Topic: Healing & Balance
ED. COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.589. Held 21st April, 2005.

Healing & Balance

(Note: Recently circle attendance has suffered due to illness. Tonight one sitter is away, and another is here very soon after hospital treatment).

First Spirit (Alan): Good evening, this is Alan.

I have come through tonight to give you what you would call a pep-talk. We feel that there is something that you don’t realise in your healing.

It is excellent that we have a medium, the one you know as Joyce, but each and every one of you can carry out healing, in varying abilities, without her. So for healing, although it is better, there is no need for her to be present.

Now why we are putting this out… as you are advancing in years and we must admit that physically you are, there are times when each one of you may not be able to be present at your regular circle, and really you shouldn’t be, for your own sakes, if you are physically unable through any even minor illness, or excessive (and I mean ‘excessive’), tiredness. You would not be, (and I don’t mean to be rude here), but you may not be of much help, and it may be detrimental to your own physical well-being.

If you have to not attend, for any reason health wise whatsoever, once you are recovered, whether it is a day later or a week later, there may be an opportunity for you personally to try and do a little healing. We certainly prefer for you to be together as a group, but you must understand that it is not a necessity, and physically at this stage, you must put yourselves first.

Is there any question you want to ask pertaining to what I have said?

Sitters: No thank you Alan.

Spirit: You understand, we are not trying to get rid of you, or to put you off, but we want to look after you, and you must realise that you are capable yourselves – as a single person occasionally, as two, three, or better still four, and you don’t have to have your medium with you.   If that is quite clear…

Sitter (J): It’s been very helpful Alan because in the past, I haven’t had a great deal of faith in my ability to ask on my own. I depend on Ken and Joyce and if anything goes wrong I rush and tell them, so thank you, that does help.

Spirit: Practice makes perfect. No one must expect miracles, but we do our best if it is best for the person, that you are asking for. And remember that we too have varying abilities – we are a circle too, much as you.  One or two of us, can sometimes work what we feel is almost a miracle, in making people happy, and that helps anyone feel better.

Well we will leave it at that for now.


Second spirit (Ling): Greetings.

I will only speak briefly, but it seemed an excellent opportunity to speak on ‘Balance’, which as you know is one of the words that I like to emphasize, in fact we all do, not just me… and you people today have visited a very big, do you call it conglomerate?

Sitter: Yes I think so. (Note: Two sitters had visited the big ‘Pacific Steel’ Mill)

Spirit: And you all have been discussing it. Well they gave what is almost a perfect example of balance, in so far as they destroy by their taking away great lumps of sand, of land, but then they replenish, in fact probably improve. So in your everyday life, and try and add knowledge to others in casual conversation, do the same thing.

If you think sincerely about it you may be quite surprised at the number of ways in which you have already brought improvement.  You may possibly have built a house, or gone to live in a house, and you have improved it.  The land around it, you’ve added to it in some way, but that is merely in your home.  Think what you can do further afield.

With people… you meet someone, you add to their life by being a pleasant listener, by taking an interest in them, by perhaps helping them physically, better still spiritually if possible… and this is all part in small ways, of keeping a balance in the world.

So as you go through your life try and think, where possible, “How can I help keep this world to be balanced?” It really is by physical work, by mental work, by living properly, by passing on your knowledge… and physically what you were talking about earlier is rather an excellent example, in so much as they have taken, they have made use of, and they have replenished. It’s a good balance.

Try and work it in your own lives my friends, and pass the knowledge on to others, or point out how it can be done, give encouragement, they may (I say ‘may’), look to your older wisdom, as long as you don’t preach – that is most important.

Well it’s only a small thing but it can make a big difference… in everything, keep that balance!

God bless you, and for tonight that was Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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