Topic: Colour


Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We have decided to talk tonight on a subject that people question. We have probably done it ourselves, but now we think we understand, and what little knowledge we have I would like to pass on… and the subject is ‘colour’.

The colour that emanates from you, your aura… you may sniff’ Oh yes, but some people can genuinely see an aura. Some can see it vividly. Sometimes it is more pronounced than others, but we can see it, and it is on the aura that we are inclined to judge people and decide who we will mix with.

What is surrounding you during your life is usually not very clear, very bright, but it is an indication of your temperament, and that becomes clearer and more vivid when you are with us. But it is not only that, that is an essential part of being you, it is the influence of colour on your lives, and what colours actually mean to you as individuals.

Now as an exercise, during the week if you have time, (it is not compulsory my friends but if you wish to), put down a list of colours starting from black, perhaps ending with white and put your, what you, your feelings are, next to each colour. It is not something perhaps that you would show anyone else, because possibly to some people it would be quite enlightening as to your character.

The colours that are most accepted are the very soft colours, the blues and the greens, not the emerald greens or the brilliant blues but the soft colours. Those are what you need to send to people for healing, the soft colours that are peaceful and tranquil, the blues and the greens, the softer yellows, the richer light tans and golds.

They are heading towards spiritual thinking, the truly bright warm glowing yellow, and if you have read much you will realise that for thousands and I am speaking of many thousands of years, people who have truly followed a religious, deep spiritual life, have usually clothed themselves in these soft, warm earth tones or the slightly yellow.

Now when I say ‘going back in history’ I’m speaking of the Shamans, they nearly always wore a soft earth yellow. Think perhaps of some people on earth that you are probably aware of yourselves, and what they wear. They are often far more developed for want of a better word, than those that clothe themselves in harsh black. That seems to be what people think, that Christians should wear. But if they were to think for themselves, their great teacher wore earth colours.

Now to change, and I’ll try and point out to you what colour can mean. Because red is an energy colour – it is not tranquil, it is often aggressive. Imagine how you would feel if you looked out of your window and saw all your hills were black, and your seas red! If you can imagine this, you would realise that for some reason you were cringing yourself. Colour does affect us. If you went into a home that was nothing else but brilliant white, there would be a feeling almost of being lost, because there was nothing that you could rest your spirit on, a soft yellow, a beautiful green, a shimmering blue, and all the various aspects of colour.

When you are in a bad mood and this comes to us all at times, or more should I say when you are angry, put you in a red room and it would stimulate that anger. If you are sad and depressed, put you in a grey room… it wouldn’t help, but if you could look out the window perhaps even on a grey day, there would be somewhere some soft greens and blues, or a little bit of yellow from your flowers and that little bit of colour would help, just a little but it would be there.

Colour is something that each and every one of us should try and develop an understanding of, so that at any time, you can call on that colour to perhaps give you more vitality, to give you peace of mind, to be restful, to heal. In moments of stress surround yourselves with colour. With moments of joy, perhaps a lovely pink. These things are important and it shows in your auras, and when you are with us you will see how obvious it is – that colour speaks of the soul!

Now you may be pooh-poohing and thinking, “Oh no, he’s got that wrong”, but think deeply on the subject, and think how you react yourselves to various colours. I’m sure that there are some, where you think, “I don’t like that, it’s a dirty colour”, and wonder why. Perhaps it’s a red that has some grey in it, it’s not clear like the red you might get in a poppy… it might be a yellow that has some black in it, which has muddied it. Think on these things friends, and think of your reactions to colour. You probably do so subconsciously, but try and become aware of it.

Now I don’t know if I can answer your questions satisfactorily on this subject, but if you have one please ask it. (Pause)

Sitter (K): Thank you Ling. I think you said, that a person’s character can be judged by their aura and I presume you are meaning our character while we are here on earth, and I’m wondering how you can do that, because as I understand it, a person’s health has a big bearing on their aura colour. Could you explain please?

Spirit: That is true, and people on this side can tell the difference between a physical development of the aura and the spiritual one. I am speaking here mainly of the soul’s development, not of the physical body. Does that answer your question?

Sitter: Nearly, but do the people here on earth who can see auras, also see both the spiritual and the physical aura?

Spirit: That depends very much on their development.  Many people interpret incorrectly.  They have to be a soul that has developed themselves, to really interpret correctly the aura that they are seeing. If a true spiritualist, a true person, who is really seeking the correct path can see an aura, they may be able with the knowledge they have got, to be able to say, “That man has a beautiful” (we will say) “pale green, but that muddy bit that is down on one corner, I’m sorry, that’s in the area of…” whatever.

Sitter: Thank you. (Pause)

Spirit: Did you all understand reasonably (I put a question mark to that of course) what I was, what we were trying to say?

Sitter (J): Yes I think we all do.

Spirit: Good.

Sitter (J): Just one small question Ling. Why does a person on earth, feel a great affinity for a certain colour, like say a lovely pink, and to them it is always a special colour? Why are we drawn to a particular colour?

Spirit: It is probably a development that they are interested in, for example you would probably find that most health specialists would be drawn to blues and greens, those that like pinks are usually drawn to young people, little children, and it does have its various aspects and that may account for why a person is drawn to something. Another may be the browns, the rich earth colours and they would perhaps be people who till the soil, they would also appreciate the greens.

We each and every one of us has a variety of colour, we are not all one colour and it is the developing of that one particular aspect, which will make the colour predominate. We all have that angry red at times, because we get annoyed and angry. We all have, well I hope we all have, at times a beautiful clear glow of light yellow which means that we are spiritually thinking, but not always…for a bright yellow too can mean educational aspects, you’re keen to learn. It’s a big field to follow; we are like rainbows, but not always as lovely and clear.

Sitter (K): Is it the colour Ling that is important or is it the person’s interpretation? For example I have heard. “Surround the person that you wish to send healing to, with blue”. Somebody else says, ‘Oh no, you surround them with green”, and somebody else again, says, “ Oh no, you surround them with a pure white light”. What do you surround them with?

Spirit: Blues and greens are good for healing friend. White and yellow are spiritual.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: You can’t do any harm by the way, with your white. I would suggest that you never send black, or red. That would not be wise.

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: If you want to send warmth, think more of the orange. When you think of it when you look into a flame, you also see blue, and that’s warm.

Sitter (K): I’m still a bit hazy here. If we send blue or green for healing, why would you send orange? Wouldn’t it be better to just send blue or green and be done with it?

Spirit: I’m speaking of warmth when I say “Orange”. If a person is shivering with cold…

Sitter: Oh, physical warmth. Thank you.

Spirit: Yes. You’re trying to stimulate their aura really, into working their physical body directly.

Think ‘cold’, really think it – you are cold. Think ‘heat’, think ‘warmth’, and you are warm. You have to be very one tracked of course, and not thinking of anything else, but it is possible.

I think I’ve given you enough to think on… and if you get the opportunity write down colours, and think what you think of them. Go over the whole range if you can, like lilac and royal purple are similar in one way, but are they in emotional ways? What would you put down for them?  Think these things over.
Ooh it’s a hard life isn’t it, so much to learn?  (Mirth)

Well goodnight my friends.

Sitters: Thank you very much. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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