Topic: Let's Get Organised
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.566. Held 31st August 2004.

Let's Get Organised

Spirit: Greetings.

We are going to suggest a change in your circle, (naturally it is with your approval), but we want to concentrate more on healing.

Initially, with your agreement, we will put aside at least for some time, the meditations… I’m aware of a sense of relief. (Laughter).

Alan will remain as your doorkeeper, or guardian angel or whatever you may care to call him. (Hmm, he has a sense of humour; he does not mind what he is called as long as it is polite). (Laughter) He is a central part of your circle. (see note at the end J.H.H.)

The other people whom you know will be remaining, but there will be some others joining you, as healers. They may or may not speak with you, but it will give you more strength, and possibly more ability.

For example, when you mention a name, for example Jane… (for these people we want you to pause and picture them if you know them). Jane you see as a woman of a certain age, a certain build, and you try and picture her clearly in you'r mind. This, the spirit healers we hope, will be able to grasp hold of – it enables them to home in on the particular Jane. If it is someone you don’t know and it is only a name, if possible, when being given the name, ask for the age and perhaps where the person lives.

But the essential thing is for that pause in time, your time, so that the picture builds up, the condition is thought of… and then pass on to the next, putting Jane completely out of your mind! You may find it necessary to think of her going out a door and closing the door behind her.

If in requesting healing, too many are given too quickly; it becomes a blur in the brain and no longer is easily received by the spirit healers. We are quite prepared for your healing, to take anything up to approximately half an hour, if necessary. There will be times when you may have many names, other times only one or two, but apart from your healing in the circle, where possible, extend the healing out. Those of you who know you are capable of contacting spirit – you may even be able to send it directly to people, if they wish for it.

But if you are uncertain of your abilities, you are still capable. For example, you may see someone like one of you mentioned earlier today. Having seen someone who was mentally distressed you can send healing, or try to, because it is a matter of contact, to that person yourselves.

We mentioned not long ago, about seeing people in public places who are perhaps distressed in some way. Try and develop the ability to look at that person and memorise them. Now don’t stare, you possibly could cause discomfort, or embarrassment. But, if it is a situation for example where you are both sitting quietly somewhere, by all means look towards the person, not at them, just past them, so if they feel and they could, your strength, your spirit touching them, and they look up, they will not be embarrassed by someone staring at them. They’ll think,“Oh that person is looking beyond me”, and they will relax again. There is no reason why you can’t give healing without the person knowing.

Then there may be occasions with those of you who know you have contact with spirit, when you may see someone who has a bad headache. They may complain of their headache and if you think it wise, (because in some ways you have to discriminate on whom you choose to speak to, initially), you could say, “Would you allow me to try and heal your headache?” Say, “Now it is not me, but it is another power that possibly will get rid of it for you”. On the whole headaches are something that are easily dispersed by spirit.

It may be an opening for you to teach someone about spirit, because the healing is not coming from you. Explain that… that you are just the intermediary, that they are spirit, always have been and always will be, and that spirit can help them. They may turn to you and say, “Oh I have such pain in say in the kidney area where I had my kidney removed”, and you have the opportunity to explain, that spirit cannot put back what has physically been taken away. But if their problem is one that can be helped, (it’s no good I suppose getting into details of moving the particles around), but explain that as far as you know, there is no known disease or malfunction, that spirit cannot help.

Explain too if they are interested, (don’t push it), about the upliftment that can happen, because for anyone who has experienced that on the physical plane, (and I was fortunate enough to do so), it is something one never forgets. It is a lightening, the burdens are not so tremendous – and this can happen with mental instability also.

Now with the healing we are asking you to do, you will have your, we hope, half hour here each week, but we would also like you as couples, once a week to sit together, husband and wife, and pick on perhaps one particular person or problem, and for just ten minutes ask for some help, and to use modern language ‘beam in’ to the subject. It is good practice for you, in your attempt to contact spirit, and one day you may get a surprise when someone says to you, “I’m feeling so much better”. Don’t immediately say, “Oh that’s because I gave healing”. Remember it wasn’t you – you were merely the telephone that connected the doctor and the patient… (to put it in materialistic terms).

Now before we go any further, is there anything you care to ask pertaining to your new role as healers?

Sitter (K): Yes please Ling. Are we not going to be able to speak to you each time, in this new system?

Spirit: There may be some times when there wouldn’t be any talking, but on the whole, “Yes”. You are not going to be let off. We like to come. Much of what we teach is repetitive, but it must be taught, so that everything we try to teach you is automatic in your thinking, because possibly through your healing, you will be able to help others too.

Sitter (K): Now normally our healing here takes say about ten minutes, if that. So if we are to spread it out to half an hour, by as you mentioned, taking a little extra time visualising people, I’m not sure that we could spread it out that long. Any suggestions?

Spirit: Well if you feel you have… let me think this through… (pause).

Initially you are asking for the help, for the attention, of spirit helpers. You pause and think on them, feel them, know that they are there; don’t go rushing in with your names, there is all the time in the world, so don’t rush things.

Then speak of your person clearly, and build them up in your mind. If there is some particular thing about them, speak it out loud… “Margery wears heavy glasses, her sight is not good, she uses a walking stick”, picture her with the stick and with her heavy glasses. But it is not that, that you are asking for, you are asking that her heart may beat with more regularity, but for us you are building up the picture of the person, and you may be surprised how long that may take. Because you in your mind are seeing that person, verbalising it to help us, because the vibration of your voices telling us, helps as well as the picture that you may or may not, be able to put into your brain, that we may receive it.  And then at the end for perhaps five, ten minutes, sit and think of ‘healing’, of a wonderful feeling of relaxation and comfort that you wish to go out to these people; and if you feel that you still haven’t used up perhaps half an hour, bring in your other little friends the animals, or bring in another country, or the dilemma that may be caused by floods.

You know how to give healing and how long it can take. You’ve done it in the church yourself Ken, and that usually took a good half hour with only two or three people. So now you think of people almost in the same way, as you did there.

Sitter: Half an hour with three people is ten minutes each.

Spirit: True. But you also had your prayer at the beginning and your prayer at the end so it wouldn’t have been quite ten minutes each.

Sitter: Right, and could you also tell us, after once or twice, if we are on the right lines or whether you want any alterations made?

Spirit: Of course.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (J): Ling when we are asking for healing, do we specify what is wrong with the person?

Spirit: If you know. Don’t try and diagnose yourselves – only if you know.

Sitter: Thank you, and do we also… um, we have been asking for healing for people in mass, like for everybody who is hungry and starving and other things, do we stop doing that, and just ask for healing for individuals?

Spirit: If you have time at the end, by all means, think of the country or whatever, and send healing.

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Spirit: Anything else?

Sitters: No thank you.

Spirit: The main thing to remember is that you yourselves are not healers, you are merely helping spirit to heal, and it is a very important function, particularly if you are able to contact the people themselves. It may then be your opportunity to pass on some of your knowledge, so that they know where the healing is coming from. But don’t expect any kudos, that is not what you’re there for.

God bless you, and do think carefully on your endeavour.

Sitter (H): Thank you Ling for being with us. Goodnight ‘till next week.

Spirit: Goodnight.

Note: 'Doorkeeper' is the spirit person who looks after (guards) the Circle on the Spirit side. The next level (lowest) to the earth is the Astral where there are all sorts of beings, often quite unevolved and needing help themselves, although not usually seeking it. Many of these wandering spirits, seeing the 'open door' of a Circle back to the earth plane will come in and 'mess about', for want of a better word, using the energy of the sitters; if you are unlucky (doing something for 'fun' but totally unprotected) you can end up in real trouble that takes an 'expert' to get you out of. Some people never get out of the 'trouble' they have got into through some little 'game' they played with a glass and letters one evening for 'something to do'. Is anybody there? You bet there is!

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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