ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.581. Held 8th Feb 2005. (second part of the meeting)


Second Spirit(Ling): Greetings.

Now what I hope to explain, or I should say ‘We’ hope to explain, is a little bit about housing. I will make it a story of perhaps what might happen to one person.

We will say it’s a lady who has died and she accepts the thought that there is life after death. She didn’t know much about it but the idea is acceptable. So she accepts the people around her, and is quite astonished when she is met, perhaps by some loved person, a relative we’ll say, and is invited to their home. This does not quite compute shall we say, in what she has thought of as death, but she goes along to the person’s home, and it is just what she imagined that this relative (or friend) would have.

They are mind to mind with this person who has in their mind a picture of what they possibly had on earth or what they would like to have had.

This visiting may go on in your terms for some years, to friends, relatives, all who appear to have houses, but gradually she will be introduced and make friends with people of different nationalities, and different forms of housing. If you yourselves spread your minds, your thinking to the world and its housing… from the snow housing of the north, to the bark housing of Australia, to the multi apartments of New York – what a diversity of housing there is!

So initially in meeting these people, it would be casually in an outdoor situation, and there would be talk, not as you are hearing me but on a mind to mind basis, and gradually pictures would build up with these strangers of their homes. They may speak of their home, and in speaking of it you can picture it in your mind, but you cannot really see it, until you are invited by the person to “Come and see my home”.

And because as humans we are used to having a house in a given area, you are happy to follow this person to what you believe will be their home. They can see it, they have developed it, they have built it, and through the mind-to-mind situation, you too can see it. You may sit on a rug, you may sit on a tree-trunk, if it is an Indian from America you may sit in what appears to be a skin house… but you, because of your friendship with these various people, will now be able to see their homes, their way of life. It is all educational. This may go on again, in your time, over a considerable number of years.

That is not the only thing you are doing. You are probably learning some aspect of education that you are interested in, whether it is the arts or languages, etc. You may also have jobs to do, people you want to help, people perhaps on earth or even in the realms of the dead, if that is what you wish to think of us as.

Now many years may have passed and you will gradually notice that people who perhaps you have admired, who seemed to have vast knowledge, seem to be, in your words, ‘fading away’. You may not see them as clearly, you wonder why. They are advancing on, they are going to another death, to another life, to one which is not so material as your thinking in your present state, of where you are seeing houses and acting more or less as you would on earth.

This aspect of life that they are going to is one of a much higher thought form, and vastly… perhaps one could say ‘Professional’. They are learning how to develop their spiritual qualities and make use of them. If they wish, and it considered by others even more advanced than them, that they may benefit earth, they may return and become teachers there.

But I hope that may explain to you, a little bit of the housing here, of why people speak of houses. If you are at all questioning you must have wondered, “Well there are so many different types of houses, how is that accounted for, how do we learn about them? But it is all in the openness of your minds, your brains, your soul, whatever you like to call it… it is your willingness to learn, and to love, to love your fellow man, and oh, I must keep up to date – women too! (Mirth) But they are all your brothers and sisters no matter their nationality, and to love all you must understand all, and that is why it is necessary that some day in some distant place, you will all be mixing together and understanding each other, but this is going to take a long time.

But if you sometimes get discouraged at people and their behaviour, think how far we have come since the Caveman, mind you that is many, many years certainly, but then life is eternal. Remember that my friends, and develop your thinking in as many aspects as you can.

Now before we go tonight, is there anything that perhaps we could explain to you, on what we have been talking about?

Sitter: Just one small question Ling. It is though a slight deviation. Do they have rain in the spirit world?

Spirit: Yes at this level if you want it, of course. Everything is controlled by your mind. Can you imagine a native of the various countries that thump and dance around trying to get rain not being able to get it? They’d wonder what was wrong.

As long as it not going backwards in your thinking… that is the main thing. You must always go forwards!

Goodnight and God bless you.

Sitter: Thank you Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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