Topic: Disciplined meditation has many advantages.

Disciplined Meditation Has Many Advantages

Spirit: Good evening, this is Cloud.

We would like to speak to you tonight for a short time on a word you’ve heard before – ‘discipline’.

Now this is for you each personally and you don’t have to give an answer, only to yourselves. In the approximately five minutes that you were giving healing to each person, can you in all honesty say that you thought of them the whole time, that your mind didn’t wander?

Now we speak of discipline, and most people think it is the physical body that you are disciplining, of course that is so. You also think, what you are thinking you should discipline, we will not argue with that, because good thought brings a good man or woman. But apart from that, singleness of thought will help you with your healing, and will also help you with your spirit. It may enable you to come closer to God.
Think yourselves on the various religions, whether pagan, primitive, possibly many of the branches of Christianity, Islam, etc. where there have been great people, great humanitarians, outstanding in their thinking, in their abilities, in their forms of communication, in their being able to pass on their knowledge to others, understandably most of them you’ve not heard of, but I’m sure that of some of them you must have… particular souls that stands out. They have learnt, and this is a saying that I feel, or we feel that nowadays is a bit overdone, but think on it, they ‘go into themselves’, they lose contact with the physical world because they are dedicating their spirit to the one thing, whether it be healing, or thinking on life, on God, or whatever.

You in your lives have no doubt had occasions, where something has struck you as particularly beautiful. It may be a scene, it may be a single object, a work of art… practice thinking on that, whatever it be. Take yourself into a room of your house or your garden, somewhere where you feel you will not be interrupted. Initially, try and hold that picture, whatever it is for five minutes. You are no doubt finding this difficult, but it is a discipline friends, and it is a very important one because it can help you personally. Once you can do it for five minutes, make it ten. It is not much out of your day, ten minutes. If you wish to, carry it on further, but don’t go beyond twenty minutes.

Your lives are busy and it is sometimes very difficult to get this time. You could possibly do it by getting up earlier, by going to bed later, by curtailing something that you normally do, that would give you that time… all of this is discipline. You want to work in your garden, you want to go and visit someone, you want, you want, you want! But this is your dedication to your soul, not to your physical being.

It is worth trying friends, and it will help you in your healing, because you will be communicating, allowing yourself to feel and be, with spirit.

If you can discipline yourselves properly, after a while you will find that you come out of your time of meditation shall we call it, feeling at peace with the world, relaxed, able to cope more with the difficulties that I’m sure each and every one of you encounter. This is important to your being… if possible try and do as we ask. We are not saying, “You must”, we are asking you to try, you have freedom of choice.

This was Cloud.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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