Topic: Colour - contd.

Colour - contd.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: For a short time we will speak once more on ‘Colour’. I think in reality, more time could have been spent on ‘colour’, by yourselves, and I will explain why we feel this is rather important, or really what you can do about it.

Initially, think of colours, as many as you can, as many varieties as you can, and you may spend five minutes or so until you feel you have thought of a lot of colours and various facets of those colours, then quickly, without thinking about it, write down those that come immediately to your mind, approximately half a dozen, or a few more if you wish. Write them quick… purple, yellow, green, don’t think about them just get them down. Then think, “Of those which do I like best?” Think perhaps, “Oh I like yellow”. Then think, “Now what sort of yellow do I like, pale like a primrose, the bright yellow of a daffodil, or possibly even the brighter yellow of a rose?”

And when you have finally come to that colour that you are really happy with, that particular tone… in your mind you may have added a little white to it to make it lighter or perhaps a little grey or black to make it more sombre, it’s up to you. Get the colour, the facet of that colour that you want, the clearer it is the better, but with time you may be able to clear it until it is a vibrant, pure, colour to you.

Then whenever you are distressed either with health, or possibly everyday activities are just piling on top of you, for what ever reason, just for a minute or two, think on that colour… that colour is your colour! And if you can manage this really well, you will find that while you are thinking of that colour and perhaps it will carry on for you too, with practice, you will find the peace that you are looking for.

So think on your colours my friends. This may take you weeks, possibly months, possibly longer but eventually this will become your colour, your moment of peace, no matter where you are in the universe, whether you are on earth or anywhere else, it’s important, and then with time you add others according to your mood.

So I think that is all we will mention on colour at the moment, but I hope you think seriously on it, because it is quite important.

2. There are different ways of going through life.

Now this does not apply to you people, I hope, you yourselves will know whether it does, but there are different ways of going through life.

There are those who are very poor, possibly distorted limbs, numerous things against them, and yet they always have a smile or look on the bright side of things. They’re not the one’s who say, “The world owes me!” There are too many people, particularly in the young ones, (watch the young ones who are around you), who feel that it is their right, to have everything; they don’t need to work for it. They blame their parents, they blame the situation, but each and every one of you people, of you spirits, have had help in choosing your environment, and you have chosen it because you feel that it will help you, so those things that discourage you – you can’t blame your parents for. The only possible thing that you could perhaps refer to your parents would be your colouring and your physical stature, but you are you.

Tell the young people if you get the opportunity that it is no good complaining, it is what they make of themselves. They can be ugly, or boys can be short and fat, which is quite a horror to many of them, they can have all sorts of things wrong with them, but they can be fine, fine spirits. And this must be pointed out to them, that having a lot of money, going to wild parties, being “Don’t care”, “You owe it to me” – that is the wrong attitude!

I know that you don’t come across a lot of young people, not now, but any that you hear talking like this… “I’m bored” (I believe is one of the many things that they say), “There’s nothing to do…” Tell them perhaps of something that you have done in your youth, try and inspire them! It’s a sad world for the young people at the moment, it is too materialistic, it’s ‘want’, want’, want’, ‘it’s my right’, it’s my right’.

Do your best to overcome this where you can.

Well, that’s all for tonight, but if there is anything you want to ask, on either subject perhaps, if I can answer it, I will.

Sitter (K): If colour is meaningful Ling, it seems to me that maybe your present mood or your present situation could affect your thinking… would that be right?

Spirit: It could, but it’s up to you to change it, isn’t it? If you are in pain, depressed, any of the things that can get on top of you.

Sitter: Yes, so it would be necessary to have a colour all worked out before that happened?

Spirit: Well that’s why we are suggesting that you do this. Know your colour and then it is there to call on. Surround yourself with it.

Sitter: I’m in the awkward position of liking many colours in different circumstances. For example: If I’m in a house and the walls are coloured purple, I’d think that dreadful, but if the walls are a soft colour – fine. But if I see a little dash of purple in a flower outside, it can be quite beautiful.

Spirit: But it’s not one you’d want to surround yourself with.

Sitter: No. True.

Spirit: So that is what you want to think of. Some people might like to be in the middle of scarlet, some, pure white, others perhaps a creamy white.

Sitter: Yes I see the answer is what you want to closely surround yourself with, and it’s that, that makes the difference.

Spirit: Yes. Perhaps think of it, “If I was lying down, what would I want my blanket to be, what colour?” Something like that may start you on the right thinking.

There is so much to think about isn’t there? (Laughter). But remember, you have eternity, but the more you think now the better it is for you once you pass over, because you will have started the battle. Do you understand this?

It’s easier to learn many things (the discipline of mind for example), on earth, than it is where there are so many distractions, once you have died.

Discipline! (Mirth)

Well my friends, I know you have plenty to think about, and please do think!

God bless you, and have a pleasant week. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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