Topic: June invites questions

June Invites Questions

Spirit (June): Hello, hello, hello.

Sitter (K): Now I wonder if that’s June. (Mirth).

Spirit: Hmm. Been given another difficult one. I don’t think they like me over here. (Laughter).

Now I don’t know whether this will work because I don’t know that I’ve got the ability to help, but the suggestion is, having listened to you people earlier, that we spend a couple of minutes just being quiet, while you each decide on two questions which you are to ask me, and I’m to try and answer them.

Now I can tell you right now folks I don’t know everything, but I’ll do my best.  But the idea is, that you make them short and sharp and I’ll try and give you an answer, so think about it and when you are ready, I’ll try.

It is June by the way. I’m the bundle of misery that’s at this end. (Mirth)

Sitter (J): Well you don’t sound like a bundle of misery! (Laughter)

Sitter (K): I’m trying to remember all the questions I had stored away, and I can’t remember any of them.

Sitter (J): Yes I am too. (Pause)

Sitter (K): Well I’ll start the ball rolling June. When I’m on your side, I believe what you have is called thought transfer, so what is the situation in that can you just tune in to somebody you want to talk to, or somebody you want a message passed through to, because if you can pick up everybody’s thoughts it would be chaotic, so how does the system work?

Spirit: Well, you could have worked this out for yourself, because remember a long time ago Soo Lee told you about music, (Yes) and you could hear what you wanted to? (Yes)  Now you are wanting to tune in we’ll say to your Dad, this is presuming you are over here I take it? (Yes) and you just picture in your mind your Dad, and I’m sure he would get the message and no one else would, because it is your Dad.

Sitter: I was thinking more in terms of people passing. If they are passing you in close proximity, would you know what they were thinking?

Spirit: Not unless they wanted you to know. You might give a greeting like you do now, but you don’t know what the person is thinking who say’s “Good day’ to you do you? It’s the same here, but if they wanted you to know they would be thinking clearly, “This man I want to know so and so”, but it is quite an art. Initially you will probably only communicate with those you love, and those in spirit who wish to help you, then it becomes eventually that you can communicate with anyone that you want to communicate with, as long as they are free.

Sitter: Does that mean only when I’m wanting something or want to know how to do something?

Spirit: How many questions are you asking Ken? (Mirth)

Sitter: It’s part of the same one really.

Spirit: Ohhh? (Mirth) I think you’re cheating. (Laughter) Go on. You’re making it hard.

Sitter: If I want to do something, are you saying that other people can know what I’m wanting and offer their help? I can’t know what they are thinking but they can know what I’m thinking?

Spirit: If you are appealing for help you’re taking to someone “Help me” and they would receive that message.

Sitter: Just in general?

Spirit: In general.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (J): June may I ask a question? When I come over to your side of the world, if I wish to work with children, (I love to work with children, particularly ones with problems, or animals, or anything like that), do we have to apply for positions like that or does spirit know how we feel?

Spirit: Well initially of course you have to learn to know about yourself, and then if that is your wish, and it is your wish to help the animals, and not gratification for self – you will be given the opportunity.

Sitter: Oh, thank you.

Sitter (H): Good evening. Could you possibly help here? I have often thought… this world is full of people who do things for what they think are good motives, but to the rest of us they are evil actions. I’m thinking of the suicide bombers that blow up dozens of innocent people. They probably think that they are doing it for their god and therefore it is right but what happens to these people when they arrive over on the other side, are they accepted into society so to speak or…?

Spirit: Well it would be the same as you. They would have to justify their actions, or try to, and then their teachers, (because each one of us has people who are teaching us), would explain to them the error of their ways. Now this may take people like that, many, many what you would call lifetimes, to overcome that very strong, because it is strong… what you must realise with these people, is they have overcome the greatest fear that man has and that is death, so they’ve got to learn that their wishing for death was wrong to begin with, and they’re not going to achieve what they had hoped for.

It’s a great learning process for those people, but there is advancement for every human soul, but for many, and people like that, it takes a long time. But they are not as bad as a man who wilfully plans murder for his own selfish needs.

Sitter: Yes that’s what I wondered, even though they think they are doing right in many cases. Thank you.


Spirit: Have you another question Ken, I’m a bit iffy about you? (Laughter)

Sitter (K): I’m scared to ask. (Laughter).

Spirit: That’s what I like to hear. (Laughter).

Sitter: I was just wondering about what happens if when I get there, I wanted to talk to somebody who had been over on your side for quite a while, and who may have gone up two or three levels. Can I only talk to someone who has gone up one level, or can I go further than that?

Spirit: It will take time naturally. You realise that you yourself have got to go through a learning period, accept your faults and try to overcome them, and then, depending on how far advanced that person is… if they have been over here for many hundreds of years you initially are going to have a hard job to contact them. But if it is in a normal span of a lifetime, I’m sure that eventually you will contact them.

Sitter: Thank you.

Sitter (J): Oh goodness. Um I’m trying to think June.  Have you got anything Hilton while I think?

Sitter (H): I’m in much the same way.

Spirit: Remember if you can’t think of anything it’s an opportunity lost.

That’s if I can answer it. (Mirth).

Sitter (J): I’m sure you could answer anything I could ask June. (Mirth).

In the Halls of Learning and I believe there is such a place with many, many books, so can you go to these Halls of learning and become educated in any fields you like… art, music, anything like that?

Spirit: Yes, but these are extras.

Sitter: I see.

Can you go to balls over there and dance?

Spirit: Initially yes, I mean you are so full of joy when you are here at any rate.  Your whole life, once you accept that you are there to work, and to learn… life is just one big ball.

Sitter: Sounds lovely, thank you.

Spirit: But it doesn’t mean to say that you’ve got an orchestra and all that, but yes I think you could have your ball if that’s what you want.

Sitter: I just love dancing; I love dancing or anything like that.

Sitter (H): June we have had one or two times when we have been able to help, a soul if you like, that appears to be tied to the earth, in one case it must have been a hundred years or more, and they still didn’t seem to realise they were dead. Isn’t there some system where you people can grab hold of them and take them, so to speak?

Spirit: The best way I think I can explain this is that you can’t force anyone to learn what they don’t want to.  There comes a time in everyone’s life eternal, when the acceptance is there, but initially perhaps because of their experiences on earth, they just cannot believe that they have left it.

They can see everything just the same when they are on the lower plane, they can be part of the world, but they cannot communicate with it, and if you just rush up to them and say, “You’re dead, come on”, it would be such a shock that it would do more harm than good. So it is a gradual process, and I can assure you that there are people who are contacting them periodically all the time, but some of us naturally are a little thicker than others. (Laughter)

I must admit, myself, though I believed that there was something, it took me quite a while to adjust to the fact that I was in a world, that seemed just like the one I’d left, and that I was dead! It is really quite difficult unless you’ve had the opportunity of learning, like you people.

Sitter: So it’s easier for people like us.

Spirit Yes.

But it is hard for the rigid of any religion. (Pause)

Sitter (K): Have you got time for another one June or am I pressing my luck?

Spirit: You’re pressing it a bit. (Laughter)

One more, just one.

Sitter: Ah, on your side, if I wish to help people back on earth or help people over there, do I just do it with the knowledge I’ve got, or is there some sort of training given on how to do it better?

Spirit: To help someone over here, initially you probably couldn’t do it. We will say that you have died and you want to comfort someone who is very dear to you on earth.

You can go and stand beside them, you can probably put your hand on them and they may even feel your presence, but that would be rare. It would have to be a person who had the ability, to accept that you were dead but still alive if you understand what I mean. It is very difficult to help people back on earth, unless that they are willing to accept that there is life eternal.

Over here, if you are wanting to help people who are passing over, but are in shock, etc, you initially would talk with your teachers, your friends and discuss it, because with the knowledge you’ve got, you’ve got to learn how to apply it because these people are in shock. You just can’t go charging in and say, “You’re dead, come with me, you’re all right”. You’ve got to guide, to ease, and you’ve got to know your subject. It takes quite a long time, but you could do it, I’m sure you could, but it would take time.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Can I go home? (Laughter)

Sitter (K): Well, we like having you with us…

Sitter (H): And you’re getting very good June. (Mirth)

Spirit: Well I hope the others think it because I too have been taught. I’m learning, I think, but remember it is joy, it really is, and the more you can apply yourself to learning, whether it is here or on earth, the more you can learn the more you can help others, and that helps you.

Well before I get on a platform I’d better go, and it has been wonderful for me to have this opportunity, and I hope I’ve been a help to you people too.

Sitter (K): You have indeed and thank you for coming and thank you too for your teachings.

Spirit: Thank you, goodnight, but don’t think up any more questions will you! (Laughter).

Sitters: Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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