Topic: Personal Responsibility.

Personal Responsibility

(Note: Personal responsibility was discussed in another room prior to circle commencement and the main thoughts were…(a) personal responsibility means what it says, i.e. each individual is fully responsible for his/her own thoughts, words, and deeds. (b) Therefore you earn your own outcomes in terms of compensation or retribution in the future. (c) No Saviour absolves you from your wrongdoing. (d) Your actions will also determine the level you arrive at, on the other side.)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

‘Personal responsibility’.

You have given some thought to this subject – good! But may we add a little more?

You as human beings are responsible for your physical body. You don’t abuse it, you look after it, it is the home of your spirit. You are responsible for your house; it is the home of your body, the same as your garden is the coat of your house. These are all your responsibilities. You say, “Oh yes, naturally”, but my friends the responsibilities travel further.

You in your own small way, or possibly big, are responsible for your communities. There are times when you can put in to that community. It is your responsibility.

Extending it further, to your country… don’t be haphazard in your selection of leaders, and this applies to everyone throughout the world – don’t let emotion, political… (I think you call it ‘hoohaa’or something like that, a derogatory term), don’t let it sway you. Think carefully – be responsible!

Be responsible for your vehicle. If you don’t maintain it properly, you may be responsible for someone else’s calamity!

And another important aspect of responsibility where it is possible, is to delicately guide adults, acquaintances, and relatives, to be responsible.

But even more important (perhaps not so much now in your lives), but try and influence parents to teach their children responsibility – and this can’t start soon enough.

They must be responsible for their room, or some little job such as taking the food from the table and putting it in the kitchen, or cleaning their shoes. It is a responsibility they are given and many children, (probably yourselves in your time), have dodged responsibility, but they must be shown that that is their responsibility, and in not doing it they are letting down, initially themselves. Explain that no one else is going to do it for them… their bed will go unmade, or the dishes will remain, or the food, or their shoes will be dirty… and point this out. Show what can happen – make them responsible.

Responsibility also extends to organisations and clubs commitments that you have made, perhaps in a rash moment, and you now no longer wish to be responsible.

Well don’t just back off. Be a responsible person and tell the organisation that you are no longer interested. Be polite. It is far better to do that, than to be slipshod in some authority you have been given, and therefore let down many people.

Responsibility extends over a very wide field. It is all, when you think of it, personal, it is you. You are personally responsible for what you own, where you live and your attitude to your world. You can only be guided, but the ultimate responsibility is yours.

What you do, as you know, has its consequences. All good and evil eventually comes back. Remember it my friends.

This is not necessarily applicable to you. As individuals, we haven’t said this because of you, but it is in general. Everybody must be responsible!

May God bless you and look after you in the coming week and we hope all to be together again next week. We enjoy it.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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