Topic: Appreciate All Kinds of Music
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.588. Held 12th April, 2005.

Appreciate All Kinds of Music

(Note: Tonight June had difficulty coming through, and I learned later that the medium, Joyce, had started to suffer one of her headaches just before the circle commenced. In addition two sitters were absent, as they are down in the South Island).

Spirit (June): Hello Ken.

Sitter: Oh hello. I wonder whom I am talking to?

Spirit: Well it is a bit of an effort for me tonight, but it’s your old friend.

Sitter: Oh, now… I’ll say, June.

Spirit: You’ve got it in one.

Sitter: For you to find it an effort is unusual, you usually come through so easily.

Spirit: Well I won’t be here for long, but I want to say a couple of things and one is that I don’t like your music! (Note: We usually leave a music CD playing in the empty circle room, for about an hour beforehand).

Sitter: (Mirth) Yes it wasn’t the best tonight was it? It was supposed to be classical but it was a bit dreary.

Spirit: Now I’ve got to contradict you too, because we are supposed to like it.

Sitter: Oh dear now we’re both in trouble. (Mirth).

Spirit: Yes, with Jean.

Sitter: Sorry Jean.

Spirit: I don’t know whether you knew it, but Jean used to play the piano when she was bit of a girl.

Sitter: Oh, I don’t think I’ve heard that.

Spirit: She was good, and she loves music. She was really enjoying that noise that you had tonight, (Mirth), and she’s trying to educate me a bit. So is our old friend that we don’t hear from very often… Su Lee, because she likes it too. Those two get together.

Now, you were listening to something on your TV tonight that might help you here. There was a man who is what you call a medium, and he was saying one thing that Jean and Su Lee contradict. He was saying, “Don’t look back”.

Sitter: Yes I remember that. (The medium was Colin Fry).

Spirit: Now they say that when it comes to appreciating music, (that’s a good word – ‘appreciating’ music, I know what it means), that’s when you can look back to good things you’ve seen, good things that have happened to you, and put them to the music.

That’s one time when you can look back, to the good things. He was quite right though; we usually look back to the bad.

But when you hear some music that you don’t understand, if there is nothing around you at the time to help you appreciate it, start thinking on the good times past, cause it’s no good looking for the good times future, we don’t know them. (for man has free will). And according to Jean and Su Lee, that is one way of learning to appreciate music, of all kinds.

Some of this loud overpowering noise that you hear from big orchestras… oh Jean has just pointed something out to me. She said, “It’s not a good memory, but can’t you apply it to the bombing of London for example”. OK perhaps that’s all right for the music, and when it’s something like the harp she said, “You had streams and rivers that went through London… that could be the sound of the water”. So I suppose it is a way of appreciating music… I’m going to try, because music means a lot where we are.

The vibrations are finer, but when I say ‘music’, it includes melody, not what the young people seem to like today, which reminds me, and I’m being silly but it reminds me the cats we used to hear fighting around in the rubble after the bombing, when they were trying to find each other and find food, caterwauling I think they called it. That is not music. It might be to a cat, but it isn’t to the hearing of spirit.

Sitter: I’m glad to hear you say that, for there is some terrible stuff around.

Spirit: And some of it is harmful. It brings out the badness in people.

As I understand it there is no devil except the one you can make in yourself, and you sure can with some of that tin-can-alley music or whatever you call it, it’s terrible!  But that’s getting away from what Jean was talking about, the appreciation of music.

Every so often when we’ve been together, and it’s a good idea that you might like to follow too, is to listen to some music with a friend, with someone whom you get on well with, and perhaps only listen to a short bit of the particular symphony or whatever it is, and then stop and discuss, ‘What did that mean to you?’ Emotionally, and Jean says, “Pictorially too”, and this is all helping in the expansion of self, which is what we are all aiming at, because the sound aspects of our spirit world are far greater than of your earth world, and if you can learn to appreciate the music that has been composed by people who have heard some of our music, it will help you to appreciate more when you hear it here, because unfortunately, many people are deaf to it and that is a great shame, and a lack of progression in self.

I think that is all I can say tonight, but if there were something you would like to ask…

Sitters: No thank you June.

Spirit: Good. Well God bless you and look after you ‘till we meet again.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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