want to pass it on. There is nothing to stop the Gods, the Angels, whatever you may like to call the hierarchy of the so called Heaven, passing on their knowledge to those who have fallen down into the pits, (and there are some who have fallen), but eternal progress is open to all, so in gaining knowledge we can give knowledge.

But the vastness… we are not able ourselves at this stage to comprehend. Do you realise that if you put your hands in front of you, you can be holding millions of moving atoms, many of which would have bacteria attached to them – which is also life. Life is everywhere around you, it is on you, it is through you, but it is a different life to your mind… that is what is eternal, your mind, your soul, whatever you care to call it, and it is no burden once you leave the earth.

Now that is a contradiction also, because you don’t actually leave (as far as we comprehend at this stage of our development), the environment of earth. Your friends, those you’ve loved are not far away, but they haven’t got that physical body, as you know it. If you wanted to, you could probably put your hand in front of you and be touching the hand of those you love most, but because you are still attached to your physical, you don’t comprehend that other world that you have to learn about, as well as learning more about the one that you are in. The more you can comprehend and learn while on earth, the easier it will be to comprehend the world that you are coming to, but don’t ever get to the stage where you don’t seek knowledge, even outside your normal thinking, possibly.

You may be a person who loves sewing for example, the putting together of garments, but how far have you taken that thought, as to where the fabric comes from? What is the fabric made of? Is there life in that fabric? Now you’re thinking, “Oh that’s going a bit far.” If that was your line of thinking follow it up – you may be surprised. But do not think that there is a limit. As far as we know there is no limit… life is eternal, you are eternal.

I hope this hasn’t disturbed your thinking, that you felt that one-day you would reach a plateau. If there is a plateau, it is not within in the comprehension of myself, who many think of as having a store of great knowledge. I am fortunate, I do have a great deal of knowledge but that is not part of it, my knowledge does not extend that far. I have all eternity to keep going and find out what is there, and it is going to take eternity to find out, as I comprehend it. There is no race, there is no hurry, and it can be exciting and joyful because those you love travel your path with you, in varying ways but they are there. It is not lonely; you are not a soul travelling alone.
Now within my knowledge, if there is anything that I can perhaps explain to you that you are unable to understand, this I will willingly do. Are there any questions?

Sitter (K): Cloud, the animating factor of life I understand is the soul or spirit, and you spoke of a bacteria, which you said has life… has it got a soul, a spirit?

Spirit: A spirit, but not as we understand it. As I understand it at this stage of my development and I think that you would also comprehend, it is believed that we developed from an amoeba. At what stage did the soul develop in the amoeba that became human life, as we know it? Now the amoeba developed from bacteria, therefore was the soul there back where the bacteria is, undeveloped, uncomprehending, but gradually developing? In my own thinking I am inclined to say, “Yes, it was”.

Sitter: And yet we hear that the spirit enters a human baby at conception.

Spirit: An old spirit, a developed spirit. We do not understand this that is called reincarnation, but I myself feel that there is something in it. You people and myself would not be thinking along the lines we are, if we hadn’t had a considerable amount of experience. We didn’t get it in this life, did we?

Sitter (K): I don’t know.

Sitter (H): No.

Spirit: Then from whence does it come? Something for you to think on, but in my thinking it started way back in the beginning. I probably haven’t helped you very much my friend.

Sitter (K): What puzzles me is not having a goal. I think most people need a goal of some sort to work to and you saying that we don’t arrive, ever, well that makes me wonder.

Spirit: Do you think that you can know everything?

Sitter: Well I would hope that if I continued to live on earth for eternity, I would.

Spirit: But what is eternity?

Sitter: Yes, point taken.

Spirit: It’s all so wonderful and we should not dwell too hard on this, that you become exhausted by the mere thought of eternity.

Sitter (K): Cloud to my way of thinking we all need a goal to strive towards and if we haven’t got a goal, there isn’t the incentive in the same way to strive. Am I out on that one too?

Spirit: Well initially we should love one another, that is our goal – it’s very difficult for many of us. By love I don’t mean physical love, but to appreciate the developing soul. Another goal may be in your case, perfecting music… that I imagine would take you a considerable period of time…

Sitter: Too true.

Spirit: And all the other things that we would like to know and develop. Think of what you have achieved in your lifetime, and that I think is approximately seventy, eighty years?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: You are going to need a lot of those seventy or eighty years to perfect all the things that you are interested in. Is that not so?

Sitter: Yes that is so.

Spirit: Would you get bored knowing that you could achieve these things? Without a goal, yes you could get bored, but when you are born to earth, or to any other plateau and you think, “This time I’m going to do the best I can, and I’m going to be the best at…” whatever – there is always that striving for perfection. Do you understand that?

Sitter: I wonder though if our interests at the moment are many and varied, but could there come a time when you become complacent? You feel that, “Oh yes, I don’t particularly want to learn anything else”.

Spirit: Well my friend, then you start going not backwards, but you stay where you are.

Sitter Yes, which brings us back to having a goal.

Sitter (J): Surely the journey of learning and achievement is a goal in itself, a joyful goal.

Spirit: Yes, every little achievement should bring happiness.

You Ken have the inclination to perfection; you get frustrated because most times you don’t achieve that perfection, but it doesn’t stop you trying again.

Sitter (K): Yes.

Spirit: And once we stop… perhaps a good rest is good for us.

Sitter: Then we start again.

Spirit: Yes, start again.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: I have probably upset you in your thinking, but it concerned a number of us that you were limiting yourselves. Don’t!

Sitter: Well you’ve certainly given us plenty to think about now. (Mirth).

Spirit: Good for it’s all very wonderful, yet I must admit at times I have been not bored, but frustrated… and this happens to us all.

But there must be a wonderful something, somewhere, and each time we achieve a perfection it gives, I suppose the best words I can put that you would understand, is an ‘upliftment’, a feeling of grandness, and it is well worth working towards this. And every time we can pass on knowledge that helps others along the path, that is a wonderful feeling too. No doubt you have experienced it yourselves in small ways.

Well my friends, I can only wish you the joy and achievement that so far have been given to me, be given to you too.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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