Topic: Spirit ‘Ling’ speaks of his visit back to see wonders of this world, that he had never seen before.

Ling Goes on Holiday

Spirit: Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: I my friends, have had a wonderful experience.

As you know, the life that I remember on earth, was spent with my books, my home… I never went far, and perhaps over the years I’ve regretted that I didn’t see more of the wonders of the world, but I feel I have been greatly honoured because I was given a dispensation, perhaps a sabbatical, in which, put in your terms, I had time to explore the world.

Now realise my friends, that you haven’t got a physical body when you are like me, there is no packing, there is no wondering about your physical body and its ability to do things.

First in your mind get comfortable, relaxed; think of what relaxes you… a comfortable bed, leaning against a tree, a lovely view, and relax, and then let your mind take you wherever you want to go, and I was most surprised. I thought of the auroras, for I thought they must be a wonderful thing to see – and I’ve seen them! That to me was so incredible, that I could see that!

And I’ve also watched the caribou migrating… I’ve read about it, but I saw it, I saw those wonderful animals: and I’ve seen a hurricane, not as we humans, (if I refer to myself as being on earth) do, but from above it. I could look down and see the wondrous movement of that gigantic wind – an incredible sight! Understand I didn’t have an aeroplane, I was just there.  I thought of it then I was there, and I saw it.

I also followed the whales down the coast of America, those huge, wondrous mammals… and the fish they are like the birds, they have some way of communicating that as yet I don’t understand, but many hundreds move as one, the fish and the migrating birds.

I have seen so many wondrous things of nature, great long beaches with not a soul on them, and waves coming in and running up the sand, and the music that those waves make… and incredible as it seems, I thought I could feel wind through my hair, and that is something I haven’t got! (Mirth)

I spent in your time, in your time it would have seemed like a couple of weeks, in our time which doesn’t exist, maybe two or three minutes – and I’ve only told you a small portion of what I saw!

The sun rising over the snow, particularly when it had been gone for months at a time, great fissures in the ice that you looked down into, into a blackness so deep, and there is sound there too, everywhere there was sound, but I feel, (other than the migrating caribou which would be noisy), that as a human being I wouldn’t have heard these sounds, but in spirit the senses are heightened.

Now this was very special for me, but it is not an on-going thing. I am told by my teachers that it was given as encouragement to develop my soul even more, because one day, they tell me, not only will I see things, but indirectly I can be part of them, and not only part of what is happening in your world now, but a part of what has happened before… stories of various countries, the development of the human being, how God has created our world over millions of years. They tell me that as we develop we can go back in time and understand these things, but as you would say, “I’ve now come back to earth”.

It has been a great encouragement for me to develop myself, to develop my soul, to think outwards – always outwards! And that is what I would like to encourage you people to do more. Don’t just live in your small world, and by that I don’t mean that you have to get in cars, or aeroplanes, or boats, but in your mind. Read, but travel in your mind… it’s all good practice.

Now I don’t know whether you have learnt anything from what I have said, but if it encourages you in any way to meet death as it is called, (rebirth is perhaps a better way of looking at it), you will know that with your own abilities, kindness, dedication… you will know what waits for you.

Is there anything you would care to ask?

Sitter: Just a thought Ling… I wonder if the movement of birds collectively, (or fish), could be some sort of collective spirit thinking, or collective thought process?

Spirit: My friend I cannot answer that, I don’t know myself, but it is a good thought, and it is thoughts like that that are good for our souls. It makes us think and want to know.

Perhaps, and this is merely a thought, perhaps it is electrical in some way like radio, or like we can be, with mind to mind.

Sitter: Yes, I don’t think we have the knowledge here in this world to know the answer, but I wonder if anybody over there could give you the answer, and then perhaps you could pass it on to us? Is that likely?

Spirit: There will be someone who will have that knowledge, there are many souls that would, but whether I am worthy at this stage of my development, of knowing these wondrous things, I do not know. But if I ever find out, and it is thought that it would benefit you people, I certainly would pass it on.

Sitter: Thank you Ling.

Spirit: It’s a wondrous thing ‘life’ friend, a wondrous thing, and it is ‘life everlasting’, eternal life!

God bless you and our friend who isn’t with us tonight.

May all the blessings of spirit be on you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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