Topic: June talks on what it can be like to die.

What It Can Be Like to Die

Spirit (June):

I’ve come to tell you a little bit more of what it can be like, to die.

Not that I’m saying that you are going to, or anything… that is yet, (Mirth), but it may be of help to you in talking to other people, who are scared.

Now you all know how I died, but I’ll try to go into just a little more detail. So, as you probably remember it was during the bombing of London during World War Two. I don’t know the year, but there was a terrific amount of bombing, and that may indicate it. I was having a cup of tea and the house I was in got hit. Now I lived in the basement really, so I wasn’t aware of the fact that the building had collapsed. When I became conscious I was looking out through a tunnel of light and I could hear voices. I think it was my right arm that was pinned, held (whether it was rubble, or a beam of timber I don’t know), but I could feel liquid which I think was my blood, running down my arms to my fingers. But I wasn’t worried because I could hear the voices, I could see daylight, although it was so very dusty. That made breathing a bit harder and there was something at my back, that was so uncomfortable – a brick, something.

So, I was listening to these voices. First of all it was the men talking to each other about being careful so that nothing else would fall down, and they were saying, “I think there’s only one here”… I guess that was me. But then I began to hear other voices, different ones. They weren’t voices of the workmen, the rescuers, because the rescuers wouldn’t have known my name, and they were calling, “June”. So I listened to those, wondering who it was. I thought it might be a neighbour and then there was music. It was like being in church, and there was a different light. It seemed to be above me and I, I went into it! It was like swimming, I floated into it, and there was a group of people. I knew some of them, but that was mystifying because I hadn’t seen them for a long time. One or two I knew had died so I thought, “Oh, I’ve lost consciousness and I’m dreaming”. But then someone came each side of me and told me to come with them, and that everything was going to be fine. And we went into a building, (first over a paddock I think it was, because there were lots of flowers), and we sat down and we talked.

They knew a lot about me these people, and they pointed out one or two things that I’d prefer to forget… because I think I’d been a reasonable person, but I had done a few things that I didn’t like about myself, and we talked about this.

I’m still thinking, “This must be a dream”, and then I saw one person whom I’d not very much liked. Mind you, I hadn’t been very nice to them either, but we were encouraged to say that we were sorry to each other. Well by this time in my life I was sorry for what had happened, so I willingly agreed. And that seemed to be all right because the next thing, I’m in like a garden room. You know I liked flowers, and oh it seemed to be if there is such a thing, a flower room; and there was music like you hear in church, and I was told to go to sleep and I thought, “This is all right, this is a better sort of dream I’m having now”. At any rate I went to sleep.

I had a good sleep and I woke up, and again there was someone there who said, “June, you know what’s happened don’t you?” And I said, “Well really I’m not sure, I’m waiting to wake up so that they can get me out of the hole”.  And they said, “Well you are awake June, but when they got you out of the hole, your soul had left your body”. Well that shook me!

And they explained that I was dead, and I could accept that. Somehow it made sense for what had been going on… all this dreaming business, and we had quite a talk for quite a while, and all sorts of things were explained to me. And what happens is, if you have led an average life, no extremes of perhaps good or bad, that is more or less what happens, but you’ve got to make amends, perhaps by just saying, “Sorry”, and to really mean it. That’s what they explained – you’ve got to mean it and then everything is all right.

You’ve got a choice then, you can enjoy yourself in a casual sort of way and time passes. But I’d worked all my life, and I thought it was now time I did some work, so I began to do something to help others and from then on, well I guess life’s been pretty good!

I went and saw my body put away. The neighbours were rather good. They all dubbed in and I had some flowers, but oh, I’d finished with all that. I was happier where I am now.

So I thought that that might interest you people, because that is what it was like for me. We all vary, because we are all a bit different, but it is nothing to worry about!

Sometimes you meet your sweetie, I did after a while. It was a fellow I liked, but we never married. But I saw him, and we go our own ways and we meet occasionally, it’s great. And your old friends, you meet them and your pets, if you have had any pets. It’s just life continuing on, eternal, but you don’t have the worries of the sore backs, or the headaches, or the sick tummies or anything like that, because your body just isn’t any more (that’s what it amounts to), although you feel the same. That’s what’s so incredible, I still haven’t got that quite sorted out in my own mind, how I can feel exactly the same, ‘cause I’m not!

(Note: At this point, there was a very loud click as the tape recorder switched off. All spirit speech stopped. A quick explanation was given to spirit with a request that we activate the tape again. Permission was given, and the tape restarted.)

Sitter (K): Good, that’s going again; thank you very much.

Spirit: Makes things difficult doesn’t it, you should just think like we do here, and then it happens. (Laughter) Actually I was just going to say ‘Goodnight’. So goodnight and God bless you all.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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