Topic: Spiritualism - A Way of Life.
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.565. Held 25th August 2004.

Spiritualism - A Way of Life

Spirit (Ling): Greetings:

We wish to talk tonight about a way of life, which you call Spiritualism.

First we will speak of mediums. As you well know there are a variety of aspects of mediumship, but we will not go into that. We will speak instead of the attitude of mediums in general.

We all know that there have been and no doubt there are still, many who are outstanding in their ability, but the ability is not everything, it is the attitude of the person. Some who have outstanding abilities use them for the love of humanity. They are dedicated in their work and belief, and they do their utmost to pass on the message and to try and live an upright life. These we help as much as we can. They are sufficiently dedicated, that they consciously or even unconsciously practice their spiritual being. Their way of life, is one of spirit.

As you well know there are others. They may be outstanding conveyers of messages, but it doesn’t take long for that ability to drift if there is no true dedication, or if it is selfish dedication for themselves alone, not for humanity.

So those of you who know people who are dedicated in their work, and have a love of life, (I don’t necessarily mean their life, but life in general), protect those people whenever you can, so that they may have the opportunity to pass on what knowledge they have.

Now there are in the world, millions of people who believe in spirit, who believe in the teachings of the many mediums and teachers that there have been, but they themselves perhaps do not receive messages, see pictures, or hear things, but they are not judged on that. All of us are judged on our way of life.

For those who would perhaps, like to enter into the deeper spiritual being with what is around them, the path is open, because to feel one with nature, one with the animals, with the plants, with the world in general, with the music, with things of great beauty…the opportunity is there as long as the heart is willing.

So if this applies to you people, and only in your own hearts do you really know this, then take time, if only a few minutes a day, to communicate with spirit. When we say this we do not mean that you are communicating with people who have died, but it is easier for those who are not mediums to communicate with the living, the animals and the plants, and this may possibly open up a path of enlightenment, that you may feel the blessings of God and Spirit all around you.

When the time is joyous, open your heart to that joy, extend it, let your soul reach out to it, and in times of sadness think on the times that have been joyous, or will be joyous, or if you have lost someone, think of those times you have had together. Let it bring a smile to your face, because living your life with those you love and opening your heart fully to them, will give you moments of peace when you need it. Spirit is there, everywhere. If you help yourselves, you will get help. Ask, don’t demand, and you will find that the world is even brighter, than you first realised.

I hope this may help you to have adventures, because that’s what it is…living is an adventure, and there are many adventures ahead of all of us no matter what our present age, or our present being, whether it is physical or spiritual.

We hope you to think seriously on what has been said.

May God’s blessings follow you all in the coming week.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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