Topic: Death and Birth are the Same Thing.

Death and Birth are the Same Thing

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

For just a short time tonight we would like to try and clarify your thoughts on ‘death’.

Now you may remember that Jean and others, June, the man that fell off his boat… they all spoke of suddenly being aware of being somewhere else. It was a time of transition that they were hardly aware. Liken it to birth.

You have had that experience, you came into the world, and except for the rare child who remembers for some years, you left behind and forgot the world you came from.

Now some people who are gifted still have the contact, some of them make use of it and all of them will tell you that life goes on. You are neither born nor do you die; it is just a transition.

We would like you to get this clearly into your head. Think about it, think of the words you can put it in to because there may be opportunities, not necessarily for you to be beside the person who is dying, although this may occur, but if it comes up in conversation.

People can be horrified, frightened, some are terrified. But if you can speak quietly of what you believe, don’t tell them that it is fact, because people are naturally inclined to reject it when you tell them something that way, just say it is your belief, that you feel that this is what must happen, and speak quietly and assuredly of not only death, but birth. Liken the two to each other because as far as the spirit world is concerned, the baby, that spirit, has moved on, it has died. There is death, there is rebirth and vice versa. It is so simple and so beautiful.

The people you earlier spoke about in your healing, (the group deaths)… now that will be, using your words, ‘quite dramatic’.

(Note: This refers to a young fanatical suicide bomber in Israel, who in order to make a point, killed himself and a group of innocent people, as well as wounding many more).

The young, foolish boy will have to face up to what he has done and ask those people for forgiveness, and they in return need to forgive him, and then it is gone, they are into another life, they are with those they care for. This transition sometimes takes a while depending on state of mind at the time of passing over.

So if you yourselves can give people, (and it doesn’t matter how young they are, just so long as the thought is there), that it is as simple as being born, (and they can’t even remember being born), that it is just like that, a passing from one room into another, the opening and closing of a door.

Too many people stand around the person who is dying, unfortunately talking aloud about them, because at that stage they probably can hear as well as you can. It should be a time to talk to them of the good times you have had together, of the fun, the ups and the downs perhaps, or of the good old days, so that they go with happiness in their hearts. That’s what we try to do, when a soul has made up their mind that they must come to earth for further tuition. We try to cheer them on their way with positive thought… so this is what we ask that you in turn do, when the opportunity arises.

We realise that because of the hold that the church has on many people, that you may find that you can’t stop the wailing and the negative thought that goes with it. It is negative for those that are left, understandably, but their time to wail and be negative is once the soul has passed, then perhaps selfishly they can think of what this death means to them, but in reality we should be pleased that that person has been put out of their suffering, or whatever.

If it is a young person, naturally there is more sorrow if that life has been cut short, but at this stage in our development or in your development, we don’t fully understand why, but there must be a good reason and someday we will know.  Please don’t say to someone, “It was God’s will”. Don’t put any more burdens on the shoulders of their God or a Teacher… it is part of learning, this person has to move on.

It is a difficult thing for us to portray to you the joy that inevitably comes to those who have passed on, once they realise the opportunities open to them, to live, to live life.

Now on this subject is there any question you would care to ask, that possibly we could make it more understandable for you.

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Spirit: Remember then my friends; death and birth are in their own way, the same thing.

God bless you, and may the understanding of what we have tried to say tonight come to you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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