Topic: Little Pompom Came to Offer Cheer
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Little Pompom Came to Offer Cheer

Spirit: Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. Oh that was an effort!

It’s Pompom!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy. And as I’ve told you, I come to cheer people up, I go around to circles and cheer them up if they are getting a bit down in the dumps, and you people seem just a little bit down in the dumps, because you’re worried aren’t you?

(Note: A sitter’s husband, also a sitter, is in hospital with a serious heart condition and we are all wondering if he will be all right, and if and when he is to be operated on).

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Yes I felt that, and I thought I’d come and talk, and here’s one thing that will cheer you up… I think that next week Ling will give you a little talk. He has been on what he calls a ‘vacation’. Now that sounds good doesn’t it?

Sitter: Sounds very good.

Spirit: And I’m just here to chatter.

Now one thing… no matter what happens in your life, no matter what – it’s your life! Whether you are over here with me, or there where you are now; it’s all ‘life’! And you people who are… well you believe in us, remember what I’ve said, it helps lift you; it is what you call upliftment – makes you feel good to know that there is no end. And these problems that beset you, (how’s that for grown up talk?), well they’re part of life.

You know, even where I am, I sometimes get down in the dumps a bit too, when I see people getting all in a stew when really they have nothing to get in a stew about. You see, if you are worried about dying, and who isn’t at let’s say, your ‘mature’ years, I won’t say old years, we’ll say ‘mature’, (mirth), you’re worried about someone or yourselves, perhaps what you call ‘passing on’.

Do you know what it’s like? I’d liken it to… imagine a plank and you’re a bit scared of going across that plank for if you fall off it you might get wet, if it is going over a puddle. But you pluck up courage and you carefully go on your way, and oh boy, at the other end there are your pals, someone with their arms open; you’re home!

OK, that’s fine for the person who has gone over the plank, but how about you who have been left behind?

Well look at it this way… you’re going on with life, so even if you can’t build roads, build houses, do lots of office work or what ever you were employed in, you have still got your mind, you’ve still got your spirit so make the most of that, and everyday try and think of something positive, and also learn something. You don’t even have to get out of your chair to do that…and be happy; that’s what I try to be - be happy, and make other people happy too. That’s life; life eternal. And that’s what in your mature years you’ve got to remember… eternal life; you can’t die, and nobody else can either.

Well I know you’ll look forward to hearing Ling next week, talking about possibly some of his adventures, but I don’t know really what he is going to talk about. He’s nice isn’t he?

Sitters: Very nice.

Spirit: He makes you feel good inside that man, you know, all warm and glowy like.

Well I’d better go because there are other people who have even bigger worries than what you have at the moment. So goodnight and God bless you, Pompom is on her way.


Note: I have sat in various Circles and know people who have sat in other Circles and it is quite usual for there to be at least one child communicator. I am aware that this irritates some people who see it as trivial but, in my experience, these children will uplift a group and offer a different kind of philosphy than an adult. They may never have 'grown up' in the sense that we would know it but have, none the less, acquired a great deal of knowledge but seen from a child's point of view, which, if attended to can throw a fresh light on some topic of interest. Never look down on children. Remember they tried to keep the children from bothering Jesus of Nazareth but, when he realised what they were doing, asked for the children to be brought to him. J.H.H.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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